Oliver and Smith Prime Sectional Sofa Review

Do you need a sofa set that could accommodate six to seven people at the same time? We found this Oliver and Smith Prime Sectional Sofa in Amazon, and we are so excited to tell you more about it.

Of course, you deserve to know more before spending hundreds of dollars, right? And we will try our best to give you all the information you need before clicking the buy button.

The question is, is it worth our money? Will it suffice our needs for our living room? And, is it kids and pets friendly?

Yes, we have lots of questions in mind because it will perform a huge part in our home, right? It must meet both of our needs and expectations for a sectional sofa.

Oliver and Smith Prime Sectional Sofa

How huge is this Oliver and Smith Sofa?

It’s literally huge, which only means your living room should also have a huge space to accommodate this piece.

Here’s the number for your reference:

  • 106″ W x 83″ D x 34″ H

Can you now imagine how big and long this sofa is?

Well, if you’ll look closer at this one, you’ll also conclude that they just combined a sofa and a loveseat to make it longer and spacious.

The thing about the long side of this sectional is, you could lie on it without bending your knees or hanging your legs or feet on the arms. You could stretch your body without hindrance, and this is one of the best sides of this couch.

What does it mean about being “adjustable”?

Since it’s disassembled when you receive it, you are free to choose the side you want so you could maximize your living room space. Or you could adjust it just to match the design of your room.

You can either face it to your left or right, it won’t matter because they divided it into pieces where it will be easier for you to move it around. This is what we like about this sectional, it might be huge, but at least you have the freedom to decide how you want to assemble it.

You could keep the “L” shape or you could just line them up in one line, that’s how flexible this couch is.

What fabric did they use?

They released two variations for this piece. One is linen fabric, and the other one is leather. What we have is the linen-covered version. We hope you understand that we could only provide a review for the linen version, and not for the leather one.

The texture is between tweed and canvas, which means, you could feel the overlapping threads all over this piece. Well, it might be rough to the touch, but at least it’s soft and doesn’t feel itchy. The fabric is snuggly even without a cover whenever we lie on it.

We noticed that it’s not resistant to stains. Based on our observation, it’s difficult to clean. Spot cleaning is not effective all the time. Some spillages are difficult to remove on this one. You need to be skillful enough to clean the fabric.

Pets’ fur is also something you need to watch out because it easily sticks to the spaces between the threads. Although the threads are tightly woven, since the texture is a canvas-like, it magnetized hair and fur. Don’t worry because it’s easy to remove. Your vacuum cleaner could do the job for you.

If you think you’re not skillful enough to clean this piece with a simple damp cloth and detergent, you can use a sofa cover or Scotchgard to protect it from dust and dirt.

At what extent do they cover this Oliver and Smith Prime Sectional Sofa with the linen fabric?

They cover every part with linen—from front to back. Yes, you’ll also see the fabric covering the back part of this sectional, which kind of rare for a cheap priced sofa set.

Most of the inexpensive sofas in the market have a thin black fabric that covers the back part. But this one has the same fabric used on its front. We are truly impressed with this feature because this gives us the freedom to place this whole thing wherever we want. It won’t matter if we flaunt its back or not, right? We are not obliged to lean it against the wall which what we like because we could put it in the middle of the room.

Is the color true as described?

There’s a lot of confusion with the color. Most people are expecting for the grey hue. But since the manufacturer confirmed that it’s brown-grey, then you’ll get a brown-grey colored fabric.

We know it looks grey in the photos, but in person, it’s a combination of light brown and grey. It’s not a bad color, though. We did not experience trouble in matching it with other furniture because it looks so neutral. It’s just, it’s difficult to tell which is stronger, the brown or the grey.

Oliver and Smith Prime Sectional Sofa

How firm are the back and the seat cushions?

Cushions are medium firm. At first, you’ll find it a bit stiff—not comfortable. But eventually, after several days of usage, it will become bouncy and cozier. You’ll love it, especially when you lie on it.

The thing about the foam/padding they used is, once it becomes bouncy, you’ll have the impression that it will wear out sooner. It turns out that it’s having difficulty going back to its original shape. Well, it goes back to its shape though, but it takes a few seconds, which we think is not normal.

Most likely, it looks like this piece is for a home with less traffic. Even though it’s made for six to seven people, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to exhaust it. Given the price, it’s better if you’ll be cautious enough about the weight you’ll put on it.

Are the seat cushions attached or not?

Would you like it attached or not? We prefer seat cushions that are not attached to the frame. This gives us the chance to flip it from one side to the other in case we spill something on it. But this one doesn’t seem to give us that opportunity.

They attached the seat cushions to the frame which means we couldn’t wash the covers. The only thing that will save the fabric of the cushions is to put a cover on top.

Another reason we want it separate from the frame is we can use the foam evenly. Once you see that one side is wearing out, you could flip it over, so it will even out the amount of usage for each side.

The thing is, it’s not giving you all the opportunity to maximize its comfort because they sewed it on this Oliver and Smith Prime Sectional Sofa.

Note: Aside from its built-in cushions, you’ll also get two accent pillows when you order this couch.

Can the legs last long?

There are several reports from customers that they received broken legs. Ours is perfectly fine, though.

They used a thick plastic (PVC-like plastic or better) for the legs. It’s commonly used in inexpensive sofas out there, so we understand why the manufacturer used this instead of solid wood.

For us, it’s functional, as of now. It could hold several people at the same time without breakage.

Our only worry is, it might get brittle after some time. We have crazy weather, so it might affect the state of the plastic and lose its strength. But for now, we can see that it’s sturdy enough to serve its purpose, and that’s carrying this whole sectional and the people who will lounge on it.

How easy is the assembly?

It’s straightforward. You might not even need to see the instruction when assembling this one. All you have to do is fasten each part to one another, choose the direction you want (left or right), then it’s done.

By the way, you’ll receive two boxes when you order this piece. We receive the two boxes in the same delivery. We believe some customers received theirs in separate days. So, if you’ll have the same experience as them, don’t worry because the other box is already on its way.

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