Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa Review

Perfect for a formal setting. This is something you’ll think of when you see this Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa. The reason for this classy vintage style is the Traditional Chesterfield Styling it possesses. This style is well-executed on this traditional sofa set. As you can see, the rolled arms, tufted buttons, round edges, and the turned tapered legs show an astonishing composure in every angle.

Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa


The manufacturer used 100% Polyester and Rayon Fabric with a herringbone pattern.

Well, it intrigues us with the herringbone pattern. Why? Because it kind of break the rule of using velvety, smooth, and shiny fabric in most of the luxurious Traditional Style Sofas we’ve seen in the market. We are not saying we’re against it. We actually find it so unique.

At first, of course, we have a doubt it might be uncomfortable to our skin if we’ll sit on it for a long time. But we are wrong on that part. It’s more of addicting when you continually rub your bare hands on it. The comfort of touching the rough texture of the fabric is so soothing.

Well, don’t get the impression that it’s not soft. It is soft. It’s just, there’s an added character with the fabric which turns out to be a good one. You’ll love it, too.


Many people were asking if this is a light colored tan or a dark one. Well, it’s difficult to tell when you are only looking at the photos of this Homelegance St Clair Sofa, right? But, let’s give you an idea. It’s a dark tone of tan. But not so dark, just a little, and it perfectly suits the Traditional Chesterfield Design it bears.

Since the color seems to be in the middle of light and dark, you might ask, will it match the color of my living room? The answer to that is yes. Why are we so sure about it? It’s because this dark tone of tan can both sit beside the dark and light motif of a living room. It won’t give you an awkward vibe. When you put it on the light colored room, it neutralizes the light so it won’t feel so bright. But when you place it in a dark colored room, it gives an illusion that the living room isn’t as dark as it looks like.


We find the cushions/pads firm, but not stiff. It is firm because of the tufted buttons around the backrest, seat, and armrest. Well, these buttons confine the foam in place, so it doesn’t have the freedom to behave as other foams do in other couches—with no tufted buttons.

Many people asked if they will still bounce on this Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa since it’s covered with tufted buttons. Well, yes, you will still bounce but not as much as the way you bounce with sofas or couches with no buttons around it.

Will this feature disappoint you? We hope not, because it helps prolong the life of the foam which means the whole sofa set.

How is it covered from front to back?

We like how they wrapped this Homelegance Traditional Style Sofa. Why? Because they use the same fabric they used in front to cover the back part. It only means you could place the sofa even in the middle of your living room without minding if it exposes the back part or not.

Since we are all familiar with a black thin fabric that covers the back part of some couches and sofas out there, this one won’t oblige us to keep it leaning against the wall, especially, if you have a huge family area. It’s weird to lean the sofas at the far end side of the room if it’s a huge one, right?

Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa

Does this Homelegance St Clair Sofa have a family?

Yes, it has a family. It’s not only available with a long couch. It also has a loveseat, chaise, and armchair version with the same quality as this one. Well, this gives you an opportunity to enjoy a whole set for your home.

Traditional Style LoveseatTraditional Style Chaise Traditional Style Armchair
Unfortunately, Homelegance doesn’t sell it as a set. You need to buy it individually which would cost you a lot. But, even though it’s pricey, you won’t regret making it as part of your home because of the elegance it will bring to you. It will be worth your money, as they always say.


Well, you might wonder about how big this Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa is. So, here’s the detailed information for that:

  • Overall Dimension: 92″L x 36”W x 35″H
  • Seat Dimension: 68.65″L x 23.25″ from Front to Back
  • Seat Height from the floor: 17.70″
  • Armrest Height from the floor: 29.90″
  • Backrest Height from top of the seat to top of the back: 17.75″

Isn’t it nice that there’s five feet and six inches’ room for you to sit in? With this space you can even lounge on it with no problem, right? Well, it also means that this is a great choice for you, especially, if you always invite your friends and family at home. This is because you won’t worry about where you would sit them.

Since there’s a lot of room for this couch, the next question you might have in mind is, how much weight it could carry without me worrying if it will break or not? It has a 900 pounds’ weight capacity. This is how strong this traditional sofa is.

Do you think the weight capacity is enough or not?

Tapered Feet

You’ll love the round tapered feet of this Homelegance Sofa. It complements the rolled arms and round edges design it bears.

They made the tapered feet with solid wood, which is great since it has a weight capacity of 900 pounds. It needs a solid foundation to better hold it from carrying a heavyweight, right?

They finished it with a dark brown color, but not too dark though. This dark brown color matches the dark tan color of the fabric. Well, aren’t the combination fits perfectly?


Does it require assembly? Yes, it does. But don’t fret yourself that much because you only need to attach the legs which are so easy. After screwing the legs on its place, you can now place it in your living room. Well, you need help from someone because this Homelegance St Claire Traditional Style Sofa is heavy.

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