Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench Review

Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench has a real feminine style. Look at the curves, arches, and even the bronze finish, it’s undeniably made for girls and ladies who love to take care of themselves in front of their mirror. But, is it only limited to its role as a vanity bench? We don’t think so. It’s a chair with a purpose.

Maybe it’s awkward to offer this seat to a guy because it’s too girly. But, putting aside the design and just focus on its functionality, guys might like this too because of how wide the seat is.

Well, let’s still see if we could use it somewhere else since it looks like it requires matching with other furniture. We don’t like it to look out of place when we use it.

Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench

Metal Frame

Let’s start with the metal frame. How trustworthy is this part? We need to examine this thoroughly since it represents the totality of this piece. If it fails, then it will be a waste of money for us, right?

They made the frame with tubular steel. It’s solid steel, but the dimension isn’t that thick. Well, there’s nothing wrong with its dimension because we still find it sturdy. Even though it’s not thick, it’s a metal, so the reliability is still high.

In case you want to know the weight capacity, it’s 250 pounds. That’s how strong this Vanity Bench is. It’s true to what it promised, don’t worry. It could really handle this weight.

But should we be complacent with this piece because it’s made of solid steel?

Honestly, we’ve heard a lot of things from its customers, both good and bad. With our experience, we don’t have any problem with the one we have. But it’s important that we also discuss the things that other people discovered, right? Well, let’s talk about our experience first before we move on with other peoples’ experience.

We find the metal frame outstanding. It’s pretty solid even though the tubes are not thick. Actually, when we first saw it, we thought it will bend and break easily because it looks soft and doesn’t have enough strength to carry heavyweight, but we’re wrong. It did its job pretty well.

Now, what we’ve heard about this Vanity Chair from other people is it lacks on soldering. So, we examined this thing right after we received the package. Well, at some point they are right. It doesn’t have enough solders in between the joints of the metals. The one we have works great for us. Yet, we do agree with them because there are solders on the frame that we find thin and not enough. So we agree with them. It’s the worst thing that will happen to this piece, damaged frame, right?

The manufacturer should have monitored the quality of the soldering, so customers’ like us won’t experience any breakage on the frame.

This is a gorgeous piece, and easy to sell in the market. So it’s better if they look closely on improving the quality of the soldering. This will both make them and the customers happy. But, if they continue producing a weak frame, they will not only lose their sales but will also lose their buyers’ trust.


We like the color of the fabric. It’s beige and matches the bronze finish of this Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench’s frame. We’re impressed with how perfect the upholstery is. It doesn’t have unnecessary curl or tangles, and because of this, it looks so pretty and gorgeous on its elegant frame.

Are you thinking of replacing the fabric with a new one? Well, we won’t discourage you. The one they used on this piece is plain and not meant to stand out.

Maybe the next thing you’ll ask is, is it possible to reupholster it with a different fabric? Yes, you could do that without damaging anything. How? Well, you can disengage the seat by unscrewing it to the frame. That’s how easy it is. But, reupholstering it is not as easy as unscrewing the seat. So better be careful with working on the cover.


Under the fabric is a thin pad or foam. Even though the pad is thin, you’ll still get the comfort you need while sitting on this bench. It amazed us with how comfortable the foam is. We didn’t feel any discomfort while and after we spent some time on this one.


Like we mentioned above, they really made this piece for the ladies. Every angle tells you how feminine it is. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an accent chair in your living room. You can still offer this to your guy friends when they visit you at home. That is if there’s no more room in your couch, right?

Anyway, you’ll like how they angled each tubular steel to build the frame. It doesn’t look boring and plain. It actually looks so sophisticated with the round edges on the seat and the arch on the backrest. The bronze finishing also adds elegance to this Vanity Stool.

To give you an idea, the backrest is not that high. It could only cover half of your back, so don’t expect too much comfort on this part. But, even though it doesn’t cover most of our backs, we’re still glad about it. It’s better than other chairs that don’t have it at all, right?

It might not have a backrest with enough height, but the wide seat overrides it. Imagine this, it’s 25.25 inches wide, which is over two feet. You can even invite someone to sit with you, just kidding. See, it’s too comfortable sitting on this chair because the width is more than enough for any body-built.

Also, they inserted plastic caps on each foot to protect your floor. These caps also prevent this from sliding whenever you use it.

Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench


This Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench is only 30 inches high, 25.25 inches wide, and 17.75 inches deep.

Can you imagine now if this is perfect for your space?

Well, there’s no doubt that it could fit in your space no matter how wide or narrow your house is, because it’s so petite.

The seat’s height from the floor is only 17.75 inches, which only means you can insert it under your Vanity Table with no problem. Also, when you use it, your legs still have enough room to move under your table.

Assembly and Warranty

Since they made this with steel, is it difficult to assemble?

It’s so easy to assemble. You just need to screw everything that requires your twist and turn skills. Once done correctly, you can now enjoy your new Vanity Stool.

Now, since we mentioned that it lacks on soldering on some units, would you still gamble your dollars for this? Well, don’t worry because the manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty. So in case you receive a not so good item, you could always send it back to them and ask for either replacement or refund.

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