Pillow Perfect Decorative Multicolored Rectangle Toss Pillows Review

Searching for an outdoor pillow? Or maybe both outdoor and indoor pillow? Then check out this Pillow Perfect Decorative Multicolored Rectangle Toss Pillows. Instead of getting one, you’ll get two in one delivery for a price of one. Isn’t it great?

Well, you’ll get excited when you see the complete list of colors for this set. Imagine, there are 20 available colors in the market. You can choose between the plain-colored ones and the multicolored ones for both of your patio and lounge area.



Let’s review the fabric first before anything else.

They used 100% spun polyester for covering the insert and for its cords.

So, what does a spun polyester mean? This fabric is thicker than the usual polyester fabric you see in other home products. What makes it thicker than polyester fabric? They spin the 100% polyester fiber to create a thicker thread or yarn. After this process, they combine each spun thread to create a fabric with a denser texture.

What you’ll notice with this spun polyester fabric is, some fibers are uneven, which affect the texture of the whole cover. What do we mean about that? It means you’ll find a thicker thread at some part and thinner in some. This is a common thing in spun polyester, though. So, better prepare yourself with that.

The next question is, how soft is this fabric since we now know that it’s denser than polyester? It’s softer than poly, and the softness is almost close to the cotton fabric. Interesting, right?

Imagine that the fabric is stronger than polyester and so soft like the cotton one. It seems like it’s worth a buy.

Fade Resistant Feature

Since they designed this Toss Pillows not only for your indoor sofa set but also for your outdoor patio furniture, they made sure that the fabric they’ll use has a fade resistant feature. Well, this will save this whole thing from sunlight, right?

You could trust that the fabric will last long even you’ll expose it under the sun for a long time. The color will stay crisp and bright, regardless of its exposure. But of course, you still need to take care of this piece because too much exposure from the sun will still damage the color even a bit. Keep it safe when the sun’s light is on its hottest. This will both save the color from fading, and the thread from getting weak.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure.


It’s just like your ordinary Rectangular Toss Pillow. They filled it with enough amount of fillings to give you support and comfort at the same time. They used different designs, so you could choose the best one for your patio furniture.

What we noticed about these pillows is, they sewed a cord around the pillow to provide additional support while it’s sitting on your sofa. Aside from working as a support, the cord also hides the trims and the sewing.

Do you expect this Pillow Perfect Toss Pillows to have a zipper so you could remove the fillings and wash it either by hand or machine? Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a zipper. Well, it does not allow you to remove the inserts easily, but of course, you could. Just prepare yourself from unsewing the cover and sewing it back for the purpose of sealing it again.


They used 100% Polyester Fiber to fill this Pillow Perfect Decorative Multicolored Rectangle Toss Pillows.

You’ll like how plush the fiber is. The softness of the pillow every time you’ll use it in your head or back for support is undeniably great.

It’s not only meant to support you while you sit, but its duty is also to provide comfort while you lounge outdoor.

They’ll prove their softness to you once you get the chance of holding them in your arms, which is enticing, right? We love hugging them while we lounge on our sofa.


The color is crisp, and the designs are interesting.

What makes the design interesting is, no need for you to place it in a specific color or design. Most of it could stand alone regardless of your patio’s or living room’s motif. You can try it yourself, and the result will amaze you.

Remember we mentioned earlier that it has 20 colors available for you to choose from? Well, we are not kidding about this, because it’s real! Check out the list below and see which one matches your taste.

  • Annie Chocolate
  • Black/Beige
  • Brown/Green Tropical
  • Burnt Orange
  • Carmody Navy
  • Fairington Aqua
  • Full Bloom
  • Geo Red
  • Green/Brown
  • Hockley Teal
  • Modern Floral
  • Omnia Lagoon
  • Orange
  • Pom Pom Play Peachtini
  • Primero Orange
  • Red Solid
  • Red/Brown Floral/Striped
  • Splish Splash Blue
  • Tamara Paisley
  • Turquoise

Well, it’s best if you’ll visit Amazon (check this link) so you could see the picture of each color listed above.

Pillow Perfect Decorative Multicolored Rectangle Toss Pillows


The Two Toss Pillows you’ll get in the package is both 18.5” L x 11.5” W x 5” D.

Do you like how long this pillow is? Well, we do! It could almost cover the whole width of the backrest when we placed it in our accent chairs. And aside from that, it’s also wide enough to support the width of our body.

We also appreciate the height of this piece. It’s almost one foot, and this only means that the vertical support you’ll get from this is massive.

How to take care of this?

First, you can’t remove the insert from the cover because it doesn’t have a zipper. But it won’t limit you from cleaning this one. You can still wash this even if the filling is still inside.

Please remember that it only allows you to hand wash this with a mild detergent. A mild detergent will help maintain its bright colors. Another thing you should remember is to hang dry it, instead of drying it under the sun. This will prevent it from weakening the fabric.

Well, if you think washing it won’t work for you, you can use Toss Pillow Covers to protect this Pillow Perfect Decorative Multicolored Rectangle Toss Pillows from dirt and stains. The only problem with this is, you won’t be able to display its own design, right?

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