SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill Review

Eating out in restaurants every time you crave for Asian Food is expensive. So, why not bring their menu in your kitchen together with the whole family? That will save you a lot, right? But, how will you do that? You can do this with the help of this SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill.

But, will it give you the flavor you are looking for? This is one of the things that we will discover on this piece. It’s important that before we go with our desire to eat Asian Food on this grill, we should know first if we will get the things we are expecting from it.

SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill

Is it smokeless?

This might be the first question that pops in your mind, and the answer to this is no.

It’s not as smoky as ordinary pans are, but we noticed that there is a little smoke when we started grilling our meat. It’s not something you should worry about because we think it’s normal that there’s a little smoke when you cook on it. Don’t worry, this little smoke won’t mess with your dining room.

What causes it to produce smoke? Well, the grill doesn’t have a glass cover. The only glass lid they provided is for the hot pot. If the grill has its own, there’s a probability that it won’t produce even a small amount of smoke.

Can we grill anything and everything without a limit?

The limit only applies to your menu. If your available food does not comprise a huge variety of meat, vegetable, seafood, and noodles, then there’s a limit to it. But for as long as you have all the food you need in front of you, you can grill whichever and whatever you like

As you can see, they named this indoor grill multi-functional because it’s not only limited for grilling, but you could also roast, fry, and even boil your stew on this piece. A true multi-functional, right?

Since it could do a lot of things for your foods, then our next question is, how spacious it is? Let’s check that out.

How huge is this SEAAN Electric Grill?

Let’s start with its technical side.

The overall length is 73.5 cm or 28.94 inches. Judging by its length, you can now picture out how long this piece is. It’s over 2 feet or close to 2 feet and a half. This only proves that there is enough space for grilling, frying, roasting, and even boiling.

Well, the space for frying is only 34.5 cm or 13.5 inches. It’s still a long space, right? But, where is the other half of this grill? It used the other half for the hot pot part. This part is 27.5 cm or 10.83 inches in diameter. So, this is where the second part went.

Did you notice? The hot pot is so wide, which only means it could accommodate your hot pot for the whole family in just one cooking—less cooking time, too.

Since we know now the length of this piece, what about the width? How wide is this SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill? The grilling space is 26.5 cm or 10.43 inches wide.

It’s not enough that we know the length and width of this piece, right? We also need to know the depth of its baking tray, and this part is 7 cm or 2.76 inches deep.

Do you think the overall dimension is already enough for you and your family?

SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill

How many people it could accommodate in one meal time?

Well, before we invite the whole gang for lunch or dinner, why not know first how many people could cook on this piece?

Per the manufacturer, it could serve to at least 5 people, but per our experiment, it could work with up to 8 people at the same time.

How do we come up with this number? It’s long and wide (check the dimension above), which allows everyone to fry their selected food. Everyone has their own space, which means no need for them to wait for someone to finish frying their meat before they could start theirs.

Is it true that they divided the hot pot’s space into two?

Yes, it’s true.

We like the idea that they put a division in this hot pot. Why? It’s because not all of us love spicy stew, and some of us are not happy with a soup that doesn’t have enough spiciness on it. Maybe it’s better if we both cook it at the same time so everyone could enjoy their meal. You could cook the spicy soup on one side, and the less spicy stew on the other side.

But if you are not a stew or soup person, since it’s a deep pot, you could also use it for your Shabu Shabu.

Well, it’s clear now why this hot pot almost occupies half of this electric grill, to both accommodate your stew, shabu-shabu, or anything with broth in one heating.

Another thing you need to know about this part is, it could hold up to 1.6 Liters of broth.

How can we control the temperature for both grill and hot pot?

These two parts have individual controls.

No need for you to worry about turning off the hot pot after your stew boils because it won’t affect the heat of the baking tray. This means you have the freedom to turn on or off the parts you need and don’t need.

Both have five-speed temperature adjustments. These adjustments will help you decide on the right temperature you need for your food. Well, you can either follow it or not. It all depends on how you want your food to be cooked.

This piece could heat-up up to 2400W and needs 110V. This temperature is super-hot. So if you’ll choose the maximum heat, you better pin your eyes to your food while it sits in the baking tray because it will get toasted or worst burn.

Does it automatically turn off when it reaches its heat limit?

Yes. Whenever it reaches its heat limit, or the temperature is too high, it turns off automatically. But when it cools down, it turns on its features again all by itself.

The next question we have in our mind is, how long do we need to wait until it turns on again? It took almost 5 long minutes before it cooks our food again. Well, if you are 7 to 8 people in the table, 5 minutes is already long. You’ll feel that you’ve wasted 5 minutes by not cooking something, right?

But there’s a solution for that. How? By playing with its temperature. If you think it’s starting to heat at its maximum level, try to lower down its temperature. For example, if you cook your food at 800W or 1000W, then lower it down to 400W. By this, your grill won’t need to stop operating to cool down. This also means no hassle for everyone in the table—no more waiting.

Is it sticky or non-sticky?

They used a thick aluminum alloy with non-stick coating. So the answer to your question is, it’s non-sticky.

It’s safe to fry anything you want because it won’t damage the frying pan (burnt food won’t leave a mark on the tray’s surface). Also, no need to use oil every time you cook something on it. This is great news for everyone who’s avoiding oily foods, right?

Aside from the non-stick coating they used, they also coated it with a scratch-resistant coat. This protects both the baking tray and the hot pot from scrapes.

SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill

Where does the oil from our food go while cooking?

Good question!

Well, this SEAAN Multi-Functional Indoor Electric Grill has an oil leakage port and oil tank. This part of this piece help not only this appliance to keep operating but also for people using it.

This shows that there’s no need for you to unplug this whole thing just to drain the oil from its tray in the middle of your meal. All you have to do is pull the oil tank below the frying pan, and clean it even while your whole family is cooking.

This part resolves our problem with the oil, isn’t it?

Is it easy to clean or will it be a pain to wash it?

Even though it’s huge, we still find it easy to clean. Why? It is because of the non-sticky feature it possesses. It makes it easy for us to remove the remnants of the food we cooked on both the hot pot and the baking tray.

In case you don’t know, the hot pot is not removable. It’s attached to the frying pan, so you might find it difficult to wash it in running water.

Well, just remember to not let the bottom part of this electric grill drench in water because it will damage its motor.

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