Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric Review

Want to upgrade your traditional armchair to a power recliner? Try to consider this Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric as one of your choices. It has a lot of great features, and we’ll try to unveil each one here in our review.

So, what are you looking for a power recliner? This will help you determine which one will fit your needs. It doesn’t demand to be the best in the market. Instead, it should be something that will suffice the things you want and need such as a nice fabric, USB ports, quiet machine, etc.

Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric

Fabric Covering

Lifestyle used Chenille Fabric for this whole Recliner Armchair. Well, it’s one of the premium fabrics you’ll see in sofas and couches in the market.

You will like the soft soothing touch of this fabric once you immerse yourself with this Recliner Chair. It contributes to the relaxing experience this armchair promised to its customers.

Also, it doesn’t get hot even though the room temperature is high and unfavorable. We assume that this is something you consider before buying a recliner, right? It’s important that the chair doesn’t get hot even in summer. Well, it’s annoying to sit on a chair that adapts the heat temperature of the room.

Another thing you will like about the fabric is, it has a stain resistant feature. It’s easy to clean, especially if you spill something on it. You will notice it has protruding fibers, but it does not absorb the stain and dirt that might stick to the fabric. Also, you can use a wet cloth if in case you spill something on it. But, please do not rub it too much because it will affect the physical appearance of the fiber.

If you don’t trust the stain resistant feature it promised, you can always use a Scotch guard to protect the fabric from future dirt and stain.

Pads and Cushions

We find it overstuffed with foams. We are not saying it as a bad thing. We’re more of happy kiddo because it makes it so comfortable to sit in.

You’ll get cushions/pads on the seat, backrest, and armrest. Well, look at the armrest it’s stuffed with thick foams. It feels so great to rest your arms not only because of the thick foams it bears but also because it’s extra wide and gives a lot of room for your forearms.

The backrest also has an ample amount of foams that will support you when you slump on it. Foams also extend up to the upper arms. Well, you’ll enjoy how comfortable the pads are. And we are sure about that.

Despite the thick foams used for the armrest, backrest, and seat of this Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric we noticed that it loses its firmness when overused. Not as soon as you purchase it though, but excessive use makes it loosen up a bit. Heavyweight also contributes to how the foams will end up which is bad, right? But we don’t want to take it against this recliner chair because it’s a small piece and built for average-sized people only.


Please take note that this is not a rocker recliner or a lift recliner. This is just an ordinary recliner you’ll find in the market.

As the name implies, this requires power or electricity to make it work. You need to plug it to let the mechanism run the way you want it. Well, the wall plug is only 3 feet long, so you need to place it near the socket. It’s short, right? This won’t allow you to move it away from the wall.

Also, it doesn’t have a built-in battery, which means if your power supply fails at the moment you are using it, you won’t be able to bring it back to its original position. You need to wait until your power supply comes back. It doesn’t seem to be a problem though because you can always leave it as is if it happens.

So, let’s check how the mechanism works. Does it squeak? Is the motor works smoothly or not? There’s a lot of questions running in our head. Well, it’s normal questions to ask, right? We need to know if it will bother us when we sit and lie on it.

Well, the motor runs smoothly and doesn’t have a strange sound whenever we push the button. It’s undeniably quiet and we are quite in awe with it.

This piece reclines in one push of a button. The first part that moves is the leg rest and followed by the backrest. You could choose the angle you desire, but please remember that this Lifestyle Recliner doesn’t fully recline. You cannot expect the leg rest to align straight to its seat and same with the backrest. But don’t worry because you could still have a great angle for sleeping. That angle is still enough to give the comfort and relaxation you expect from it.

USB Charging Port

We like the idea that this Recliner Armchair has a USB charging port. It means you don’t need to be away from your gadget whenever it runs out of battery. You could simply plug it here and place it where you could reach your phone or tablet.

It only has one port, and it’s on the right side of the armrest. Well, even though they only installed one port, it’s still better than none, right?

By the way, we noticed that the charging port heats up when used for a long time. So be careful while using it, okay? We don’t want you to get in trouble while relaxing on this chair. So take extra precautions.

Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric

Body Built

Overall Dimension: 39″L x 40.5″W x 40″H

Seat Height: 20″ from the floor

Seat Width and Length: 22″Wide x 24″ from front to back

Arm Height: 24″ from the floor

Try to scrutinize the dimension above. You will notice it’s not built for a large-sized body. But rather for an average-sized person. So if you think you have a large body built, you might get disappointed with its size. Better find something larger than this.


This Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric needs assembly. They divided this seat into four parts (seat, back, right side back, and the left side back) so it could fit in a box for delivery.

Well, they included the instruction in the package so it will be easier for you to assemble it. The instruction bears pictures on how you will slide each part so no need to worry about the assembly.

By the way, you might notice a little gap between the back and seat when you fully extend it. It doesn’t look like a flaw to us since it doesn’t lessen the comfort it gives to its users. We hope this won’t affect your decision in considering this Power Recliner.

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