Sauder Harbor View Dresser Review

This Sauder Harbor View Dresser is here to provide additional storage for your bedroom. But we don’t think you can limit its function as a dresser only. We see lots of things for this piece. We see a media stand, accent cabinet, console table, and we even see it as kitchen storage. What do you think? Do you also see the things we see on this piece?

Since it looks like it has a lot of functions. Do you think it deserves your attention? Also, will it match the other furniture you have at home? Well, let’s check that out. We need to make sure it’s worth your every dollar, right?

Sauder Harbor View Dresser

What are the materials used?

There are two kinds of wood used on this Sauder Dresser. What are these? You’ll see pressed composite wood and solid wood on this piece.

Are you not impressed with the materials present on this one? Well, why not give this review a chance so you’ll get an idea of how reliable each material is?

Yes, they did not use solid wood at every part, but we are sure enough you’ll get a solid experience when you place it in your bedroom or living room. Why? Because they made sure that every cut is thick so it could give you the stability you want and need for this piece.

They finished each composite wood with a smooth veneer, which will give you an impression that it’s made of solid wood instead of just pressed particles.

Where can we see the solid material? You’ll see this in its knobs and feet. Yes, you read it right. They used wood for its knobs. Do you think it’s odd or weird? Or maybe you doubt its reliability? Well, you have the freedom to replace it with a better one—that is if you think it won’t do its job for you. It only has one standard-sized screw, so it’s not that difficult to replace.

If you’ll ask us, we are already contented with the knobs. It’s solid, and since the runners on its drawers slide smoothly, we think it will do its job for a long time. But, if your reason is for better aesthetic, then replace it as soon as you get the new one.


Let’s look at the overall dimension first since you need to visualize if it will fit in your room or not.

  • Overall Dimension: 58.125” W x 17.625” D x 33.75” H

It’s undeniably wide—almost 5 feet, and the height is around 2 feet and 10 inches. Honestly, we like how they balanced its width and height. It’s perfect if you’ll also use it as your media stand. But if your sole purpose is to use it as a storage cabinet or dresser, its height might disappoint you a little because it’s not that tall.

Other Dimensions:
  • Cabinet Dimension: 14.5” W x 15” D x 18” H
  • Top Two Drawers: 24.25” W x 13.75” D x 3.75” H
  • Top Center Drawer: 21.5” W x 13.75 D x 4.75” H
  • Bottom Center Drawer: 21.5” W x 13.75 D x 6.5” H
Will it provide the storage I need?

The first question is, how do you want to use this Sauder Harbor View Dresser? Are you going to place it in your living room as a media stand or use it as a dresser or maybe storage for your kitchenware? So, this question about the space depends on how you will use it.

If you mean, is this piece spacious and could accommodate a lot of things? The answer to that is Yes. Yes, it could accommodate lots of things, and this is because of its different storage sizes.

We like how they put variation on the storage of this Sauder Dresser. The two side cabinets give us more space for bigger things. Well, what makes it more likable is, there’s no shelf inside. This means you could maximize the space it offers. This is the reason you could put it in your living room or kitchen. There’s no division inside, which makes it ideal for bulky things. Here’s the dimension for your reference, 14.5” W x 15” D x 18” H.

The center drawers and top drawers also impressed us with its depth. Both center drawers are perfect for bedding and comforters (top center measures 4.75 inches deep, while the bottom center is 6.5 inches). Why? Because it’s deep and wide. There’s so much room for thick items, such as bedding, comforter, and thick pants. Even the top drawers provide the space we need for our shirts and undergarments, right? This means these drawers don’t deprive us with the storage we need.

Colors Available

Sauder Harbor View Dresser comes in four colors, and here it is.

  • Antiqued White Finish
  • Antiqued Paint Finish
  • Curado Cherry Finish
  • Salt Oak Finish

Many asked if the photos portray the true color of this piece. Well, the answer to that is No. There’s a slight difference between the photos’ color and the real color. This happens because of different monitor settings, and the lighting when they photographed the dressers.

These things happen all the time. So we’re kind of used to products that don’t bear the same color as how we saw it in pictures. But don’t think the manufacturer wants to deceive you. It’s a normal thing.

Knobs and Feet

If you could remember, we already mentioned to you that knobs and feet are solid wood unlike its other parts, which is particle board.

As for the knobs, you’ll like how solid each piece is. You might want a better-looking knob, right? So if you plan to replace it, then we assure you it won’t be a difficult task. The thing about the knob is, we like how it blends in on the design of this dresser, so we choose not to replace it with a new one. Besides, it works fine with the weight of the drawers.

We like the solid feel of the feet. It’s thick and could handle the heavyweight of this Sauder Harbor View. How heavy is this piece? It’s 150 pounds. That’s quite a weight, right? So this one deserves to have dependable feet, or else, it will not stand after sometimes. Well, we didn’t see any signs of breakage, so we’re good with the feet included in the package.

Sauder Harbor View Dresser

Glides and Metal Runners

This dresser has deep drawers, which only means each drawer has a significant weight. It needs a heavy-duty glides and metal runners, and this one has the quality we are looking for.

We tried to stress the glides and runners by pulling and pushing the drawers’ many times, and we never experienced unexpected failure. It slides smoothly regardless of how careless we push and pull each drawer. Also, you won’t feel the heaviness of pull and push, which is a great deal for us. Why? Because each piece has a weight, and additional weight is awaiting once you put your things inside.

Aside from the smooth slide, we also noticed that the stopper works great. The drawers never popped out on the frame while testing the glides. This means no need to worry if you have kids at home because no accidents will happen if they open this drawer all by themselves, right?

How long do I need to assemble this piece?

First, are you patient enough to work with a puzzle? We’re not saying that this is a puzzle, so don’t get overwhelmed. But we want you to know that you need to assemble everything because they disassembled all its parts before boxing it. Expect to work on this for several hours.

Regardless if you’re good with assembling things or not, it’s better if you’ll ask someone to help you out. Why? Because it’s a tedious task, and you need someone to help you balance each piece before locking it with a screw/bolt. Also, since most of the pieces are particleboard, you need to be extra careful to avoid damaging the board. Always be mindful about the possibility of damaging the wood if you’ll exert more than the necessary pressure or force on each bolt/screw.

What is the weight capacity of the top of this dresser?

The manufacturer mentioned that its weight capacity is only 50 pounds. Well, upon testing, it could support things more than this weight.

They have a point in giving its customer lesser weight capacity so they won’t overuse the top. We all know that if this breaks because of overweight, we’ll blame both the product and the manufacturer, right? So we understand why they only gave us a 50 pounds’ weight capacity.

Warranty and After-sales

We’re glad to receive a 5-year limited warranty for this Sauder Harbor View Dresser. This warranty gives us confidence that we’ll get the help we need once we encounter unfavorable events during that period, right? So, this means you could enjoy its beauty without questioning its reliability.

Aside from the warranty that the manufacturer promised to its consumer, you’ll also experience their friendly customer service. This is one of the things we look for whenever we purchase something—good after-sales. We always believe that no one will ever beat a company that has good after-sales.

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