Furinno Simplistic End Table Review

If you’re checking for an end table, we have here this Furinno Simplistic End Table for you. It’s not an extravagant side table, but enough to serve you with little things. Also, it won’t cost you that much. That’s the best part.

It’s one of the best sellers in Amazon and also got positive reviews in Walmart. This gave us the interest to check this item so we could give you the information you need before purchasing this piece.

Furinno Simplistic End Table


There are just two materials you’ll see on this Furinno End Table, the CARB compliant composite wood and the PVC Tubes. Let’s see how each material works on this item.

First, you’ll get two tables for the price of one. This is already a great deal, right? Imagine buying two pieces of side tables for only $30.00. Do you still think you’ll lose something with these items?

Let’s start with the CARB compliant composite wood. It’s not a strong kind of wood, more of a fiberboard. This is the reason it only weighs 13.8 pounds. The wood is so lightweight.

The MDF they used isn’t thick. Well, they proportioned the thickness to how small it is. But even though it’s just enough, we could say that it’s strong to do its job for you.

They finished it with lamination to conceal the fibers of the wood. Since this is an inexpensive end table, you should be open with the possibility that the lamination will chip out after some time.

Now, let’s talk about PVC Tubes.

We’ve heard a lot of complaints that the manufacturer only used plastic for the tubes, and that’s why they don’t trust them. Well, PVC Tubes are indeed plastic, but it’s a sturdy kind of plastic. It doesn’t crack easily unless you’ll intentionally break it.

For this one, we find it firm enough to keep this Furinno End Table standing still. We like how thick these PVC Tubes are. But even though they’re thick, we could only trust them to carry things up to 15 pounds. We don’t want to risk the things we’ll put on the table top, and the table itself. So let’s be cautious on the things we’ll put on top.


There’s nothing fancy on this side table. It’s so straightforward. Do you need a tabletop beside your sofa or bed? They’ll give you that. Do you need an under shelf for your magazines and books? You’ll have it here. That’s how straightforward this piece is.

Well, the only thing they added on this item is the round edges you’ll see on both fiberboard—top and under-shelf. They add it for the purpose of keeping you safe when you bump into it. Also, it will prevent the edges from chipping when something knocks into them.

Colors Available

We find it astonishing that this small piece of furniture is available in a lot of colors. This gives you a chance to find the right color you need, right?

Below are the colors for this Furinno Simplistic End Table.

  • Americano/Black
  • Columbia Walnut/Black
  • Cream Faux Marble
  • Dark Walnut
  • Espresso/Black
  • French Oak Grey/Black
  • French Oak Grey/Grey
  • Sonoma Oak/White
  • Walnut/Brown

Have you now chosen which color is best for your living room or bedroom?


Overall dimension is 15.6” L x 15.6” W x 19.6” H.

See how small this end table is? The width and length are only a little over one foot, which means it’s only useful for a few things. But we’ve seen several customers who mentioned that they used it to hold their printers, huge speakers, and even their CPUs. Well, it’s possible to use these side tables for these things. The only catch is you won’t be able to place anything else because there’s no more space.

As for the height, it doesn’t even reach 2 feet, but that’s all right. We have no complaints on its height because it looks perfect for our bed and sofas.

But the question is, is it okay with you if this table is lower than your bed? Is it going to annoy you? If it won’t, then this is a great table for a job you are looking for on a nightstand.

Furinno Simplistic End Table


You’ll be stunned by how easy the assembly is. It will only take you 10 minutes to finish this stuff. Yes, that’s correct. It only needs 10 minutes of your time because the only thing you need to do is to twist, turn, and lock the PVC Tubes to the caps.

Well, you don’t need the instruction to construct these two small tables. Anyway, there’s a funny thing on the instruction you might want to know. It says, no tools needed. But on the next page, it will ask you to use a rubber mallet. Isn’t a rubber mallet a tool?

By the way, it’s asking you to use a rubber mallet because you need to insert the plastic caps in the fiberboards’ hole to connect the PVC Tubes. If you don’t have a rubber mallet, you can use an ordinary hammer to insert the caps. Just use a block of wood on top of the caps so it would keep its shape. Don’t forget to be extra careful because the wood might break and might turn into small pieces.


With its price range, which is $30.00ish, we’ll risk buying this piece. Why? Because we’ll get two pieces for that price. We still think it’s a win for us. Even if the materials used are poor and cheap, we still find it worthy of our money.

This is best for someone who’s only looking for something that will hold her phone, alarm clock, lamps, and the book she’s reading before going to bed. It’s not that grand, but it does the job, right?

If you are looking for a table that will help enhance the look of your living room or bedroom, this Furinno Simplistic End Table will not work for you. It’s just for “I need something to hold my stuff.” and not for “I need something to provide an additional accent for my room.”

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Below are the prices as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

Amazon at $40.77

Walmart at $34.37

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