Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table Review

Planning to add a new nightstand for your bedroom or side table for your living room, but doesn’t have much budget? Well, we found an affordable nightstand for you, and that is the Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table. It’s just around $50, which means you won’t spend so much on a new side table.

But even though it’s affordable, is it worth the try? We don’t want to spend even a single penny for something that will fail after some time. So it’s reasonable for us to doubt its functionality before we click the buy button.

Well, it’s also fair to give it a chance. So please stay with us in scrutinizing this piece.

Winsome Wood Accent Table

Materials Used

For its price, what do you think they used to construct this table?

Well, we don’t expect that much from this nightstand. We understand if they used low-end materials. Again, it’s not fair if we judge this piece based on its price. So let’s go and check its materials.

They used engineered wood (a combination of composite and solid wood) from front to back, and we like how they processed the wood. It feels and looks solid, especially the top, front of the drawer, and front frame. Also, it’s thick, unlike other cheap end tables out there.

It feels solid, but it’s not as hard as you think it is. It’s softer than woods from high-end side tables, and it gets damaged easily when something stumbles into it. But since this piece is away from traffic, we don’t worry that much about it getting damaged.

Now, how about the sides, back, and bottom of the cabinet? Did they also use thick solid wood on these parts?

The thing that disappoints us is they didn’t use thick wood for these parts. Instead, they only used thin plywood-like material to cover its sides, back, and bottom of the cabinet and drawer. Although it’s acceptable since this is only a tiny piece, we still feel more secure if they used the same thick wood they used on these said parts.

The Design

What can you say about the design?

Well, unlike other side tables or nightstands that have open shelves, this one has a drawer and a cabinet, instead.

For people who have a lot of things to keep beside their bed or couch, such as keys, remote controls, books, magazines, and a lot more, this will be the best nightstand for them. It will save their things from cluttering.

We also like the details they made on the edges of the tabletop. It’s round, and won’t cause pain when you accidentally bump into it.

The side part or the walls are indented, which gives a better aesthetic to this piece. We noticed that they are trying to give this end table an expensive look. If you may look at the details on the drawer’s front and even the indented cover of the cabinet, you’ll also see this in branded bedside tables. Of course, they look better than this one, right? But the thing is, we appreciate the way they want to adapt the style of expensive ones to this Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table.

Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table

The Height and Dimensions

Now, let’s talk about its height.

Most end tables we’ve seen in the market are lower than 2 feet, regardless if it’s cheap or expensive. But this one is over 2 feet, which we like so much.

Why do we like its height? Well, just to give you an idea, it’s 25 inches high, and we like it so much because the tabletop is easier to reach than other nightstands smaller than 2 feet.

If you have a high bed, you’ll agree with us. Why? Because higher nightstand means easier access to the things we place on top, and even on the drawer and cabinet, right? Lower bedside tables mean more effort for us to sit on our bed, so we could reach the things we put on the tabletop. What do you think?

Aside from its height, we also need to check its overall dimension.

  • Overall Dimension: 18.90″ W x 14.96″ D x 25″ H
  • Inside Drawer Dimension: 14.50″ W x 12.50″ D x 5.65″ H
  • Cabinet Dimension: 15″ W x 12″ D x 14″ H

Now that you see the figures, do you think the size meets what you need? Because for us, the size is perfect for our bedroom and living room. It doesn’t look small when we used it as an end table and nightstand.

The Drawer

Now that we’ve expressed how we like the drawer and cabinet on this piece, then it’s time for us to examine it closer.

Let’s start with the drawer. We like how deep this part is. It’s 5.65 inches deep—almost half afoot. But even though it’s deep, it lacks in width. It’s only 12.50 inches. Do you think it will be a huge factor for you not to buy it? Well, we hope not because it might be narrow, but the height is enough for you to store lots of stuff inside. You can even keep your thick books in the drawer instead of storing it in the cabinet—for easy access.

The thing is, some owners used it in their kid’s bedroom as toys organizer, which only proves that it could accommodate thick stuff.

How about its construction? Is it okay to stuff it with lots of things? You can do that, but be mindful of the weight. Why? Because they only used thin plywood-like wood at the bottom of the drawer. It might lose its shape sooner if you keep storing heavyweight things. In short, it’s for lightweight things only.

For the glides and slides, they didn’t use metal nor plastic glides and slides. What they did is, they curved the wood (sides) to make its handcrafted glides and slides. Well, even though it doesn’t have rolling glides, it still slides smoothly. We found no problem while pushing and pulling it.

The Cabinet

We like this part so much. Why? Because it’s 14 inches high. It doesn’t limit us with the things we want to store inside. Not only that, you could keep your things from dust and dirt too, since it has a door that will protect its inside.

Another thing you’ll like about this part is, the front frame (where they attached the cabinet door) is pre-assembled. So no need for you to worry about installing the door to its frame. Some of us are not good at handcrafting, and will most likely damage this part if not handled carefully, right? So, it’s great that they assembled it before they packed it for delivery.

Is there something that you won’t like on this Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table? Yes, there is something that you’ll question once you receive this piece. What is that? Well, just like the bottom of the drawer, they also used thin plywood-like wood at the bottom and the sides of the cabinet. Not only that. It’s not connected with screws or bolts. What you only need to do is insert it to the indented curve of the frame/foundation.

This only means, there is no other support for this thin wood except the indention on each wood on the frame. So if the wood frame breaks, then the side woods won’t stick to it anymore.

Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table

Colors Available

It’s available in four colors.

  • Espresso
  • Natural
  • Walnut
  • White

All the colors are good-looking, but we found the walnut and the natural color pleasing to the eyes. The natural color shows the amazing facade of the wood, which will catch your attention once you see it. We’re sure about that.

If the natural color won’t match your other furniture, you could always choose between the dark one (espresso) or the light one (white) in the list.


How about the assembly?

First, they packed it in one box. And this one box is amazingly compact. All the tools and parts needed for the assembly are in the package.

We didn’t find the assembly difficult. It’s so easy to do, so don’t worry that much about this part and just enjoy the fact that it’s a good-looking nightstand.

The assembly will only take 30 minutes’ utmost, even if you are not a handyman. Remember, the front frame is pre-assembled, which means a minus to the time you’ll spend on this part (if it’s not assembled yet).

Click the button below for availability.

Below is the price from Amazon as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

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