Cinderella 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set Review

Who wouldn’t want to build a princess-like bedroom for our daughters? Seeing them jump with happiness is the best thing we could ever receive from them, right? So, why not look at this Cinderella 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set? It’s one of the best looking princess-like bedroom set we’ve seen so far.

Well, it’s an expensive set, but we still think it’s worth every dollar we’ll take out of our pocket. The design and the details of each piece are breathtaking. We are sure your daughter will love this more than you do.

Yes, it’s something to consider if you want to upgrade your daughter’s room into a fairytale room. But, we know you have a lot of questions in mind since you’ll spend so much on this set. It’s over a thousand dollars, and you deserve to know everything about this one.

Cinderella 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set

What’s included in the package?

Let’s look at the package inclusion first.

So, what did they include in the package? There are four items in this set.

  • Bed Frame
  • Nightstand
  • Dresser
  • Mirror

Looking at the list above, you’ll agree that the price isn’t that bad. We searched the price of each piece, and we’re surprised how much discount you’ll get if you’ll buy this package rather than purchase it one by one.

The dresser and mirror are already around $700.00, and the nightstand is almost $400.00. Then how much more is its bed frame, right? Even if they only price the bed frame around $500.00 (sorry, we aren’t able to find the price of its bed frame). It will still cost you more than the price of this package that is if you’ll buy them individually.

The Dimension of Each Piece

Let’s start with the main character of this Cinderella package—the bed frame.

Many were asking if their old twin-sized mattress will fit in this bed frame. Well, good to know that it has a standard measurement or dimension. This only means that your old mattress will fit perfectly on this piece. This will lessen the money you will take off of your pocket, right?

By the way, here’s the number for your reference.

  • Headboard: 44” L x 3” W x 56” H
  • Footboard: 45” L x 3.5” W x 27.5” H
  • Rails: 76” L x 2” W x 8” H

Hope these measurements will help you figure out if your mattress will fit in this one or not. But per our test, the standard-sized twin mattress fit in with no problem. There’s no gap between the mattress and the bed frame.

Now, let’s check the nightstand and dresser’s dimension.

  • Nightstand Dimension: 24” L x 17” W x 29” H
  • Dresser Dimension: 56” L x 18” W x 33” H

You’ll like how tall this nightstand and dresser are. The nightstand is 2 feet and 6 six inches tall, and we’re impressed with it because it’s rare to see a nightstand with this much height. Mostly, nightstands are just around 2 feet, and worst below this number, right?

We know you are as impressed as we are with the nightstand’s height, and we think you’ll also agree with us with how lacking the height of the other piece in the package is—the drawer dresser. Well, the reason for this is, they designed this for kids’ and teens’ bedroom, so they need to align the height with its user.

Even though the dresser drawer of this Cinderella 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set lacks in height, it amazed us with its width. It is extra wide and we mean it. For a young adult’s room, the width is so perfect. The storage could keep a lot of things. You won’t have a problem placing your daughter’s clothes inside because the drawers are deep and spacious.

The last piece in the package is the mirror. It’s wide and tall. See below dimension for your reference.

  • Mirror Dimension: 38” L x 2” W x 44” H

We like how wide this piece is. It’s better than other vanity mirrors out there. Why do we say so? Because it’s wider than usual, and it’s not your typical square/rectangle shaped mirror. Well, we’re a hundred percent you’ll fall in love with the shape and design it possesses once you see it.

Design and Details

Want to know why this bedroom set caught our attention? Well, guess you already know the answer to that question. It’s because of the princess-like style it portrays. It gives a fairytale kind of vibes to any room, and it’s a great set if you’re planning to surprise your daughter with a Cinderella-themed bedroom for her.

The curves, arcs, and round edges are the culprit for the gorgeous design of this set. Aside from these, this Cinderella Bedroom Set will also impress you with the embossed details you’ll find on the headboard, drawers, and mirror frame. Well, kids are not particular with the details, right? But this is necessary to keep the theme you want for your young ones’ room.

The details from headboard to the footboard and nightstand to the mirror frame are the reasons for its expensive look. Each detail is thoroughly placed without a mistake. The manufacturer took time in planting the details on each piece. They also made sure that everything is uniform to each other.

