SONGMICS Vanity Modern Concave Seat Review

A multi-purpose stool. That’s what we see on this Songmics Vanity Modern Concave Seat. Why multi-purpose? It’s because you can use it not only in front of your vanity table but also as your shoe bench or leg rest stool while you’re lounging in your living room. Well, its use actually depends on how you want it to work for you.

The concave style of the seat seems to be eye-catching. When you see it, we’re sure enough you’ll be curious about how it will carry you. Will it be comfortable or not? Let’s find out the answer to that question.

SONGMICS Vanity Modern Concave Seat


We like how they chose MDF and solid rubberwood altogether on this Vanity Stool. It might be a small piece of furniture, but it needs a durable wood because it will hold you while you’re working in front of your mirror, right?

They used solid rubberwood for the legs, and we like the solid feel it gives. Even though they did not align the legs to the edges of the seat (Meaning they put the legs close to the middle instead of putting it at the edges. Of course, it’s impossible to install it at its edges because they used concave seat.), it’s still stable—no out-of-balance experience.

What makes us trust the legs they attached on this bench is the 300 pounds’ weight capacity it promised to their customers. Well, we did our own homework and tested it with the said weight capacity. It kept its steadiness, and it doesn’t look like the woods will break into pieces.

The wood on the seat is also as solid as the one they used on the legs. It could support you with its wide seat without question, and we are confident that it will serve us for long because it has a great support system.


They polished all wood parts with smooth and shiny paint. You’ll like how shiny the finish is, but do not carry pointed objects while sitting on this one because it could puncture the paint and the wood. Well, that’s what we noticed on this Vanity Bench, it easily gets wounded, and scratches are uncontrollable once pointed objects touched it. So, avoid carrying something that will hurt this chair.

You’ll see three colors in the market. What we have here is the white one, but don’t worry if white won’t work for you. You’ll also get it in black or brown.

Cushion Cover

They used linen cloth to cover the foam. Well, there’s nothing unusual with the cover. It’s just your typical linen cloth with a fairly comfortable touch.

What we like about it is, they did a great job covering the pad. Since it’s concave, the fabric might have difficulty following the shape, right? But this one followed the shape perfectly. No curled side or uneven surface.

The seat cover is not a stain-resistant fabric, so better use a Scotch-guard to protect it from dirt. Well, this is why everyone was asking if it’s okay to reupholster the seat. No, you can’t reupholster it because there is no way to do that unless you’re a very skilled person or rather a professional on doing that. The pad together with its cover stick to the seat and removing it from the wood will damage the pad and the linen. So better let it stay as it is.


You’ll like how thick the pad is. It’s not the super thick kind of pad, but it brings comfort when you sit on this Songmics Vanity Modern Concave Seat. It makes it so comfortable. No uneasiness even after a long period of sitting on this piece.

The pad they used is a flame retardant sponge. Are you familiar with that? We haven’t tried the effectiveness of the retardant yet, but we hope that it will slow down the fire in case it gets exposed to it.

Non-Slip Pads

In case you’re worried if this Vanity Bench will slip while you’re using it, it won’t. Why? Because they added non-slip pads on each leg to stick it to your floor no matter how slippery your floor is. It’s just a small round pad, but it does its job well.

We tried placing it on a tiled floor, and it didn’t move by any chance. It stayed on its place the way we wanted it to.

Aside from keeping it in place, these non-slip pads also help prevent the legs from scratching the floor. This only means you could leave this stool standing in your room without a carpet or a rug.


The only extraordinary thing on this Vanity Chair is the modern concave design it bears. If you’ll pay attention to its legs, you’ll agree that it’s just a basic stool. It doesn’t have a backrest that would support you while sitting on this piece. Will it be a problem for you if your seat doesn’t have a backrest?

Well, even though this one doesn’t have support for your back, you’ll still not notice it because the wide concave seat complements the lacking part of this bench. It fits well to your body curvature which makes it more comfortable because it doesn’t feel flat, instead you’ll feel like it’s cradling you.

SONGMICS Vanity Modern Concave Seat


We like the size of this Songmincs Concave Seat. It’s not too tall and not too short. It’s just enough for an average person and even for a tall one, too.

Overall dimension is 18 7/8” L x 11 3/4” W x 18 1/8” H, while the lower part of the curve is around 16 inches.

Since it’s just a foot and a half high, it’s so easy to insert under the vanity table. Also, you won’t have a problem hiding it somewhere because it doesn’t have a backrest that you need to consider. Basically, you could put it everywhere since it blends in easily.

Assembly and Delivery

You’ll like how they packed this Songmics Vanity Modern Concave Seat. They covered the seat and the legs with Styrofoam before they boxed it. We feel so secure that the item won’t experience damage while in transit. Well, we actually didn’t expect that they’ll pack it carefully, but yes, they did.

The assembly is so easy to do. No need for you to allot a lot of time to assemble it. You just need to have 10 to 15 minutes of your time to make it stand because the only thing you need to do is bolt the legs and you’re done. You don’t even need an instruction booklet. That’s how easy it is. By the way, they included all the tools needed for this one, so no need to worry about it.

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