Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Review

If it’s about minimalism, go with this Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed. It won’t disappoint you with the minimal design it bears. It works nicely on bedrooms that don’t want overly designed things.

The combination of black and dark brown creates an elegant and sophisticated look on this piece. Who doesn’t want to experience this kind of effect on their room? No one, right?

With its look and how it presents itself, the question is, can we afford it? Well, it’s not as expensive as it looks. Yes, the elegance is remarkable, but it’s very affordable. It’s just around $200. Even though it’s a little over $200, you’ll still say it’s all worth it.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Material Used

You’ll find three things in the box, and what are these?

  • Metal Bars for the Frame
  • Solid Wood for the Headboard
  • Slats

Let’s start with the frame.

Metal Bars

The metal bars are hollow, but it’s thick—both the width of the metal bars and the thickness of the metal itself. We find security with its thickness.

We also don’t feel like it will easily bend, even if you bump into it, or accidentally hit it with something. It doesn’t look like it will deform in any way.

If we’ll talk about carrying our weights, then these metal bars are more than reliable. We like its support system. Imagine this, in most platform beds, feet are standalone pieces. What do we mean about this? It means screwing one foot to the bottom of the frame to connect it, and that’s it. The foot won’t have other support aside from the screw we used to connect it to the frame, but this one is different.

How different is this piece? They connected its feet (two feet at the foot and two feet at the headboard) with metal bars, and these bars give the stability that other platform beds don’t have. This is the reason it could stand straight without wobbling. Its tiny feet don’t have any reason to breakdown.

Solid Wood Headboard

Does this part also entice you to purchase this piece? Well, it’s one of the things we consider why we get this one for ourselves—the solid wood headboard.

Yes, you heard it right. They did not use particleboard. Instead, they used solid wood even if this part is only for the enhancement of the look of this piece.

It’s one whole thick flat board, and they detailed it with shallow indentations for a better presentation.

We like how solid the wood is. This gives us confidence that it won’t break in two, even if we bang our backs onto it all the time.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard


They included 13 slats for the queen size. This is a lot, right? And you’ll like how it holds up the mattress.

Well, it’s not the only thing that holds up the mattress, the metal center support also helps in carrying the weight of the mattress and the people who lie on it. So, thanks to the center support because it helps the slats to keep its shape and for not breaking in half.

Aside from getting 13 slats, it’s also important that you know that each piece is thick. The thickness of each slat is enough to support your mattress, whichever its type is, and it prevents it from losing its original form.

Note: The slats have non-slip tape to prevent the mattress from sliding out of this bed.

Sizes and Dimensions

This Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed we’re reviewing is the Standard version. There are two versions for this platform bed, and these are the Standard and the Standard with Footboard.

Both the Standard and the Standard with Footboard offer four sizes, and these are the following:

  • Twin: 74.5” L x 38” W x 7” H
  • Full: 74.5” L x 53.5” W x 7” H
  • Queen: 80” L x 59.5” W x 7” H
  • King: 80” L x 75.5” W x 7” H

Upon checking, all these sizes are available in Amazon for purchase. So, if you are interested, you can check these out with the link we will provide at the end of this post.

Distance Between the Slats

Well, we’ve already mentioned to you you’ll get 13 slats in the package for the queen size. Since there’s a lot of slats included, this only means that the distance is close to each other, right?

So, give us a wild guess. How much do you think is the distance between the slats?

Okay, it’s only 2.9 inches. Yes, that’s how close the distance is. We’re glad to know that the space between these slats is less than 3 inches. Why? This gives us more freedom in choosing the mattress we will put on top.

As we all know, some mattresses require 3 inches or tighter space between slats, like memory foam. And knowing the space is only 2.9 inches is great news for all of us, right?

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Does it Squeak?

We’ve been using it for several weeks now, and we have heard no annoying noise from it. No squeaking!

Well, one of the things we believe the reason this platform bed is not squeaking is the materials they used. Metal to metal is most likely to produce annoying sound after some time. But a metal to wood, it has a lesser chance of creating the sound that most of us don’t want to hear while sleeping, right?

Another thing that keeps it noise-free is the foam-padded tape they added at the steel frame. This is great for suppressing the sound that the metal might produce.

The way you install it will also have a big role in this problem. If you won’t lock all the bolts properly, it will not only wobble, but it will also produce disturbing sound. So, be sure to lock all the bolts tightly.

How low profile is this bed?

It’s very low. The height is very close to the floor. To give you an idea, you won’t be able to place a box underneath this Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed, even a small one. The only thing that could fit underneath is a robot vacuum cleaner.

So, how low is this bed? It’s only 7 inches high.

Can you imagine now how your bed will end up with this platform?

If you’re not willing to sleep on a low profile bed, then this one isn’t for you. But if you are a person who likes a low bed, then this is more than satisfying—aesthetically.

Acceptable Height of the Mattress

Since the height of this piece is only 7 inches, the next thing to know is, how high should our mattress be?

Let’s check the height of the headboard first. We must know its height before we choose our mattress. Why? To avoid covering its board with our foam.

It’s 37 inches high, and the distance between the top of the slats and the bottom part of the board is 11.5 inches. This gives us the idea to choose a 12-inch mattress (minimum), that is if you don’t like to see a gap between your mattress and the bottom of the board.

Well, you could still choose a thinner one, but that will create a gap between the foam and the board. We don’t like a gap on this platform bed because it lets the pillows slide down to the gap.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed

Does it have quality control issues?

Well, we have nothing against this piece. We have no bad experience with the package we received. But we had seen several complaints from other customers.

Our experience is as important as theirs, and it saddens us to see these people’s experiences.

It looks like there are several quality control issues. One of these is, not all metal parts are properly drilled. Some received metal bars with missing holes. Others have broken headboards on their package. Some got shorter center support foot, which we think is the worst because it compromises the stability of this piece.

We like how sturdy this one is, and we want everyone to experience the stability that this platform bed could give to its user. But if Zinus will continue to ignore controlling its quality, they will lose the trust of the people who used to be their number one fans, right?

How long does the delivery take?

Many were asking why does the delivery take 1 to 2 months. We also wonder why Amazon gave us the same notification when we check this item out. But since we’re not in a hurry, we just let it be.

To our surprise, we received the box after 3 days. That’s amazing, right?

There might be something wrong with how they set-up the estimated delivery notification of this piece. We hope the seller will check this out and fix this notification. Why? It’s because 2 months is a long time to wait for something that we’re excited to see. And even though they deliver this item after a few days, if someone reads the 1 to 2 months estimated delivery time, they will only cancel their order and find something else—a loss for Amazon and the seller.

We hope this issue clears this out.

Assembly, easy or not?

First, find someone to help you carry the box when it arrives at your doorstep. Why? It’s because the box is heavy, and you might have difficulty carrying it alone.

Weight is between 85 to 100 pounds.

As for the assembly, it’s so easy to assemble. The instruction is clear. The manufacturer labeled each part clearly, which makes the assembly straightforward. They even put a label on its spare parts. This won’t leave you wondering if you’d done something wrong or not.

Focus on the photos in the instruction sheet and you won’t go wrong with this Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed.

We like the quality and firmness of this platform bed, but what’s not impressive for us is the customer service. We hope they also work on their after-sales service, so we could enjoy their products more, right?

Click the button below for availability.

Below are the prices from Amazon as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

Amazon: Twin at $169.99

Amazon: Full at $195.00

Amazon: Queen at $206.00

Amazon: King at $244.99

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