Darcy Sofa – Signature Design by Ashley Review

If it’s about finding a huge-sized sofa, try to consider this Darcy Sofa Signature Design by Ashley. Why? Because it’s huge enough to carry almost everyone in the family. It could overpower all the furniture in your living room because of its size. But even though it’s huge, the inside seat is just around 62 to 65 inches wide. This means, if you’re taller than 5’2 and would like to lie on it, it will be a challenge for you to straighten up your body. You might even end up resting your legs on the arms of this couch.

Aside from the huge feature it keeps on marketing, you’ll also fall in love with its vibrant colors. It has a great list of colors for you to choose from. But the question is, is it worth our attention and money? We’ve heard several negative reviews on this sofa that’s why it got our interest to see it for ourselves.

Darcy Sofa - Signature Design by Ashley

What is its dimension?

Let’s start with the overall dimension.

Overall dimension is 89” W x 39” D x 40” H. There’s a misconception on this one. Those people who purchased this expected a lot of seating space, but they are wrong about that. Yes, it’s 89 inches wide, but that doesn’t mean the seat space is also 89 inches wide. Take note that this is an outside measurement.

If you’ll inspect this piece, you’ll understand why we said to not expect a huge seating space. It’s because of the thick foam of its arms. These foams eat-up a lot of room on this piece.

Now, let’s see the seat dimension.

Seat dimension is 62” W x 22” D.

As for the depth, we have no complaint about it. We like how roomy it is. It’s very helpful for people who love to nap. But for the width, it’s only good for someone around 5’ to 5’5”. So, if you’re around 6 feet, you need to scrunch up for you to fit yourself on this furniture.

Here are other dimensions for your reference:

  • Seat Height: 19 inches
  • Armrest Height from the Floor: 31.5 inches
  • Backrest Height: 18 inches
Are the cushions attached or not?

Lots of people are concern about how the manufacturer placed the cushions. Will they be able to remove it or not?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. “No” for the arms and backrest, and “yes” for the seat cushions.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to remove the arms and backrest cushions because they sewed it to the frame. Honestly, we are as sad as you are. Why? Just like you, we won’t be able to flip it, in case we spill something on it. Also, we couldn’t rearrange the cushions the way we want to use it, right?

Well, even though there are disadvantages, we also see a few advantages. If you have kids at home, at least no need for you to worry about the cushions scattering in your living room every time they play. It will also prevent you from overusing it because it’s attached to the couch. The only time you could use it is whenever you lounge on this Darcy Sofa Signature Design by Ashley.

The seat cushions have a different story, though. It’s removable, unlike the back and armrest. But even though it’s removable, there’s an assurance that it won’t slip on this piece. How? Well, they attached a Velcro at the bottom of the cushions so it could stick on the frame. We like the idea because you don’t need to pick it up all the time, in case your little ones are jumping on this couch.

How firm are the cushions?

At first, all cushions are firm and uncomfortable. But don’t worry because it loosens up after several days of using it, just like other couches we encountered before.

We like how these cushions ended up after several uses. It becomes so comfortable. We even tried to sleep on it for the whole night, and we didn’t experience body pain.

It doesn’t feel like you’re touching the top of the frame while sitting or sleeping on it because of too much softness. This only proves that it possesses the right amount of firmness. Also, the foams are undeniably thick.

Darcy Sofa - Signature Design by Ashley 2

What kind of fabric did they use?

It’s a 100% polyester fabric—a micro-suede fabric. We like the cozy feel of it. It feels better than linen or canvas-like fabric we usually see in inexpensive couches.

What we like the most about the fabric they used is, it slows down the liquid from penetrating down the foam. Who doesn’t like this feature? This prevents us from worrying about the damage a liquid could do to this couch, right? Also, it buys us time to wipe it first before it could reach the bottom surface.

Another thing we like is, it’s easier to clean if you have pets sitting next to you while lounging on this Darcy Sofa. Hair and fur don’t stick between threads (which is difficult to remove) because it doesn’t have threads to hold these things. Wiping it with a dry cloth is the key. Or if you have a vacuum at home, then better.

While we have something to like about the fabric, we also have one concern about it. Liquid spillages are very much visible for light-colored ones. If this annoys you, better get the dark-colored ones, so marks won’t be an issue.

Here’s the list of colors available:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Café
  • Cobblestone
  • Mocha
  • Salsa
  • Sky
  • Steel
  • Stone
Frame and Faux Feet

You’ll like how solid the frame is. It’s made of wood, and the wood is thick and reliable in carrying several people at the same time. The manufacturer made a pretty good job on this part.

While we like the thick wood they used for the frame, we are not amazed at the Faux Feet they used to make it stand tall.

For a huge piece like this, we don’t think it’s all right to use plastic feet. Well, to be fair with it, it’s a thick kind of plastic. It looks sturdy, though. But for us, it’s better if they used real wood—both for better aesthetic and sturdier support. What do you think?

Does it need assembly?

The good thing about this Darcy Sofa Signature Design by Ashley is it doesn’t need assembly. What we mean about that is, no need for you to fasten anything because it comes as a whole. The only thing you need to do is screw the feet, and you’re done.

By the way, they hid the tools and feet at the bottom of one of the cushions. Just don’t panic if you don’t see it when you receive the item. It’s just fastened underneath the cushions.

Now, we know you’ve heard a lot of complaints about the feet. There are no pre-drilled holes at the bottom of this couch. Not for all the items they shipped though, but there are a lot of pieces that came out for delivery that don’t have pre-drilled holes. Well, we based it on the testimonies we’ve got from other customers.

So, where should you screw it if you received a no hole piece? The only choice you have is to drill it with your electric drill. Not so good for not so handy people, right?

They should have created a better quality team to check everything before sending it out to their customers.

The one we received has holes where we screw the legs. Also, we think it still looks good even without the feet. The aesthetic is still five stars with or without it. So, we don’t mind if there are holes or not.

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