VASAGLE Industrial End Table Review

Searching for a nightstand, end table, or side table? There’s one good looking end table in the market today. Well, it’s been out in different online shops for quite some time now, and we think you deserve to see this beautiful piece, too—in case you haven’t seen it yet. It’s the VASAGLE Industrial End Table.

Yes, it’s good looking, but can it give us the function we need from it? Or are we just going to waste our money? Let’s try to examine each part, so you’ll have a better idea if it deserves to be part of your home or not.

VASAGLE Industrial End Table

Is it true that it’s short?

There are lots of people who are not satisfied with this end table’s height. They said it’s short and doesn’t seem to be true with the measurement that the manufacturer advertised. Well, if we are also expecting something with this side table, we’ll also have the same sentiments. But since the reason we get this one is because of its looks and functionality, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s give you its overall dimension, so you’ll have an idea why some people think it’s shorter than other end tables out there.

  • Overall Dimension: 17.7” L x 17.7” W x 21.6” H
  • Space between the legs: 14.2 inches
  • Distance from Lower Shelf to the Bottom of Table Top: 18.1 inches

Just looking at the dimension, are you now convinced that this is short?

In general, yes, it’s true. But if you only have a low profile bed or compact couches, then this won’t look small. Instead, it will look perfect for your living room or bedroom.

We agree with these people who said that it’s not as tall as what they expected it to be. It’s just above one foot and a half. It doesn’t even reach two feet.

If you’ll place this end table beside your huge couch or tall bed, it won’t complement your needs. It could be difficult for you to drop something on its tabletop because for sure, your couch’s arms are way taller than this piece, or your mattress’ top is higher than its top.

Now, do you still think this piece has a place in your bedroom or living room? Well, whether or not it’s short, the height still depends on what you need for your home, right?

What are the materials used for this bedside table?

They used veneered finish fiberboard for the tabletop, angled iron for the legs or frame, metal grate for the bottom shelf, and adjustable feet.

We are glad with the materials they used. For its price, we think they did a great job in choosing the right materials for this one. Knowing that the frame is iron, it’s already a hint for us that it’s a reliable piece.

But, will it be okay to believe in the materials they used? Is it the way we pictured it in our head?

Is it true that the tabletop is water-resistant?

We like how well-sealed the fiberboard is with its veneer finishing. We don’t see any signs of peeling off on its sides and edges. This is one of the scariest occurrences of a veneer finished board—seeing edges rolling up and peeling off, right?

Aside from having a sealed finish, the manufacturer also mentioned that the veneer they used is water-resistant. To test this feature, we placed a glass full of ice on the tabletop. We waited until the ice melted. Water is all over the top, yet the veneer finish stayed on its original state. We like how unaffected the board is, regardless of the water flowing from the glass of melted ice.

But even though we saw how resistant this VASAGLE Industrial End Table to liquids, we still don’t want to expose it with spillage. It’s not wrong to believe in this feature, but it’s also not wrong to keep it away from liquids. Prevention is still better than cure, right? We don’t want to risk it from things that will damage it, that’s why we use coasters whenever we place our drinks on top.

Are the angled iron legs thick and sturdy?

Well, we don’t have any complaint with the legs/frame of this side table. It’s thick and sturdy. The width of each leg is around 1.57 inches.

We like how it could carry some weight without us worrying that it will bend or fall apart.

As per the manufacturer, it could carry up to 33 lbs. But upon testing, it could carry more. Since its metal, you could even place something double its weight capacity. Our conclusion is this 33-pound limit is only the base weight capacity of this piece, so you won’t exhaust its materials.

It’s good news that it could carry more than its advertised weight capacity, right? It just so happens that it lacks on its height, so there’s a limitation on its usage. For example, if you’ll place a small aquarium on it and you want people to notice this thing, you need to place it where your furniture and appliances won’t overpower its height because it won’t stand out. But if your mere purpose is to just let it carry something, like your printer or personal fridge, you’ll get its maximum functionality without thinking if it will stand out or not, right?

Well, are you convinced now that it’s not only good-looking but also as sturdy as those high-end nightstands in the market?

Can we adjust the lower shelf higher?

First, it’s made of a metal grate which also has a different weight capacity. Just like the tabletop, it could also accommodate 33 lbs. of weight. A great deal isn’t it?

Well, let’s go back to our question. Can we adjust the lower shelf? Well, if you don’t have tools, then it’s impossible to do it. There are no pre-drilled holes on the legs where you could adjust it. The only holes they drilled are the ones where they want us to attach the grate.

But, if you have an electric drill that you could use to drill holes, then the answer to this question is “Yes”, you could adjust it to a higher position or to whatever position you want. The metal they used is thick and strong, so no need to worry if you’ll damage it or not. Just make sure you’re skilled enough to work on that.

VASAGLE Industrial End Table

Is it okay if we’ll remove the lower shelf for good?

It depends on you. But, this metal grate also helps this VASAGLE Industrial End Table to stand firmly. It gives support for the legs so it won’t wobble even if it carries more than its weight capacity.

Also, there’s no reason for you to get rid of it. Its additional storage for this side table. Wouldn’t you like extra storage for your books, magazine, or other things you would like to have easy access with?

How helpful are its adjustable feet?

First, it helps this end table to adapt on uneven floors. Because of this, no need for you to worry if it won’t stand firmly on your floor or not. You have all the means to fix the feet until it stabilizes on an uneven surface.

Second, since they used angled iron legs, it will scratch your floor as soon as it touches the surface, right? So keeping this side table with these adjustable feet will also prevent your floor from getting scratched.

Third, it has a non-slip feature. Regardless if you place it on a tiled floor or not, this piece won’t slip because it has a good grip on the smooth surface.

Is it difficult to assemble?

It’s a big no! It’s so easy to assemble.

The instruction is straightforward. You won’t even need to see the instruction sheet they attached on the package. Assembly only takes 5 to 10 minutes, and even your kids could assemble it for you. That’s how easy it is.

Well, if you think there’s something you couldn’t figure out. You could always call their hotline to talk to a customer service representative. By the way, we’re giving two thumbs up for their after-sales service.

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