Stone & Beam Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wood Slat Storage Bins Review

Is it time for you to upgrade your flimsy storage bins to a sturdier one? Something that won’t sink even after you let it carry your heavy things? Then, you should see this Stone & Beam Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wood Slat Storage Bins.

It’s not your typical cardboard and fabric bins, but rather a different level of storage boxes. We are excited to show you how trustworthy this set is. So, can you keep on reading to see how beautiful and valuable these storage bins are?

Stone & Beam Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wood Slat Storage Bins

What materials did they use to create this Stone & Beam Wood Storage Boxes?

They used fir wood instead of composite wood on these pieces. We like their choice of wood because it’s solid. Also, it’s not the first time we encountered this wood that’s why we have faith that it will last long. Aside from that, we are sure enough that its life span is better than cardboard bins out there, right?

We like the solid feel of the wood. There’s no sign that it will break even if it bumps into something. Of course, you still need to be careful when carrying it to prevent breakage. Well, we’re not saying it has a weak construction. We just want you to give extra care even if it has a strong built.

Do you like its style?

Our first question to you is, do you see an old milk crate on this wood storage bins? The reason we asked you this is because it’s the first thing that came to our mind when we saw this Stone & Beam set. It brought us to our grandma’s old farmhouse. This might be the reason they added a “Farmhouse” to its name because it looks like milk crates you see in ranches and farms.

It might not have the luxurious feel that most of us are looking for, but if you look closer to it, it will capture your heart. There’s something on this storage organizer box that would want you to buy it. Maybe it’s industrial design.

Well, the thing about its design is, you’ll choose to expose it beside your other furniture than hiding it in your storage cabinet or drawers. Why do we say this? Because it stands out without it giving so much effort. Exposing it depends on your desire to transform your home with an industrial look.

The Rustic Color of the Bins

We like furniture that exposes the natural look of the wood. It feels like we’re close to nature. Do you also have this kind of feeling whenever you see items with these characteristics? It’s just so easy to fall in love with it, right?

They used a dark brown finish to give more emphasis to the wood. Well, this dark brown color isn’t as dark as the one you see in the photos. It’s a bit lighter. But, even though it’s lighter, you won’t get disappointed because its goal to present a rustic colored wood didn’t fail.

The Wood Texture

Let’s now talk about the texture of the wood. So, is Stone & Beam Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wood Slat Storage Bins smooth or rough?

It’s in the middle of being smooth and being rough. Which only means, it’s smooth, but not that smooth. Judging by the roughness we feel, it seems like they used a 120 grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface. This only means they intentionally leave the texture with a grainy feel.

Don’t worry, the wood still has the right amount of smoothness we need because of the varnish they used.

Why did they leave space in between the woods?

It’s part of its design since what they want to portray is a box made of slats.

Do you think the spaces weaken the foundation of these storage boxes? No, it doesn’t. Why are we so sure about that? Well, the woodcut is short (less than a foot), which means, the shorter the cut is, the harder it breaks, right?

Also, the thickness of each wood is around half an inch. So this makes it even more trustworthy even though there’s a space between slats.

Do the three boxes bear the same size?

Many got the mistake that these three boxes are of the same size, but they aren’t. They represent three different sizes which are small, medium, and large.

It’s a great idea that they put assorted sizes in one package, unlike other storage organizers out there, which only have one size in their package. This means you’ll have the proper box size for everything. Segregation of your things will be easier. You just need to determine if this thing is for the small box or the large one.

Let’s see the dimension of each box, so you could check if this is what you are looking for or not.

  • Small Wood Bin: 11.5” L x 11.5” W x 11.5” H
  • Medium Wood Bin: 13.25” L x 13.25” W x 12” H
  • Large Wood Bin: 15.5” L x 15.5” W x 12.25” H

The size difference between the boxes is not that huge. This is the reason people didn’t notice that the boxes are in different sizes. Well, you can’t tell just by looking at the photos, and it’s so difficult to determine since the difference is just a few inches, right?

Is it true that we can stack the small bin inside the medium bin and the same with the medium to the large one?

Yes, it’s true. This feature helps minimize the space it occupies whenever they’re not in use. But even though you can do this, we don’t think you would want to stack it somewhere and not use it. It’s a huge help in minimizing your clutters at home, so why keep it doing nothing?

Another advantage of being not in the same size of this Stone & Beam Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wood Slat Storage Bins is, you can stack it together horizontally without minding if they will slip from one another because there’s enough space to carry the smaller one by the larger one (box opening facing down to the floor so you could use the bottom of the box as a tabletop to carry your stuff).

Not only that, but you can also form these three storage organizers like an open drawer. How to do that? Place the side of the large bin down to floor so the opening is facing towards you. Then place the medium on top of the large box. Do this again with the small one. You now have a horizontal open drawer.

See, you can do a lot of things with these storage boxes. Just keep on experimenting, and you’ll discover more from it.

Stone & Beam Modern Rustic Farmhouse Wood Slat Storage Bins

Handheld Cut-Outs and Rubber Padding

You’ll like the handheld cut-outs they put on each box. It makes it easier for you to carry these organizer boxes, especially if it’s filled with lots of things.

There are two cut-outs on each bin and its space is enough to slip your fingers for a better grip. But we prefer holding it at its bottom because it lessens the weight of the box instead of using the cut-outs. Well, at least you have an option on how to carry this one, right?

How about the rubber pads? You can see four rubber pads at the bottom of this piece. They placed it on each corner for a better grip. Aside from strengthening its grip on the floor, it also prevents the floor from getting scratched. Well, it’s like it hits two birds in one stone, right?

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