mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower Review

Organizing small things in our home is sometimes a headache, especially if we have kids, right? It requires patience to find storage to organize our things because ordinary boxes are not enough to accommodate everything. Also, boxes are not pleasing to the eyes, so most of us are looking for something that will both carry our things and add style to our corners. Well, we’re glad to know about this mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower. It has a pleasing style and reasonable storage drawer bins. But the question is, could it work the way we want it to work for us?

We’ve heard a lot of good and bad things about this Storage Dresser, and it’s fair if we’ll check those things out. Just to see if this is worth our every penny, right?

mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower

What materials did they use to construct this dresser storage?
Metal Frame

At first, we couldn’t believe that this piece used a metal frame to support the drawer bins. Why? Because we already prepared ourselves that we will receive low-quality materials, maybe plastic or PVC Tubes Frame. Instead, they used a metal frame.

Well, we are not saying it’s of high quality, what we just want to say is, it makes this piece sturdier and trustworthy. We all have this connotation that metals are better than PVC’s, right? It’s more stable than other materials you’ll see in a small-sized organizer. But, for this frame, is it trustable?

They used thin cut metals. Given the fact that this piece is small, we’ll talk about the dimension a little later so you’ll picture out its size, the metal cut is just right. They need to proportion the size of the metal to the overall dimension of this storage organizer. This characteristic is the reason some frames bend easily—it’s thin. You can even attest to yourself that when it bangs into something, it will bend a little. So our advice is, don’t let something bump into it to prevent the frame from dents and bends.

Looking at the bright side of having a thin metal frame, when it gets bent, it’s so easy to fix. Just put enough strength to hammer it, and it will straighten up immediately. So in case you receive a not so straight piece, don’t panic, try to fix it by hammering it little by little or find someone who has the tools to straighten a metal.

Fabric Bins

First, you need to know that these fabric bins used breathable non-woven synthetic fabric—polypropylene. You’ll like the quality of it. It doesn’t fade, and the water seems to bounce against it. It doesn’t absorb the water immediately.

Well, we’re not saying it’s water-resistant though, but at least it takes several seconds before the water enters into its weaves. This buys you ample time in wiping it to keep it dry, right?

You’ll like how deep each drawer is, especially the two large ones. We didn’t expect it to have a deep space. To give you an idea, these two large ones are 11 inches deep and 15 inches wide. Now, do you agree with how spacious these drawers are?

Since they used fabric material for the bins, you’ll also get fabric handles. It’s well stitched, which means it won’t snatch out from the bin after several usages. Just be extra careful when you pull and push the bin from its frame.

Bottom Cardboard

What makes the drawers of this mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower stand? This might be the first question you have in mind, right? Well, it stands firmly because of the cardboard they included in the bin. It’s thick and firm, that’s why the bins don’t sag even when you place lots of things into it.

But even though this cardboard supports the bottom of each fabric bin with no problem, we still want to be extra cautious about the things we will place inside. Why? Because it might sink if we exhaust its capability, and we don’t want to lose its life sooner.

Table Top

They used MDF for the tabletop. We are not that impressed with this part because it’s not that thick. But since this drawer storage is small, what else can we expect. Of course, they will look for materials that are proportion to its size, right?

Yes, the tabletop is not that thick, but it does its job well. It could work as your bedside table since it’s low and perfect for your lamp and things that you usually place in your nightstand, such as phone, alarm clocks, keys, or whichever things you put in your bedside table.

Adjustable Feet

Aside from the things we mentioned above, you’ll also get adjustable plastic feet for this dresser. What you’ll like about it is you could adjust it until you find the most balanced position for it. How? By screwing and unscrewing it until you find the perfect length. This only means no need for you to worry if the floor is uneven or not, right? Because it has its means of adapting the surface where you’ll position it.

Another function of these feet is to prevent this piece from scratching your floor. We don’t like furniture that leaves marks on our floors, so we must choose the ones that have protective feet, right?

Also, these feet help this piece to stay in its place. It’s non-skid, so you won’t worry about it sliding down, especially if you place it on an uneven surface.

Overall Measurement

Now, it’s time for us to assess if this piece will work for your space or not. Or if this is the kind of storage organizer you are looking for.

  • Overall Dimension: 32.6” L x 11.4” W x 30.3” H

Judging by its dimension, we can now say that this is low and narrow storage. It’s only 2 and a half feet, and it didn’t even reach 1 foot for the width. So, don’t expect too much on its height.

Well, with this measurement, it makes it easy for you to place it anywhere in your house. It can even fit inside your closet. This is how small this piece is. This is also the reason we said earlier that you could use it as your nightstand or bedside table.

Let’s check the dimension of each fabric bin.

  • 2 Large Bins (Left Side): 11-inch deep by 15-inch wide
  • 3 Small Bins (Right Side): 7.5-inch deep by 15-inch wide

The depth of each drawer is enticing. It’s deep, and it gives us the feeling that there’s a lot of room for everything. Well, it’s rare to find an 11-inch deep drawer, and this is a good opportunity for some who are looking for spacious storage.

Even the 3 small bins are deep. Do you imagine now how much storage you’ll get from this mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower?

Colors Available

You’ll like how they expand its availability in 5 colors.

  • Espresso
  • Black/Graphite Gray
  • Charcoal
  • Cream/White
  • Gray

This gives you more options to choose the best color for your room, right? Also, the textured print that each fabric possesses is a plus for this piece. It keeps it away from being plain, which only means it adds character, and we like that.

Is it only applicable for lightweight use?

Per our observation, it looks like you need to be cautious on the weight you will put on this storage organizer. Why? First is because it’s made of fabric bins. Second is, it’s only supported by thin cardboard—just to keep it in shape. This gives us the conclusion that you should only use it in lightweight things. But this doesn’t mean it has limited functionality.

Well, we don’t expect that much on this mDesign Dresser Storage. We see it as an organizer only. It means it’s only meant for keeping your room neat and clean.

It’s best to place this piece in your kids’ bedroom. This is a great organizer for their toys. Also, it’s perfect for their clothes since those are small and lightweight, right?

But if you want to use it in your room, you can do so. It could carry your undergarments, which will make your closet more systematize. Since this is small and could fit inside your closet, it could also work as your shoe organizer. Or maybe storage for your snacks in your room.

See how functional this storage organizer is? Yes, they limit it for lightweight things, but that doesn’t mean it has less purpose. Just remember to not overfill it with stuff, so it won’t sink and lose its shape.

Also, keep in mind that these bins don’t have ample support, aside from the metal soldered to the frame (where you will sit the bin). This is the only support that these drawers get.

Can I use it as a changing table?

We’ve heard many people asking this question. Maybe because this piece is so perfect for their infants’ and toddlers’ room. But even though the top surface is solid, and the foundation is a metal frame, we still don’t recommend that you use it as a changing table.

The frame is not that thick. Also, the top wood doesn’t have high-quality particleboard, and we’re afraid that it will jeopardize your child’s safety. So better not use it as a changing table.

Let’s stick with its purpose, and that’s carrying our stuff.

Does it need assembly?

Yes, this mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower needs assembly, but it’s an easy task so no need to fret about it. It will only take you at least 15 to 30 minutes or maybe lesser. All you have to do is screw each piece of the frame to each other, and you’re done.

No, not really. The next step is to unfold each fabric bin and place the cardboard inside. Then you could now insert each drawer to the frame.

It’s so easy, right?

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