Signature Design by Ashley A1000324 Pouf-Comfortable Ottoman & Footrest Review

Sometimes, even if we have a nice sofa set, our living room still looks boring, right? What do you think is the reason for this? Well, sometimes these huge sofa sets need a sidekick. Sidekick means something that will lighten the formal or seriousness of our living room design. One of the things that will help brighten our room is placing a nice-looking ottoman at the corner or side of our couches. This is the reason we’re bringing this Signature Design by Ashley A1000324 Pouf-Comfortable Ottoman & Footrest to you.

They have three versions of this model, but we prefer the looks of this one that’s why we’re focusing on this piece. If you prefer the other two, just let us know, and we’ll try our best to get those other pieces so we could give you our insights about them.

The thing is, there’s a huge possibility that most of the features of this A1000324 Pouf will also be seen on the other two (A1000445 Pouf, Chevron Blue and A1000550 Decorative Pouf, Natural).

Now, let’s move on and scrutinize this ottoman.

Signature Design by Ashley A1000324 Pouf-Comfortable Ottoman & Footrest

Design and Color

The reason we add this one in our list is because of the woven texture it possesses. This is the reason this piece outstands other ottomans in the market.

We like its overall look, especially the combination of colors. The color is in shades of blue with a little touch of white. The woven texture adds character to this piece. That’s why it’s kind of hypnotizing.

It’s handcrafted, and it looks like the manufacturer gave its best to give us this tassel design.

Under this woven fabric is a soft cotton cover. There’s no need for you to worry if the fillings will come out unexpectedly or not.

By the way, there are things you should know about the outer cover, and what are those?

The yarns they used are thick and tightly woven. But even though it’s tightly woven, we’re not confident that it will stay the same when a sharp or pointed object gets trap into it. It might deform its pattern.

Also, we don’t think it’s a good idea to own this piece if you have pets at home. Their claws might damage it. Just imagine if they run around this pouf and accidentally trap their claws on its weave. The yarn will pull out and distort the design. What do you think?


It’s not a tall ottoman. It’s only 20″ W x 20″ D x 16″ H.

Well, we have nothing against its height. We find it perfect for resting our foot while watching TV or reading our daily newspaper.

But, let us ask you one question. Does the height enough for you or not? Choosing this piece depends on what you need. If you won’t use this ottoman as an extra seat for your guests, then you won’t have any problem with that, right?

Well, even though it’s lacking in height, the depth and the width compensate the missing height of this one. It’s wide and would accommodate anyone who wants to use it.

Squishy or Firm?

This Signature Design by Ashley A1000324 Pouf-Comfortable Ottoman & Footrest is firm, but not as firm as other ottomans out there. This is because of its fillings. They stuffed it with dense bean fillings.

The thing is, even if they used dense bean fillings, it’s better than bean bags. It stands firmer than those bags. As you can see, it stays on its shape even if you sit on it, unlike these bean bags that shrink when you lounge on it.

Can we use it as a seat or not?

Now that we know that they used dense bean fillings and that it is firmer than bean bags, the next question is, “Can we use it as a seat or not?”

Yes, we can. But we should not be complacent about it. What do we mean about this? If you will use it as an additional seat in your living room, we don’t think it will give the best comfort that your guests deserve.

Yes, it’s firm, but once you sit on it, especially if you have a significant weight, it has difficulty going back to its original shape. It needs some time to regain itself. Also, you need to help it reshape its body by tapping its sides.

But if you are an average person (lightweight), it’s fine to sit on it since it holds its shape well if not used with a heavyweight.

Does this mean it’s only a decorative piece rather than seat furniture?

Even if we could use it as a seat (for average people), we still think it’s only for decoration (an additional piece to beautify our home) rather than as an independent seat in your living room.

It’s not that we don’t trust its capability to serve as a chair or seat for us and our guests, it’s just we see it as a good looking piece, and we don’t want it to lose its shape sooner.

We’d rather use this ottoman as a footrest than as something to sit-in because our foot is lighter than our body weight, right?

Signature Design by Ashley A1000324 Pouf-Comfortable Ottoman & Footrest

Can it hold a tray on top?

We know, this question is a bit weird to answer. But we heard this question from one of the customers.

Well, the answer to this is yes. It has a stable top. You can even push it down to give you a flat top to hold your tray with a cup of coffee. Are you beginning to like it now? You should because it will make your living room or bedroom look more lively with the colors it possessed.

Is it true that they did not hide the zipper below this piece?

We also noticed this thing. It seems like Ashley Furniture didn’t notice that the zipper is protruding underneath. Just like other customers, we are also worried that it might damage our flooring.

But upon observing this Signature Design by Ashley A1000324 Pouf-Comfortable Ottoman & Footrest, it didn’t damage our floor. It’s not lying flatly on the ground. Instead, it’s like tiptoeing—a couple of centimeters, maybe.

Also, it looks better if you put it on top of a carpet or rug rather than just on bare floorings.

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