H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains Review

What are you looking for your curtain panels nowadays? Is it how it will block the lights from your windows? Or are you concentrating on the design it bears? If it’s about these two things, then H.VERSAILTEX has something that you might get interested in. It’s their H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains.

How it captured our hearts? Well, it’s because of its vintage floral design. We like how it flaunts itself when we hang them in our windows. It’s classy with its vintage look, and it’s so perfect with our espresso furniture at home.

If you are into vintage looking things, then this will be a good choice for you.

H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains

The Fabric

What fabric did they use for this curtain drapes? Just like most curtains, they also used microfiber polyester fabric.

We like this fabric because it’s smooth and silky, which contributes to the premium feel and look of the panels. But, do we need a smooth and silky fabric for our curtains?

For us, we are not that particular with the texture of our curtains, since it doesn’t require us to have a close encounter with each panel. What’s important for us is how it would provide the features we are looking for, and how it would present itself when we use it to cover our windows.

Also, what we need is a durable fabric that will stand for a long time. But, let’s not take for granted the smooth and silky features of the fabric because the manufacturer has a point on choosing it for these curtain drapes. So, let’s give them two thumbs up for choosing it.

Pattern and Design

What lures us to check these panels?

The first thing that caught our attention is its pattern and design. The big floral design creates a nice pattern around the light brown color of the fabric.

Well, we know that this big floral expresses femininity, but even though it denotes femininity, it doesn’t mean it ignores neutrality.

What do we mean about that?

It means, even though you live together with your boyfriend, or maybe you’re married, it won’t overpower your husband and boyfriend’s masculinity. It has the power to stay neutral wherever you want to hang it. So, no need for you and them to worry about the transformation it could give to your home.

Aside from its gorgeous pattern and design, you will also enjoy the vintage look it portrays. Well, what makes it look vintage? It’s the light brown background they used for this curtain set.

We like how light the brown is. It’s so perfect for our espresso colored furniture. The color is so warm and feels like we’re close to nature. Of course, we don’t know what you’ll feel once you see this item. But we’re hoping you’ll agree with how we see these drapes.

Note: The curtains don’t have tie backs.

H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains

What are the sizes available for these curtain drapes?

As of this moment, there are only 3 available sizes for this H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains.

Let’s check them out.

  • 52” W x 63” L
  • 52” W x 84” L
  • 52” W x 96” L

It looks like they don’t have small sizes at this time. So, if you are more interested in the shorter size, contact H.VERSAILTEX first. They’ll give you a better option on that.

Many were asking, how many panels will I get in one set?

You’ll get 2 curtain panels for the set of 1. Well, we prefer using one set for one window because we see more volume on that. We don’t like windows with an almost flat curtain, so we hang two curtains per window.

The sizes we provided above is only for one panel. This only means that two panels will double the width to 104 inches.

Other measurements:

  • Header Hem: 4 Inches
  • Bottom Hem: 2 Inches
Can it block the lights from coming in?

Our first question is, how much light do you expect it to block from your window? If you are looking for a 100% blackout curtain, well, this is not for you. Why? It’s because it won’t be able to give you that service.

Yes, it could block the light, but only 85%-90% of it—not a total blackout. Does this disappoint you? Don’t be because its main duty is to beautify your room, and not to block the lights from coming in.

Even though they used triple weave technology, it still couldn’t give 100% blackout. Well, we’re not complaining about that because we know that this technology isn’t only responsible for the 100% blackout feature of a curtain, but it also works on keeping it strong for a long time.

How many grommets per panel?

First, would you like grommets for your curtains? Well, if you’ll ask us, we prefer grommets to non-grommet curtains. Why? It’s because it has a better presentation than non-grommet curtains. The latter is more prone to wrinkles, and it’s difficult to make a uniform and even cut. But, this is just our opinion. It’s still up to you which one you’ll choose.

Let’s now check the grommets installed in the panel.

Each curtain drape has 8 antique copper grommets, and its color matches the vintage look of it. Do you like this combination?

Measurement of the Grommets:

  • Rim Diameter: 2.4 inches
  • Inner Diameter: 1.6 inches
H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains

In case you’re also looking for matching curtain rods, we found two items that look perfect for the vintage look of this H.VERSAILTEX curtain panels.

Kenney Chelsea Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea Curtain Rod

  • Has telescoping adjustable feature. Could adjust from 28 to 48 inches.
  • Diameater is 5/8 inches.
  • Brackets are 3 inches away from the wall.

Click the photo to redirect you to Amazon to get the full product description.


Amazon at $12.50


AmazonBasics Curtain Rods

AmazonBasics Curtain Rod

  • Comes in 2 pieces in one set.
  • Could be adjusted from 36 inches to 72 inches.
  • Has 1 inch diameter.

Click the photo to redirect you to Amazon to get the full product description.


Amazon at $40.00


Energy Efficient and Thermal Insulated?

Even though it couldn’t block 100% of the lights coming in from your windows, it still has other features that you could rely on, such as energy-efficient and thermal-insulated features.

These features are great at maintaining the temperature you need for your room.

When it’s winter, it could hold the warm temperature of your room and blocks the cold temperature from passing through your windows. While in summer, it could block the heat of the sun (blocks 100% of UV Rays) from penetrating inside the room and allows the cold air from staying inside.

We like how it could play with the temperature inside our room. We couldn’t feel the intense weather outside because what we feel is a balanced temperature of the air in our room while we hang it on our windows.

Are noise reduction and Privacy features work great on these drapes?

Since the fabric is thick, the privacy and noise reduction works well on this H.VERSAILTEX Vintage Floral with Brown Aqua Taupe Pattern Blackout Curtains.

We tried to go outside our house (at night) while these curtain drapes hang on each of our windows. Yes, we see a little light from each room with open lights, but aside from that, we couldn’t see anything else. And when we turned off the lights, it reveals nothing other than darkness, which is great, right? This means no one from the outside would ever see anything from our home.

In terms of noise reduction, there’s a tremendous reduction of outside noise. It surprised us that the static is lesser than when our windows are bare or using other kinds of curtains. But, don’t expect that much because there’s s still noise passing through, it’s just lesser.

Is there a cleaning restriction?

Restriction? There might be several cleaning restrictions for this curtain set, and what are these? Well, just like most fabrics we encounter in the market, it only allows us to use non-chlorine bleach. This will prevent the colors from fading.

It’s machine washable, which means it won’t be difficult for you to clean this one. But, please only use tumble dry low or better air dry to prolong the vividness of the color.

Click the button below for availability.

Below are the prices from AMAZON as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

52” W x 84” L at $37.00

52” W x 63” L at $35.00

52” W x 96” L at $41.00

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