Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center Review

It’s difficult to find a TV Stand that focuses on saving space for our home, right? But this Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center proved us wrong. This also proves that Furinno’s forte is to provide space saver furniture for narrow living rooms or apartments.

Aside from giving us space saver furniture, they are also keeping everything affordable for us. Well, everyone wants low priced home products. Who isn’t? That’s why we’re considering this Furinno’s TV Entertainment Stand today.

There’s nothing grand on this Entertainment Center, but we like it because it doesn’t eat so much space in our living room. Also, it gives an illusion you still have plenty of space even though you only have a narrow room.

Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center


It’s lightweight and small. The question is, what makes it lightweight? The culprit to that is the PVC Tubes and engineered particle wood used to build this one.

Well, what else could you expect from it? It’s under $50.00.

Let’s check if the particle wood is sturdy enough to support your television set.

First, it’s finished with lamination to enhance the look of this Furinno Entertainment Center. But the thing we noticed with its lamination is, it easily peels off whenever something bumps hard into it. This would be a huge problem if you have toddlers at home. You know, unexpected circumstances happen when there are little ones, right? So, place it in a room with less traffic or somewhere where no one will bother where it stands.

Second, even though it’s only made of particle board, it could still carry 40 pounds of weight. This would give you confidence it could carry your TV and other media players. But, do not risk this and your TV if you know that your TV Set weighs more than its weight capacity. We’re afraid it would break in two because it doesn’t have the support system that an expensive Media Stands have.

You might have another question in mind. What kind of TV would it carry?

Well, make sure your TV is LED TV (because they are not heavy) or LCD TV (just make sure its weight is less than 40 pounds). It could accommodate up to 42-inch wide, which is nice, right? But, to give you an idea, we tried placing a 50-inch wide TV on it, and it also works well on this.

Now, let’s talk about PVC Tubes.

We like how thick these PVC Tubes are. Yes, they are made of plastic, but it’s a sturdy kind of plastic. They are not the brittle kind of plastic which breaks whenever they encounter too much tension.

It looks and feels cheap though, but when we tested it with some weight, it stands well. It doesn’t look like it will lose its balance at any moment. Yet, of course, you need to be cautious in choosing the items you’ll place on this. We say, place small TV rather than the wider ones. Or just make sure everything is within the weight capacity. So you won’t encounter any breakage both in wood and tubes.

Design and Colors

Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center is a narrow open stand. Narrow because it’s only 13.4 inches wide. Can you now imagine how slim this one is?

Aside from being narrow, you’ll also notice that the storage under the top is open and exposed. It’s nice that the shelves are open because the space from front to back is only a foot wide, and your media devices need to breathe, right? What’s not good about it is it’s exposed to dust and dirt. Which means you need to clean everything in it all the time.

They did a great job in cutting the front edges to a big curve. It keeps us safe whenever we knock against it. Also, it makes this whole piece look better.

We have a little trivia for you. Since this piece is short and not leveled to your eyesight while watching TV (well, it’s only 15.8 inches high), you can combine the two pieces of this Furinno Media Stand to create a taller with more storage TV Stand. Because of this, you can personalize the design of this one, right?

Now, in what color do you want to see this piece? Well, it’s available in four colors as of this writing.

  • Black
  • Cream Faux Marble/White
  • Espresso
  • French Oak Grey

We’ve already known how short (15.8 inches high) and narrow this is (13.5 inches wide), right? So, let’s talk about the other measurements you’ll find on this Entertainment Center.

It’s 47.5 inches long which makes it work with a 42-inch to 50-inch wide TV.

The center shelf is 6.5 inches high and 26.1 inches long. Its height from the floor is 8.4 inches.

The left and right shelf have a length of 9.25 inches (each) and 13 inches of diagonal space (each).

We hope we’ve given you the most accurate measurement of this piece so you’ll have an idea how small this item is.

Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center


You’ll like the “No Tool Assembly” of this furniture.

Furinno is true to their advertisement that this item is a no tool assembly stand. All you need to do is unpack the package. Connect the PVC Tubes to the engineered particle wood using the twist, turn, and lock method. Insert the caps to seal the holes on the top wood, and you’re done.

It will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to assemble this Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center (including the unpacking). That’s how easy the assembly is.


It’s not your typical expensive looking Media Stand with cabinets and drawers. But it’s a great alternative if you are in a tight budget and space (hitting two birds in one stone).

Yes, we agree that this Entertainment Center looks and feels cheap, but it’s under $50.00. We’re not expecting it to be a competition to those high-end TV Stands out there. We know that for its price, the manufacturer will use inexpensive materials. But even though this is the case, it’s still a win for us knowing how reliable it is.

This is a great deal for someone who’s looking for a TV Stand that will fit in their space and budget. Aside from that, if it lasts for less than a year (Which we don’t think will happen. It’s sturdy and works well with its PVC Tubes and particle board.), you’ll not be furious because it’s only $30.00, right? It’s still worth the risk, though.

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Below are the prices as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

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