Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser Review

Looking for a dresser drawer for our young ones? Well, Delta Children will give you a long list of recommendations for that. Their products are mostly for kids. This means they also have a strict quality team that checks the toxicity of their items because the users they target are our little ones. One of the items that caught our attention from their long list is their Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser.

Do you agree that this piece is so pretty? It’s eye-catching, right? The glossy look adds a premium touch to this piece. Well, it’s not cheap, at around $250, but it’s still affordable. If you’ll see the quality of this dresser drawer, you’ll agree that it’s worth your every penny.

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

What wood did they use?

You’ll see two kinds of wood on this piece. One is solid wood or pine wood, which they used on its corners and frame. Second is composite wood (MDF), which you will see in most of its parts.

We expected to see more of solid wood than MDF or composite wood since they give more emphasis on “solid wood as its material”, but it’s the other way around. We’re not saying that it disappoints us, it’s just we expected more from this piece—a sturdier material, maybe.

Well, even though most of the wood is MDF, it didn’t fail us. Every single cut is thick, which gives the stability we are looking for.

They said it’s a bad idea to use an electric screwdriver, is this true?

Yes, it’s true. You need to assemble it using a non-electric screwdriver. An electric screwdriver might ruin the wood if not used properly. Even the solid wood they used will break if you’ll use an electric screwdriver. The wood is reliable, but it couldn’t handle the amount of pressure or force that an electric screwdriver might give.

So, not using an electric tool is a pain, right? Imagine this, if you will assemble this piece for two hours using an electric screwdriver, then how much time you need to finish this if you’ll just use a non-electric tool? What do you think? Yes, it will only double the time you need. So much hassle for you, right?

But don’t worry, if you’re skilled with electric tools, you’ll figure out how to use it without damaging the wood. You can use the lowest setting so the drill is slower than the usual setting we use. This will give a more controllable force, and better than manual screwing, right? You need to do this procedure since the backing lacks in pre-drilled holes. This means the only choice you have is to take some risk.

Body and Drawers Dimensions

The size of this Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser is enough for a nursery or kid’s room. It means it’s not that huge. Let’s check the dimension.

  • Overall Dimension: 48.5” W x 20.75” D x 34.75” H

See, it’s only 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall. But even though it’s not a huge piece of furniture, it’s still spacious. You can see the space we are talking about through its drawers. Each drawer is deep and wide.

They measured the depth of this drawer through its top part—front to back, that’s why it’s so deep. So don’t think the drawers will be as deep as this one because it’s not.

  • Drawers Dimension: 22.25” W x 13.5” D x 5.5” H

If you check the height of each drawer, it’s almost half of a foot, right? This is what we like on this one, it’s deeper than what we expected. There’s a lot of room for our kids’ clothes, and we can even put their bed sheets or comforter at the bottom drawers.

Aside from its drawer’s height, it will also impress you with how deep (front to back) it is. It’s over 1 foot. This means, even if they stop the drawer two inches or three inches before its back when you pull it, it will still greet you with a foot of storage room. This will prevent you from thinking that the drawers are narrow because they eat up 2 to 3 inches of space on its back.

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

Can we use it as a changing table?

We understand why a lot of parents are asking if they can use it as a changing table. Since this dresser is for our kid’s room, it will be more convenient for us to use it as a changing table too, right? It will lessen our expense for a table—that’s the first thing that came to our mind.

So, to answer your question if we could use it as a changing table for our baby or toddlers, the answer is yes. The height is perfect even if you’re a tall person. It is 34 inches or almost 3 feet high and 20 inches wide. Wide enough to place your changing pad to change your baby’s diaper or clothes.

But the question is, is it safe to trust this Delta Dresser Drawer? Yes, it’s safe. We’ve made several tests to check its stability. We placed several items with significant weight, and it’s still standing firmly. It doesn’t wobble, so it’s two thumbs up for us.

How smoothly do its metal glides run?

We like how smooth the glides run—impressive. No need for you to exert so much effort in opening each drawer. Want to know how easy it is? You can open the drawer with just two fingers, regardless if it’s full of things or not. The glides make it lightweight.

Well, the reason behind this is not just to help you out when you only have one hand available in reaching the knob (maybe your other hand is busy carrying your baby), but they also foresee that your toddler or kids might want to get something inside. This means you’re giving them the responsibility to change their clothes on their own, right? But this is also a disadvantage because they can open it easily. But don’t worry, the glides have stoppers that work great. No need to worry if it will pop out when your kids are playing with it.

The only complaint we have on its glides is, it stops two to three inches before it reaches the back of the drawer. This a bit shortens the opening of each drawer. So, will it be a problem for you?

Meeting Government and ASTM Safety Standards

What do they mean about this? It means, they made sure that the design won’t cause any trouble to anyone. Since this is a product made for a kid’s room, they focused on the safety of our little ones.

The stopper is much more effective than normal dresser drawers out there. It won’t pop out to its frame unless you lift it and remove it from the dresser. They removed sharp corners or edges and replaced it with round ones. This will prevent serious accidents in case your young ones run around their rooms.

Another thing they did to keep it kid’s friendly is by watching the toxicity of this Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser. The products we fill in our kids’ room must be free from harmful chemicals, right? So, this one impressed us so much because it doesn’t have a strong smell of chemicals. Also, the manufacturer assured its customers that they followed all the safety measurements to meet the Government’s Safety-Standard.

What are the colors available?

There are six colors available for this furniture, and here is the list as of this writing.

  • Black
  • Black Cherry Espresso
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Espresso Cherry
  • Grey
  • White

Most of the colors in the list are in dark shade except for the grey and the white one. The white is true to its color—pure white. But even though we like how white the color is, we chose the espresso cherry because it matches other furniture in our room. Also, we know that dark-colored furniture is easier to mix and match than those lighter ones. Or maybe not? Well, it all depends on which color you prefer for your nursery room.

Can I assemble it alone?

You can assemble it alone. But promise us you won’t get mad if it will take you several hours to finish it. It might take you 2 hours or more if you are not a handy person. You also need to take time when assembling it because if you hurry, you might damage the wood or make a misalignment on its part (frame, drawers, or glides). So, to avoid these, you need to be extra careful and patient.

Well, good thing they labeled each part correctly. It lessens the time spent on thinking which one to connect to what part. Everything is straightforward, so no need to fret on this assembling part.

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