Rosevera D7-1 Teofila Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair Review

Have you considered adding new furniture lately? A chaise, maybe? Well, what’s great about the chaise is it could stand independently. You could either choose between something that will blend in with your other furniture or pick something that will satisfy your taste without minding if it will harmonize with your things or not. Whichever your choice is, it doesn’t matter because it boosts itself without other furniture’s help, just like this Rosevera D7-1 Teofila Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair.

So, do you think this piece is gorgeous? No doubt about it, right? But, does its outside look deserves our every dollar? Let’s scrutinize it first before you click the buy button. We must get to know this piece first.

Rosevera D7-1 Teofila Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair

What do you think about the design?

Since what captured our attention is its looks, then why not start scrutinizing its design?

It carries a traditional style, which makes it look so classic. It brings us to the old age of kings and queens, especially the rolled edges of the backrest and the footrest.

The arch design of its seat will make you fall in love with it. This style creates not only elegance to this piece, but it also makes it relaxing than our sofas with a flat surface.

Here, your legs will adapt the shape of the arch, which makes our blood circulate better than resting it on a straight surface. Also, it lessens the possibility of having cramps, especially if you intend to sit on this for a long time, and this happens when we are reading something, right?

The backrest also adds comfort since it’s slightly bent backward, which allows you to lean on it in a more relaxing way. It’s as if it’s cradling you.

Do you like the diamond and button tufted design it possesses?

We like the diamond and button tufted design it carries in its body. Why? It’s because it has a huge contribution to the elegance of this piece.

These buttons enhance not only the beauty of its facade, but it also helps in fastening the pads of its backrest and seat to its place. It also keeps the fabric intact, which means it will prevent the fabric from getting saggy. It’s a win-win situation for this piece.

The thing is since the pads are thick, they deeply pinned the buttons down. This might be both good and bad for this piece? If you’re a person who likes a flat surface, then this might feel uncomfortable to you. But if you don’t mind having this kind of holes, then this will be all right, right? The thick pads will help you forget the uneven surface of this Rosevera D7-1 Teofila Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair.

Rosevera D7-1 TeofilaTufted Chaise Lounge

The Fabric

Do you now wonder what kind of fabric they used? They covered this Rosevera Lounger with a stain-resistant polyester fabric. Well, it’s amazing that they chose this one. Why? Because it will save you with a lot of work. Spot cleaning will do the job for you, which means, if you happen to stain it, the stain won’t live there for long. But we still recommend that you use Scotchgard for the fabric’s maximum protection.

Now, let’s pay close attention to its texture. It has a canvas-like texture, but not as rough as an ordinary canvas. It’s in the middle of the canvas and linen with thick weaves. But this one feels better. You can feel the softness of the fabric despite its thick weave. Well, you can attest that from its toss pillow. Hug it, and you’ll experience the same thing we experienced.

In short, they used a premium linen-blend fabric and upholstered it with perfection.

The Nail Heads

You’ll see the nail heads at the side of this chaise. Many asked about the colors of it. Well, it depends on the shade of the fabric. For the beige one, you’ll see an antique brass finish, while the gray-colored fabric has the silver nail heads.

We prefer the antique brass because it makes this piece more classical. We like how it creates a vintage look to this one. What impresses us is how they meticulously pinned each one of it. Imagine, the distance between each nail head is so near. It’s a very tedious job, and we appreciate it so much.

Aside from how it impresses us with their job well done, we also have this connotation that the fabric covering the side of this lounger won’t get loose because of these nails.

The Round Feet

What can you say about its round feet? Does it complement its design?

It’s very ideal for this Rosevera’s Chaise. Its round layered body harmonizes with the rolled and arch concept of this piece.

They used hardwood material so it could stand to significant weight without breaking in two. The height is around 5 inches high, and this is a reasonable height. It looks low from afar, but if you put it side by side to a normal chair, their seats are just on the same level.

The Foam and The Toss Pillow

The manufacturer upholstered it with thick high-density foams, and the result is neither soft nor stiff.

We like the quality of the foams. It doesn’t make us feel like we’re drowning whenever we lean our back on it. With its style, the foams must have the right amount of density, right? Too soft will only make it uncomfortable for the user, and too stiff will cause body pain.

It’s astonishing how comfortable this chaise lounge is. The tufted buttons have a great contribution in balancing the firmness of each part. So, we’re sure that you will enjoy sitting on this piece while reading your favorite book or magazine.

Rosevera D7-1 TeofilaTufted Chaise Lounge

The Dimension and The Weight Capacity

Let’s go technical.

  • Overall Dimension: 34” H x 29” W x 64” D
  • Seat Dimension: 29” W x 46” D
  • Toss Pillow Dimension: 6” X 27” L

You’ll like how wide the seat is because it’s over 2 feet, but less than 2 feet and a half. Knowing that it’s over 2 feet is already enough to enjoy lounging on this Rosevera D7-1 Teofila Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair with your kids, right? Bottom line is, it has a lot of room for two people.

The toss pillow is also something to praise on this lounge chair. Why? First is, it’s 27 inches long, in which it could cover the width of this chaise. Second, since it covers the whole width of this furniture, it’s the best piece to use to support your lower back.

Now, since we mentioned that this one is wide and can even support two persons, we need to know how much weight it could hold. Per the manufacturer, weight capacity is up to 800 pounds. We agree on this. Although we didn’t put 800 pounds of weight in one sitting, we tried to occupy this with four average-sized people, and it didn’t even wobble.

Rosevera D7-1 TeofilaTufted Chaise Lounge

The Assembly

Are you worried about the assembly part? Don’t be. Why? It’s because what you only need to do is fasten the backrest to the seat and then install the legs. It doesn’t need technical skills. Everyone can do it.

Also, what’s nice after you assemble everything, you won’t see any trace that this requires assembly. It looks like it’s one whole piece when delivered to your doorstep. The back has the same fabric as the front, so you can plant it in your room without hiding its back part.

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