Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame Review

Are you up for a low profile bed or not? If yes, then Zinus has something to offer to us, and that is their Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame.

Looking at it, you’ll agree that it is a nice match for the modern themed design of your room. It will also look great to an industrial style bedroom. Well, with its elegant design, it’s not limited to a modern or industrial style only, but it’s almost compatible with any room motif.

The thing we like the most about this piece is the fact that we can flaunt it. Unlike other platform beds that we need to hide with a bed skirt. It just so happened that its simplicity looks better than others.

Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame

Steel Frame

You’ll get tube steels to finish the frame. Well, even though those tube steels are hollow, we still find it strong and could handle a significant weight.

The thing that makes it even stronger is the tube steels they added horizontally under each foot. This is the reason the frame has stable support. Also, this part gives us confidence that the feet won’t lose its balance. Great foundation, right?

Aside from the bottom support, they also added middle or center steel to ensure that each slat has the assistance it needs. Unlike the side rails, the middle support doesn’t have the bottom tube steel. They only entrusted it with independent feet. They included two feet, unlike other bedframes that only have one foot in the middle. Still better than others, isn’t it?

Wood Slats

First, wood slats are ½ inch thick. Even though some customers find it a bit thin. Well, maybe they were expecting one-inch thick wood for their slats. But we still find this piece enough to support our foam. We have no complaints about the thickness of the wood because the frame compensates for the sturdiness that we are looking for this bed frame.

How about the distance to each other? The distance is 3.5 inches. We find it a bit far from each other since the required distance for memory foam is only 3 inches or lesser, right? But who are we to not forgive the .5-inch additional space? We still think it’s better than those platform beds with a 4 or 5-inch distance to each other.

Also, if you’ll use a thick mattress, 10 and above inch mattress, it won’t feel the distance that much. Your mattress won’t lose its shape or sag just because of the .5-inch difference.

If you’re still not confident with the slat’s distance to each other, you could top it with a box spring. Since this is a low profile platform bed, you’re free to choose if you’ll top it with box spring or not without making a super high bed.

The question is, how are we going to install the slats to the frame? They used Velcro to stick the slats to the frame. Yes, that’s right. There are no bolts or screws to fasten each wood to the steel. But no worries because the Velcro they used have a good grip, and it’s secure after you roll it on top of the frame.

Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame

Does this piece squeak?

Since we’ve now pictured how the slats and steel work together, the next question is, does this Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame squeak?

Well, the answer to this question depends on how good you are at assembling things. Why? Because this part depends on how you will tighten the bolts that connect each piece. If the bolts are not securely fastened, then the probability of it to produce annoying sound is bigger. So, make sure you’ll give your best to tighten the bolts.

Per our experience, we didn’t hear any annoying sound even after we topped it with our mattress and roll on it.

How effective is the Foam Padded Tapes and Non-Slip Tapes on this piece?

Squeaking comes not only on how you bolt the frame. There are a lot of factors in that. What are these?

The bottom part of the foot is scratching and sliding on the floor.

The slats are not fastened correctly.

So, how are we going to solve these issues? Well, good thing that they included foam-padded tapes and non-slip tapes in the box. We find it helpful in this piece. Why?

Since we only attached the slats to the frame through Velcro, the probability of it to slide on the middle steel is high. So, adding foam-padded tapes or non-slip tapes will not only keep it in place but will also prevent annoying sound to occur.

We mentioned earlier that we didn’t hear any squeak, but we noticed that our mattress is sliding from this platform bed—a subtle movement.

When we tried to move a lot, rolling and jumping, the mattress slides a bit. No worries though, it’s tolerable. Besides, we moved a lot, so it’s reasonable that it slipped a little. Well, it’s not like it will slip out of this bed frame. It’s still intact. This is the reason we still find the non-slip tape effective because it still keeps the mattress in place despite too much action.

Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame

Is it compatible with a headboard?

The thing is, there’s no way for you to install a headboard and footboard on this Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6 Inch Platform Low Profile Bed Frame.

There are no pre-drilled holes where you could bolt headboard brackets. But if you have tools at home that could drill holes so you could bolt the brackets, then that’s great, right? But if you don’t, then it will be impossible for you to install your desired headboard.

Also, it’s only 6 inches high, it won’t be able to support the weight of a heavy headboard. Unless you will mount it to your wall, then you won’t need to think about how it will handle your board and how to connect it to this bed frame.

Sizes Available

This piece is available in four sizes.

  • Twin: 75″ L x 38″ W x 6″ H
  • Full: 75″ L x 54″ W x 6″ H
  • Queen: 80″ L x 60″ W x 6″ H
  • King: 80″ L x 75.5″ W x 6″ H

Aside from these four sizes, you could also get this low profile bed at a different height. Well, this is nice because not all of us want to get a low profile bed, right?

Let’s check the other height.

  • 14 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 18 inches
  • 6 inches

At least it’s available in 14 inches. This means no need to top it with a box spring if we want a higher bed that bears a design of a low profile one.


This platform bed is so easy to assembly. The side rails are pre-assembled, and the only thing you need to do is bolt them together.

Aside from this, there’s no need for you to sweat in installing the slats. You just need to roll it on top of the frame, and the Velcro will do the job on holding it.

It’s nice that it will only take you 30 minutes or lesser to finish the assembly.


We like that they are giving a 5-year warranty for this product.

If the slats break upon usage, the manufacturer will send a replacement for those broken pieces. This gives us confidence in this product. At least, if an unfortunate event happens, there’s an assurance that this piece won’t be in waste since the manufacturer is there to send a new part for us.

Click the button below for availability.

Below are the prices as of this writing from Amazon, and might change without prior notice.

Twin at $85.00

Full at $93.00

Queen at $157.00

King at $132.00

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