Christopher Knight Home 300572 Felicity Arm Chair Review

Sometimes we find our living room plain and dull even though we have a beautiful sofa set, right? It feels like something is missing, and most of the time it’s because we don’t have accent chairs to help us beautify either our living room or bedroom. So, now is the time for us to look at this Christopher Knight Home 300572 Felicity Arm Chair. This is one of the accent chairs that caught our attention, and we are hoping you’ll agree with us.

First, what do these accent chairs do to our living room or bedroom? Well, it has a lot of purposes. It works not only in the family room, but you could also place it in your bedroom, office, study room, or just to add color or character to your home.

Christopher Knight Home 300572 Felicity Arm Chair

How small or huge this Christopher Arm Chair is?

Let’s start with the dimension before we proceed on knowing this piece. We must have an idea about the size of this one, so we could picture out if we have enough space in our room or not, right?

Overall dimension is 29.50″ D x 25.00″ W x 31.00″ H. Arm height is 22.50 inches, while seat height is 18.75 inches. The dimension of the seat is 19” W x 21.5” D.

Can you picture now the size of this accent chair? For us, it doesn’t look like it occupies so much space even though it’s 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep. Of course, it has a significant width, but it’s slim looking, which makes it looks like a tiny piece rather than a huge one.

Is it only for the average-sized person?

Since we mentioned that it’s slim, you might think, will it only work for average people? Well, it seems like it is. Although it’s deep and wide, this won’t work if you’re a large-sized person.

Does this revelation sadden you? It honestly saddened us because it’s a beautiful piece, and large-sized people might not get a chance of using it.

Don’t feel bad about it because you can still place it in your room. It could still accommodate you, but please take note that it might give you a tight space whenever you sit on it. So better assess yourself too. Is that okay with you or not?

Well, if your sole purpose is just to add character to your room or office, this will work for you regardless if you are an average-sized person or not.

How about the fabric?

They used 100% polyester fabric for this piece. We like how thick the fabric is. It gives us the feeling that it will last long. Well, it’s made of polyester, which means it’s durable and would last more than what we expect from it.

Aside from the thick characteristic of the fabric, you’ll also find it rough. Well, it’s a common texture in accent chairs, so it did not surprise us when we saw it.

The question is why is the texture rough? This is because of the thick weave of the threads. The fibers are denser than usual and also shaggy, that’s why it ended up rough. But even though it’s not as smooth as other chairs we used to sit on, it’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t give an itchy feeling whenever our skin touches the fabric.

Does the fabric of this Christopher Knight Home 300572 Felicity Arm Chair absorb dirt and dust easily?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. We hate to admit it, but we noticed that the fabric seemed to attract dust easily. Even pet’s hair and fur could easily stick to the fabric, which only means an added work is waiting for you when your pets jump onto to.

Of course, there’s a remedy for this situation. You could use Scotchgard to protect the fabric from stain, dirt, and dust. As for your pet’s hair and fur, the only solution we could give you is to top it with seat cover whenever you’re not around. At least with this, you could leave this armchair alone with your pets without worrying about their hair and fur, right?

Are the padding sufficient or lacking?

We like how they stuffed the backrest and arms with padding. The amount of foam they used is more than sufficient. You’ll get the best comfort that an accent chair could give you. There’s no stiffness whenever we spend some time on this piece. It’s soft and comfortable.

They overstuffed the seat cushions, too, which is great. You won’t feel any pain after sitting for hours on this Christopher Arm Chair. This is the reason we like this one. We could sit on it for hours without complaining.

Another great thing about the seat cushion is, it’s removable. This gives you the chance to flip it, in case you stain the fabric and doesn’t have time to fix it yet.

Are the legs sturdy enough to carry this piece?

Absolutely! They used Birchwood for the legs, and they just maintained the natural color of the wood instead of varnishing it with a darker coat. Well, we have no complaint about it because it looks perfect on this piece, regardless of the color it carries with it.

Also, they slightly slant the legs to emphasize the mid-century style it wants to portray. Well, it emphasizes not only the mid-century style, but it also adds character and elegance to this chair. Would you agree with this observation?

Christopher Knight Home 300572 Felicity Arm Chair

Are there other colors available aside from this one?

Yes, it has four colors available for you. It has charcoal, purple, wasabi, and teal. So, does it have the color you are looking for?

It might have a limited option, but the shade of each color is pleasing to the eyes. The list of shades is already enough to choose the one that will fit your room.

Aside from choosing the right color for you, they are also giving you the option to choose between their two sets. They have one-piece and two-piece package for you. Do you only need one accent chair for your room, or is it better if you buy a pair rather than one piece? The thing is, you’ll have a better price when you choose the two-piece package rather than just buying one.

Does this Christopher Knight Home 300572 Felicity Arm Chair needs assembly?

It does. But no need to worry about it because the assembly is so straightforward. All you have to do is screw the legs, and it’s done. Yes, that’s just how simple it is.

By the way, you’ll receive one box for every piece. So, if you choose the two-piece package, you’ll also receive two boxes. Don’t worry it’s not a heavy armchair. So we are sure enough you could carry it alone.

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