Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle Review

Not all of us has a huge space for our family, which also gives limited rooms for our kids. As parents, we want to give them the most comfortable sleep at night given the limited space our home has, right? Here, we want to show you that Discovery World Furniture has something to offer to you. Something that your kids will love for their room and this is the Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle.

You’ll like how it could provide three beds for your kids. Imagine if you have three kids and only has one room for them to share. It’s a problem solver, right?

Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle

What kind of wood did they use?

At first glance, you’ll have the connotation that this bunk bed used a sturdy material. Without even touching it and even from afar, you’ll say that the wood is solid. But, the question is, is it a real solid? Or is it just deceiving you? Let’s find the answer to that.

First, we scrutinized the wood, and upon checking every single piece, they used good-quality solid pine wood. Yes, they built this one with high-grade pine wood to ensure the safety of your kids.

You might think, is there a part where they used MDF or composite wood? None. There’s no composite wood on this bunk bed even one. We can see how committed the manufacturer in providing a good quality bed for your kids. Good quality means safety for them, right?

Yes, they used solid wood, but how sure are you that our kids are safe on this staircase bed?

First, you’ll see the safety you are looking for on how thick they cut each piece of wood. The thickness will tell you that it’s difficult to break even if they run around this piece before going to bed. Of course, you also need to remind them to be careful to avoid accidents.

Aside from the thickness and the amount of wood support they used (the support you’ll see on its rails), it also underwent several tests and received the ASTM certificate that the Consumer Product Safety Commission gives to several products in the market. This is an important certificate for a product like this. Why? Because this only proves that it passed every single test that this Commission held on this piece—from its materials up to its construction.

What size of beds will we get?

Many people were asking about the size of this bunk bed. It’s unclear to them what size of bed they’ll get.

The top bed and the trundle are both twin size, while the bottom bed is full. Yes, you heard it right. The bottom bed has a different dimension than the top and the trundle. Does this bother you? Or is it all right for you?

Well, we don’t have any complaint about the combination they chose on this Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle. We think they made the right decision in combining the twin and the full size in one bunk bed. Why? Because it creates a wider foundation.

If we’ll compare this to a double deck with the same size (top and bottom), the probability of this piece to lose its balance is lesser than the latter. This only means that the full-size bottom bed strengthens the stability of this Discovery World Furniture Bed.

For your reference, below is the overall dimension of this furniture.

  • Overall Dimension: 98” L x 57” W x 64” H

Each bed frame bears the standard size of a twin and a full-sized bed. Here are the figures for your reference.

  • Top Bed and Trundle (Twin): 79” L x 41” W
  • Bottom Bed (Full): 79” L x 57” W

Can you figure out now if your kids’ bedroom could accommodate this piece? We hope it can because this is a great bed for them to sleep in.

How thick should the mattresses be for the three beds?

You might think of using thick mattresses for this staircase bed for the comfort of your kids. But the problem is, you need to follow the standard thickness that the manufacturer designed for this piece.

Let’s start with the twin top bed. Since we need to consider the safety of our kids (prevent them from falling), we must leave at least 5-inch space from the top of the rails down to the top of your mattress. This leads us to a 7 or 8-inch thick mattress. Not bad, right?

As for the bottom full-sized bed, you can choose any height of mattress you want without the need of reminding yourself about the safety measures. Well, this is because there’s no need for you to worry if your kid will fall while sleeping since there’s a trundle below it. Also, the frame is not that high, which makes it okay to elevate the bed by using a thick mattress.

Now, down to the trundle. Just like the bottom bed, there’s no need for you to think about safety measures, instead, what you must consider is the amount of space you need to leave between the bottom part of the bottom bed and the top part of your mattress. Why? So you could keep the smooth pull and push on this part.

Knowing that you need to consider the slides of the trundle, you have to choose a thinner mattress. Limit it to 6 inches and below. This will allow you to have a smooth push and pull towards the bottom bed and will still keep the comforter on top without issues.

Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle

Metal and Wood Slats

We feel so secure when we tried this Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle. Why? This is because of the sturdy slats they included in the package.

They have two sets of slats for this one—wood for the trundle and metal for both top and bottom bed.

Well, it’s reasonable that they used wood slats for the trundle, right? It won’t require extreme solid support since it’s almost close to the ground. While it’s astonishing to see metal slats on top and the bottom bed.

These two beds (top and bottom) require heavy-duty slats, and the manufacturer did a great job in using metal bars for it. Their aim is to give you the security that it won’t collapse sooner since two of your kids will be affected with this setup. If the top bed is not sturdy and will tumble to the bottom bed, it will cause injuries for both persons sleeping on these parts, right?

Aside from using metal slats on its bottom bed, they also added center support that you won’t see on its top and trundle. It’s acceptable that they only used it on the bottom bed. Why? Because it has a wider width than the other two beds.

Now that we know what kind of slats they included in this bunk bed, it’s time for us to know its weight capacity.

  • Trundle: 400 pounds
  • Top Bed: 170 pounds
  • Bottom Bed: 250 pounds

Even though the manufacturer gave us these figures, it’s still important to limit ourselves from putting so much weight on each bed. But this also proves that we can join our kids at night, right?

Storage Rack and Drawers

Aside from the sturdy construction, what we also like about this piece is the rack and drawers they built for extra storage.

It’s nice that they maximize the space under the staircase and above the bottom bed. These four drawers together with the storage racks, regardless if it’s spacious or not, is an added attraction for this one.

Let’s check the dimension of the drawers:

  • Drawer: 18” W x 15” D x 5” H

The size of each drawer is not that huge. It’s just enough to arrange our kids’ tiny clothes. Well, it’s not the main attraction of this piece, but rather a bonus part so the space under the staircase won’t go to waste.

Another thing you’ll like is the rack between the top and the bottom bed. You can arrange your kids’ books or tablet in it so it won’t scatter around the room.

Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle

How high is the staircase?

What do we need to know about the staircase?

First, they constructed it with the same solid wood they used on the three beds. Which gives us the security that it won’t collapse even if our kids run up and down without a pause.

There’s two steps that our kids can step in before reaching the top. Well the question is, is the top of the staircase high for our kids?

It’s 18 inches wide and 34 inches high from the ground or almost 3 feet. Do you think your kids are old enough to climb a 3 feet stairs?

It’s important that we assess our kids’ ability to climb the stairs because their safety is at stake on this.

Assembly Part

The first thing that you should ask yourself before buying this piece is, “Am I patient enough to assemble this huge piece of furniture?”

This will require you to spend 3 to 5 hours of your time before it becomes functional. So please prepare yourself.

We know you have a question regarding on how to place the staircase. So, can we place the staircase on the right side, instead of placing it on the left side?

The answer to this question is yes, you can place it on whichever side you want. There’s an instruction on the instruction sheet on how to do that. Just follow it, and you’ll get the result you are looking for.

By the way, they labeled each piece correctly, so no need for you to worry about pairing the pieces incorrectly.

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