mDesign End Table Storage Tower Review

End table and storage in one? This is what this mDesign End Table Storage Tower is. You’ll both have a storage and an end table or nightstand for a price of one.

Yes, we’ll save a lot for this piece, but is it worth it? That’s what we need to know about this one. Is the space it provides sufficient to organize our little things? Or does the tabletop has enough room to carry the things we put on our nightstand? We have a lot of questions in mind, and we know you also have these questions at the back of your head.

Let’s start with the things they used to build this piece.

  • Metal Frame
  • MDF Wood
  • Textured Non-Woven Synthetic Fabric
  • Plastic Feet
mDesign End Table Storage Tower
Metal Frame

Believe it or not, they used a metal frame to construct its foundation. But, is it enough for us to trust its reliability?

First, it’s a small piece of furniture. We didn’t expect it to have the best frame possible. For us, it’s enough that it could stand and serve its purpose—store and organize some clutters.

So, what do we think about the metal frame? Well, it’s not that thick. The thickness is just enough to keep it standing. Don’t get us wrong. We are not complaining about it. What we’re just saying is, the thickness of the frame is proportional to its size. Do you have an idea now how small this piece is?

What we noticed about the metal is, even though it’s solid, it bends immediately when it bumps into something. So, if you want this storage to have a long life, be sure to take care of it. Don’t let it bang into something to prevent it from bending. That’s the best thing you could do for this one.

Despite the things we noticed about the metal they used, it could still hold significant weight without losing its straight feature. It seems like it only bends when you perform an unexpected force onto it.

MDF Wood as Tabletop

The quality of the wood is enough to carry the things you put on top of your nightstand—lamps, digital clocks, phones, or whatever things you carry with you before going to bed.

It’s finished with a thin veneer to cover the fibers of the composite wood. Well, this veneer is not water-resistant, so don’t let your glass of cold water sits on top without a coaster. Water or moist will damage the whole thing.

The thickness of the wood is around half an inch, enough for the cute height of this piece.

But the thing about this tabletop is, it’s not that spacious. The width is less than one foot. But the good thing is, its length is almost a foot and a half. Yet we still think it’s not enough to carry a lot of things. Maybe a lamp, mobile phone, and an alarm clock are the only things it could carry at the same time. Well, it will look crowded if you store over 3 things on top of it.

Textured Non-Woven Synthetic Fabric

We like the textured feature of the fabric. It adds character to this mDesign End Table Storage Tower.

Aside from adding a character, it doesn’t make the color look plain and boring. That makes it more pleasing to the eyes, right?

Well, we’ll choose this pattern over a smooth plain colored fabric. Why? Because it makes this piece look tough and durable.

Plastic Feet

These plastic feet have two purposes, and what are these? First, is to prevent your floor from getting scratched. Second, to help you balance this end table on an uneven surface.

It’s not like those plastic feet you see in premium pieces (which could stand heavyweights). But for its price, the quality is acceptable. It’s so easy to adjust with just a few twists and turn. We have no complaints with how it protects the floor from scratches. Well, surprisingly, it does the job it promised to us.

How tall is this piece? Or rather, how small it is?

Don’t expect too much with its height. It’s only 21 inches tall—doesn’t even reached two feet. So, if you’re planning to use it in your living room beside your huge sofa set, then better think twice because it won’t keep up. It’s better to see this one in your bedroom than in your living room.

  • Overall Dimension: 17.75” L x 11.75” W x 21.25” H

It’s a cute little piece that’s perfect for a low leveled bed. Well, you won’t enjoy its height if your bed is in normal height or maybe higher.

We like nightstands or end tables that are higher than our bed or leveled to our mattress. Why? Because it’s easier to put something on the tabletop, even without looking. We don’t want to get up from our bed just to rest something on our nightstands, right? But everything still depends on your preference.

Since this doesn’t have enough height, it will work well in your nursery room or kids room. Why? Because the size is very much appropriate for their furniture. It won’t even look small if you place it in their room. But don’t lose hope because if you don’t have any problem with its size, then it could still serve you in your bedroom.

The thing we like about this is, it fits inside the closet. The drawers could work as undergarments storage while the tabletop could carry your clothes. That’s how versatile this piece is. (We don’t see its height and size as a defect.)

mDesign End Table Storage Tower

Drawer Bins

Just like other storage bins out there, it doesn’t deform easily even if you let it carry lots of things. The bins could maintain its shape without a doubt. Also, if you’re worried about the bottom part, they included cardboard so it won’t sink when you use it to organize some clutters.

These two drawer bins are around 8 inches deep. See how roomy these two drawers are? Aside from its favorable depth, it’s also over a foot wide, which for sure you’ll like, too.

It might be small, but it has a nice room for organizing your things. Of course, it’s not something that will solve your problem (with the clutter), but at least it could keep some of your things (in a cute way), and work as a nightstand as well.


Do you worry about how to assemble this mDesign End Table Storage Tower? You don’t have to. Why? It’s so simple to put together. Your kids can even do the job for you in about 10 to 15 minutes. Just bolt the frame until it could stand firmly, and then unfold the bins.

By the way, the bins don’t receive a lot of support from the frame, so be mindful with the things you’ll put inside. Yes, the cardboard will straighten the bin, but the frame’s support system is limited to its sides only. There’s no center support in the bottom of the bins.

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