Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed Review

Is it time to replace your platform bed? Or maybe you’re planning to buy an additional bed for your guest room? Whichever your reason is, Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed might be a big help to you. But we need to check it out first before you click the buy button, right?

Well, the first question is, what are you looking for a platform bed? Are you eyeing for a leather-wrapped bed or a cloth-covered one? This one is a leather-wrapped bed, and if you think it’s okay to consider this piece, then just keep reading this review.

Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed

What did they include in the package?

They included everything you need for a platform bed, and what are those?

  • Headboard
  • Rails
  • Footboard
  • Legs
  • Slats
  • Center Support

First, remember that this package comes in two boxes. In case you only receive one box on the first delivery, don’t panic. Just remind the seller about the other box so they can help you track that one.

Once you receive the two boxes, it’s time for you to check everything mentioned in the instruction sheet. You’ll find the slats, screws, and tools at the back of the headboard. They fastened all the parts and tools under the black cloth covering it.

Now, let’s look closer at each piece.


There’s nothing special on this piece. No design in front or whatsoever. They just covered it with leather fabric and filled it with padding so you’ll get the comfort you need when you lean your back onto it. End of the story.

But even though it’s filled with simplicity, it will still amaze you with how strong it is, and that’s the most important thing on this one, right? It’s made of solid thick wood, and we are confident that it will serve its purpose well. Why? Because it looks and feels solid. It’s also stable and doesn’t wobble even if it’s not leaning on the wall. It’s steady for its price. But, we don’t recommend not leaning it on the wall, because leaning it against the wall will give better support for this part.

Well, to make it stand, you need to bolt the two leg-supports (They also covered these with leather fabric to match all the major parts.) on both ends.

Rails and Footboard

Just like the headboard, there’s nothing special on these parts. They also covered it with the same leather fabric they used on the headboard, which makes it look more classic and traditional.

What’s great about these two things is, they put additional support in the middle of the inner side of these rails. Well, the extra wood support is for the slats. This is the part where you will screw these pieces of wood. It’s hitting two birds in one stone—additional support for the rails, and slats holder.


Now, how about the legs of this Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed? Did they use a sturdy material? Or just like other home furniture, which uses plastic legs/feet?

The answer to these questions is, they used solid wood to carry the whole bed. The thing about the legs is, you’ll only get two pieces of it. Why? Because it’s only meant to support the front part of this bedframe—the footboard. Well, the back part or the other side of the bed frame—the headboard—is using different legs. Remember we mentioned earlier, to make the headboard stand, you need to bolt two leg supports. These two legs are just ordinary legs (pieces of wood with no design but covered with leather fabric) where they install the bed brace so you could fasten the rails to the headboard easily.


We like the fact that they included enough number of slats to carry the mattress. Well, we received 11 slats, and they joined it with a thin cloth to keep the distance equal. Our advice is, be careful when unboxing the slats’ box because you might cut the thin cloth that joins each piece.

It’s not that thick, though. But the thickness is enough to give you the support you need for your mattress. Also, there’s center support, so no need to worry if the width is enough or not.

The slats have pre-drilled holes, but the problem is the woods attached to the rails (the pieces where you will install the slats) don’t have the holes you need. So you need to exert an extra force or pressure to push the screws down to the wood. You need to use Philips screwdriver, but we suggest you use an electric screwdriver to lessen the time and effort you need in installing the slats.

Center Support

Since the slats’ thickness is just like those slats in other bed frames, the manufacturer put additional support so you won’t feel like it lacks stability.

Well, we are expecting metal support for a sturdier result. Instead, a thick wood greeted us when we opened the box. We’re doubtful with this center support together with its three feet. But, since it’s included in this bed frame set, the only choice we have is to try its functionality.

So, we just discovered that the center support has no pre-drilled holes (slats’ center don’t have this hole as well), just like the wood installed on the rails. Do you think you could handle this extra task?

An ordinary Philips screwdriver could handle the job, but it’s better if you’ll use an electric screwdriver. Why? Because the wood is solid and thick, it needs additional pressure or force to push the screw down to the wood.

We like the result after installation. Yes, they used solid wood instead of metal, but the stability it gives is just the same. Honestly, we think it’s better because it doesn’t create annoying sound whenever we roll on the bed.

Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed

What kind of leather did they use?

There are two versions for this piece—linen/cloth and leather. We get the leather one because it’s easier to maintain. By the way, we know all of you were asking about the kind of leather they used for this Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed. It’s not real or genuine leather, but a bonded one. Does this disappoint you?

For its price, we didn’t expect that much about the fabric they used. We prepared ourselves that we will receive a cheaper version of the fabric. Though when we see it, we could say that we get more than what we paid for. It’s clean and looks like it would last long. It’s thick and doesn’t peel off easily. Well, let’s see how long it could stand this state.

Dimension and Sizes Available

This Home Life Platform Bed comes in three sizes, but as of this moment, the only available sizes in Amazon are Full Size and King Size. Just to give you an idea, they offered this in three sizes—Full, Queen, and King.

Here’s the dimension of these three sizes.

  • Full: 83″L x 57″W x 47″H
  • Queen: 86″L x 63″W x 47″H
  • King: 86″L x 79″W x 47″H

Other Dimension or Measurement:

  • Bottom of the Rails from the Floor: 4 inches
  • Top of the Rails from the Floor: 11 inches
  • Headboard Height: 47 inches

Just by checking the dimension above, it looks like it’s a low bed frame. Also, the distance between the rails and the floor is subjective. Some customers mentioned that they have the lower one, such as 3 inches. Some said their bed’s distance is 5 inches from the floor. Ours is 4 inches, so expect that you won’t get a 4-inch space for your platform bed. It might differ a little.

Do I need to use a box spring for this bed?

For us, you don’t. There’s no need for a box spring since the slats and center support are already enough to carry your mattress. But since this piece is low, you might want to make it a bit higher by adding a box spring before placing your foam. So this only means it depends on your preference. But, for us, we’ll stick with the height of this bed, and just place a thicker mattress.

What’s the best height of mattress for this platform bed?

Well, you can choose whichever height you want. But the catch is if you choose a low mattress, it won’t cover the bottom of the headboard. We don’t want to have an exposed gap between the mattress and headboard. Why? Because it doesn’t look right. It feels like there’s something wrong and odd with the bed whenever we see the gap between the two.

Then what’s the perfect height of mattress for this one? We prefer a 12-inch foam. This height could cover the gap between the headboard and mattress. But if you don’t want your foam to be this thick, the 10-inch and 11-inch still work fine.

Does it squeak?

Who wants a noisy bed whenever we sleep at night? No one!

This is one of the best features of this platform bed, it doesn’t produce annoying sound. The reason for its quiet characteristics is its wood support. We all know wood doesn’t create irritating sounds, right? This is a plus for this material.

Also, make sure that the slats are away from the footboard, two or three inches will do. This will also prevent this bed from squeaking.

Will I be able to assemble it alone?

Yes, you can assemble this piece all by yourself. But, for the part where you will fasten the headboard against the rails, you will need someone to help you balance these two parts. But if you don’t have someone with you, then it’s still okay to work with the assembly alone. Just prepare yourself with all the lifting, screwing, and balancing of each part.

Please be careful with the slats. It’s not that thick so you might damage it in case you’ll put so much pressure with its screws.

If you are not an expert in handcrafting, it might take you about an hour to assemble this Home Life Leather Headboard Platform Bed. Screwing the slats is a tedious task, so be patient on this part.

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