Top 3 Stylish Large Storage Bins with Covers (with Short Review)

Large Bins? Well, there are lots of choices nowadays, and it’s so difficult to choose what to purchase, right? Even we have difficulty choosing the right size and style for our room. So, this is the reason we searched online shops to get the size we need and find something pleasing to the eyes. Here are our Top 3 Stylish Large Storage Bins with Covers.

We picked these three bins because each of them has a cover. We don’t want our things to get exposed to dust and dirt. Also, if someone spills liquid near these bins, at least it won’t go straight to the things we are keeping inside.

1. Prandom Large Foldable Storage Boxes with Lids

These Prandom Storage Boxes come in three large boxes, and all of it has removable lids or covers. What you’ll like about it is, since it’s collapsible or foldable, you can hide the folded box (when not in use) into its lid and it will fit perfectly.

Prandom Large Foldable Storage Boxes with Lids

Box Body and Bottom Board

Both the box body and bottom board are sturdy and has a good quality board. It might not be thick like other boxes, but it doesn’t deform or collapse when carried from one place to another even with few heavy contents inside.

This only proves that we can use this piece with a lot of things—a real multi-purpose box.

Fabric Used

They used high-quality jute fabric. This fabric has a nice touch, which also makes it look expensive. Aside from that, this fabric is also eco-friendly, which is ideal storage for people who care so much about our environment.

The fabric comes in two colors—gray and khaki. We chose this khaki color because it matches our furniture and looks at how earthy the color is.

It’s given that they used a nice fabric, but how about the way they sewed it? Is it high quality, too? Yes, it does. We appreciate the quality of the stitches. It doesn’t have threads hanging everywhere. It’s so neat.


The overall dimension is 17.7” L x 11.8” W x 11.8” H. Can you picture now how huge these boxes are?

You’ll like how deep and wide each box is. Imagine it’s almost 1-foot-deep, and 1 foot and a half wide, which only tells you there’s a lot of room for your things. But if this one is big for your cabinet storage, you can go for a smaller one. They offer two sizes—medium and large. So, choose the one that fits in your cabinet space.

Stainless Steel Handle

What we like so much about these bins is its stainless steel handle. This thing makes it easy for this box to be pulled out of the storage cabinet, and it also gives us the convenience of carrying it from one place another.

Another advantage of this steel handle is, regardless of the weight of the box (contents’ weight included), you won’t worry about losing the handle or getting it damaged. It’s part of the whole bin and not another part that is just joined by a thread or something.


Amazon at $39.99


2. Senbowe Linen Collapsible Storage Cube Bin with Lid

Four large bins! That’s what you’ll get in the package. Well, this makes it so enticing, right? For only $30 to $35 you’ll get four large-sized organizers. It means you get the value of your money.

But, will it stand for a long time? If you’re just going to stack your things and leave it on a specific spot, it will have a long life. That’s for sure. Our concern is it might not stand for long if you keep on moving it around while loaded with a lot of things because the cardboard is not that thick. But of course, all of these depend on how you will use this Senbowe Bin Organizer.

Senbowe Linen Fabric Foldable Collapsible Storage Cube Bin Organizer

Fabric Used

They wrapped each bin with linen and polyester fabric, both to protect the board and ornate the bin. We like how they extended the fabric up to its lid. It allows the cover to stick and be part of the box body. Well, the advantage of this is, the cover won’t get missing.

They didn’t leave any exposed board. They covered everything with fabric, which is great because the cardboard will have maximum protection. But this doesn’t mean it won’t be free from bugs.


It’s tall and wide. Well, it didn’t reach a foot high, but 9.8-inches height is still high. Here is the dimension for your reference.

  • 17.7” L x 11.8” W x 9.8” H

It will surprise you at how spacious each bin is. You can even use it for keeping your comforters, and that’s how reliable its space is. This is the reason we looked for huge storage bins for you. To help you stack your things in one basket, rather than using several smaller ones.

Lid and Divider

Since this piece is wide (almost 1 foot and a half), it’s a great idea that they put a divider in the middle. This will help you maximize the whole space. Also, you will be able to sort your things depending on the category, right?

How did they divide the space? They attached a board in the middle of the bottom board, in which you need to erect and fasten using Velcro. This is useful if you want to box your shirts and undergarments in the same box but doesn’t want them to mess up with each other.

They divided not only the space inside, but they also cut the lid in two. So in one box, there are two lids. This is a good idea because you’ll only open the side you need and not let the other side gets exposed to dirt.


Well, if you only want one color for all the boxes included in the package, you won’t have that. The manufacturer confirmed that they only offer this organizer bin in assorted colors.

Leather Handle

It’s good that this piece has a handle. It will be a great help if you store this under your bed or somewhere where you need to pull it towards you. But since it’s made of leather, and then sewed on the body of the box, we don’t find it sturdy enough. We felt like it will tear from the box if we carry it through the handle, especially if this organizer bin is full of contents.


Amazon at $31.99


3. StorageWorks Decorative Storage Bins

Looks is what these storage bins want to promote, and the rope handle is the reason for its good look. But, does this good looks enough for you to buy this piece?

StorageWorks Decorative Storage Bins

Fabric Used

You’ll get polyester covered box and lid on this StorageWorks. They used this fabric because they believed that its sturdier than other fabrics that other bins used. Well, we agree to that because the fabric feels thick and won’t tear up easily.

What we don’t agree is, they claimed that the fabric’s color is gray, but it’s more of a tan than gray. So, will it be an issue for you? Hope not, because the color still looks good on this piece.


We noticed that the dimension is a bit off. It’s not that true to its promise. They said it is 17.1” L x 12” W x 10.4”, but it seems like it’s shorter than 17 inches, and the height is less than 10 inches. Good thing that the width is still 12 inches. At least there’s something correct in its dimension.

By the way, regardless if the measurement is shorter than what they mentioned, we still think that each box is big. There’s still a lot of room for many things, so don’t worry about it being a bit shorter.

Box Body and Lid

The lid’s side is 2 inches thick. We like how thick it is because sure enough, it won’t slip from the box. By the way, it’s removable, unlike the above Senbowe Bin Organizer in which they attached the lid to its body.

You will like how hard the cardboard is, especially the bottom board. It can carry up to 25 pounds. This only proves that the board is harder than other bins we’ve seen in the market. You can store things with weight, and not just your blankets or comforters or clothes, right?

Rope Handle

It’s so thick and strong. Just like the lid, this handle is also removable. It’s easy to tie and untie. You can also use this handle when transporting the box without thinking if it might get damaged.

What we don’t like about the rope is, it lessens the amount of space inside the box. Since it’s thick, the knots protrude noticeably. It affects the space that you can use for your things.


Amazon at $36.99

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