Those round knobs also work well with the nightstand and dresser. It doesn’t look cheap and out of place. But if you want to replace it with something else, it won’t stop you from doing so. It has a standard-sized knob, so it won’t be difficult for you to find something that will fit on it. For us, the knobs they used are already enough because it matches the theme of this set. Also, it’s sturdy and doesn’t seem like it will break after several pulls of the drawers.

Cinderella Mirror and Dresser Set

Does this Cinderella 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set needs assembly?

Not all the pieces included in this set need assembly. Nightstand and dresser are pre-assembled. This means the only thing you need to set-up is the drawers. They already assembled the body or frame before they send it out for delivery. Well, we like this set-up because it will save us time and effort, right? No need to spend lots of hours assembling everything. Also, no need to worry about damaging the wood because they already do the job for us.

On the contrary, the bed frame requires your full attention. Why? Because they disassembled the frame for easy transport. You need to fasten everything (headboard to footboard) to make it functional. Well, no need for you to worry about it because it’s not a difficult task. But even though it’s not that complicated to do, you still need someone to help you out because the headboard is too high and a bit heavy.

  • Note: The bed frame needs box spring to support the mattress.

As for the mirror, well, you’ll receive it as is. No need to do anything about it. You’re free to place it wherever you want. But it’s best if you’ll put it on top of the dresser included in this bedroom set. Why? Because they look so great together.

What kind of wood did they use?

They used solid hardwood (rubberwood) to build each piece. When you get a chance to see this set, you’ll agree with its solid characteristic. The wood is thick and heavy, which makes it more reliable. Also, it gives us the notion that it won’t break in two.

It also amazed us with the thick solid feet they used for the bed frame, nightstand, and dresser drawer. It means, regardless of how heavy each piece is, the feet they attached will carry them with no problem.

Are the drawers’ glides reliable?

By the way, they used the dovetail joint to construct the drawers.

All right, going back to the drawers’ glides, they used metal glides to make it easier for you to pull and push the drawers.

We tested each drawer, and it doesn’t give us unnecessary stops. It slides smoothly, and this is so important for us. Since you will place the nightstand and dresser to your kids’ room, it’s important to know if it could handle stress or not.

Kids pull drawers without cautions, right? So, does the drawer on both the nightstand and dresser could handle your kids’ way of pulling and pushing each door? Yes, it could. Also, it doesn’t pop out from the frame because it has a built-in stopper.

Cinderella Nightstand

White or Off/Cream White?

Many people are concern about the real color of this Cinderella 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set. So, to answer your question about the color, it’s off white and not pure white.

The off white color of this set makes it easier for you to match it with any design you want. What’s great about this is, regardless of the paint of the room, it still stands out. This means, your daughter has her freedom to choose the color she wants for her room because the shade of this set won’t compromise their choice of color.

Can the bed frame carry me and my daughter?


Remember, they used solid wood for each piece, which only means it’s stronger than how you see it. But, don’t forget to be cautious about your combined weight. Why? Because they designed this piece for kids and teens. Their weight isn’t that heavy yet, right?

Well, to give you a better picture, the weight capacity of this frame is 250 pounds. If you think your combined weight won’t be over this, then it’s okay for you to spend your night with your daughter.

Are there other sizes and colors for this bed set?

First, there are four available sets for this Cinderella Design. See the list below for your reference.

  • Twin Bed, 2 NS, DR & MR
  • Twin Bed, NS, DR & MR
  • Queen Bed, 2 NS, DR & MR
  • Queen Bed, NS, DR & MR

Well, if you’re eyeing for the two tall drawers on the photos, it’s not included in this set, but you can buy it individually. You can check it on Amazon. Here’s the link for this Home Elegance Cinderella Chest.

As for the colors, we only find two colors for it, the off white and the dark cherry. Do you think it’s bad that they only made this set with two colors?

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Below are the prices as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

The price presented below is for the Twin Bed, NS, DR & MR package.

Amazon at $1,360.08 at $1,200.00

FurnitureDepot at $1,380.40

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