Homasy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

We know how difficult it is to clean our kids’ and pets’ debris at home. And we don’t have that much time to clean up all the mess with the use of our huge vacuum cleaners every single day, right? So, why not use small handheld vacuums to suck all the debris while we are in a hurry for our work, like this Homasy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, we found several small handheld vacuums in the market, but let’s start with this Homasy Vacuum Cleaner. Let’s see if it will be our hero in cleaning the dirt that our kids and pets left for us.

It doesn’t cost that much. The price is just around $50 to $60, so maybe it’s okay to take some risk to see if it has the functionality we are looking for or not, right?

Homasy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

What’s included in the box?

There are lots of things included in the box. Let’s see it one by one.

  • Homasy Vacuum Cleaner
  • Charging Base
  • 2 pieces of Washable Filters
  • Rubber Jar Tool
  • Brush Nozzle
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • User Manual

Now, do you think you get what you paid for? Well, we think we did. Knowing that they included three nozzles for different purposes is already a great deal for us. But the question is, will these nozzles provide the function we are expecting from them? Let’s check all that out.

So what are the uses of each attachment?

Crevice Nozzle. This is the one with the long nose. Its job is to reach narrow spaces and corners in your house. It’s not that long though, so don’t expect that it would reach that far.

Brush Nozzle. It has a brush on the tip of this attachment. Its purpose is to help you clean your computer’s keyboard and furniture with spaces in between its parts. It brushes the dust in-between spaces first before it sucks the dirt into the machine.

Rubber Jar Tool. Will it surprise you if we’ll say that this attachment is for vacuuming liquid? Yes, that is its job, to vacuum liquid spillage.

How powerful is the suction of this vacuum?

The suction works great. Although, we didn’t expect that much on this piece. It has a suction power of up to 6000 PA, which is decent enough for this handheld.

It surprised us with how it sucks the dirt in a flat surface, such as tables, couches, floors, car seats, and stairs. All the debris easily went in into its suction with no delay. So, it’s a good sign that we’re getting the feature it promised to us.

Now, could it also get human and pets hair messing around the house? Yes, it could. You’ll like how it sucks all the pets’ hair in couches and car seats. It doesn’t seem to leave even one piece, that is, if you have the patience to do this task since it’s a tedious job. This Homasy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner won’t get everything unless you’ll help it by pressing it against the fabric.

But how about in carpets and plushy fabric seats? Will it also work the way it works on smooth surfaces? This is one of our questions, too.

It’s not that impressive for fabrics with piles, and we understand why. It doesn’t have enough power or pressure to be more thorough in cleaning those things. Well, to be fair about that, it can clean and suck all the outer dirt, but it could not reach the inner or deeper part of these things. That part is a job of huge vacuum cleaners.

Homasy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

We heard it could vacuum liquid, is this true?

Well, it’s true! It could indeed clean liquid spillage as well, which makes it perfect for a household with kids.

Spillage is a normal accident when you have young ones at home, and cleaning this stuff is a tiring job, right? Good thing that this handheld vacuum can do the cleaning for you.

Remember this, it has a dedicated nozzle for liquids, and that’s the Rubber Jar Tool.

Another thing you should take note is, it will only allow you to clean liquid up to 100 ml. That is its limit. Why does it have a limit? That is because of its small compartment. If you clean more than 100 ml of spillage, this will go up to the motor and damage the whole thing. You don’t want that, right?

Is the noise tolerable, or is it too loud?

Surprisingly, the noise is tolerable, which only means, it won’t hurt our ears if we use it continuously. Since this is a handheld cleaner, the motor’s noise is closer to us, and it’s a good thing that it’s not too loud.

The manufacturer mentioned that it’s less than 78 decibels, so it’s safe for everyone.

How fast is it’s charging time?

You need to charge it for 3 to 4 hours before the battery gets fully charged. It has a base charger where you could charge this Homasy Vacuum Cleaner. All you have to do is lock this piece on its base charger, and the battery will start to regain its power.

This piece is using a 4 x 2200 mAh high-quality lithium battery and is 500 times better than other brands. They also claimed that its lifespan is 5 years.

Well, all the information about the battery is given by its manufacturer, which only means we couldn’t attest if it’s true or not since we only have this for several weeks.

By the way, it doesn’t have a wall mount, which makes it difficult to keep in our storage cabinet. So if you’re thinking of letting it sit on its base charger, please do not do so. That will only damage its battery, regardless if you plugged the charger or not.

Note: The whole body of this Homasy Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is 16 inches. You can now check your storage cabinet if it could fit inside or not.

How long can I use it after fully charged?

You need to charge it for 3 to 4 hours, right? But, you can only use it continuously for 30 minutes.

Do you think it’s short or just fair for a vacuum like this? This amount of time is fair for this piece. Why? The motor is powerful, so we already accepted that it could only work for several minutes, instead of hours.

Also, we have no complaints with the length of usage time, since this is not our main vacuum cleaner.

What to do when cleaning the filters?

First, this device could collect up to 600 ml dirt, but could only hold 100 ml liquid. So please be cautious about that to prevent this cleaner from getting damaged.

They included 2 pieces of filters in the package. The question is, is it reusable or not? It’s reusable. You can clean it, but do not use soap to wash the dirt. Well, the manufacturer already gave us the warning to not wash it with any kind of soap because it will damage the filters.

You can clean it with air pressure to remove the dust and dirt. But if you want to wash it with water, you can still do so. We tried to wash it with a small amount of mild detergent, and we only rub it for few times. We didn’t expose it to water for a long time since we’re afraid that it might damage the whole thing. Good thing that this method works fine, but you still need to be careful though.

Note: Dry the filter first before using it again, and always clean it after use.

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