Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set Review

It’s getting cold nowadays, and our throw blankets are no longer enough to keep us warm. So, why not look for something thick and toasty? Something that will embrace us while sipping our hot chocolate or coffee, like this Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set.

Chezmoi Collection is in the 28th spot in Bedding Comforter Sets of Amazon. That’s a nice rank, right? It might be below Top 10 or Top 20, but a 28th spot is still a great place knowing that there are lots of comforter sets offered in Amazon and other online shopping platforms.

Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set

So, what are the reasons people choose this piece?

Well, the first thing that most of us consider when buying something is the price, right? This one has a very affordable price. It’s just under $50. Do you think you could risk your $50 for this piece? Let’s not do that. This is the reason we are here to give you the information you need before you click the buy button.

By the way, this isn’t the only thing why people buy this comforter set. There’s a lot more.

Fabric Used

Both the comforter and the shams used 100% polyester fabric, and this fabric is well-processed. What do we mean about that? It means they processed it until they achieved the comfort and softness they want to present to us. It’s as if they want to give us the feeling of lying on the sea of clouds, and they succeed in this.

In this polyester fabric, you’ll see two kinds of it. One is the Micro-Mink, and the other one is the Sherpa. Is it a great combination or not? Well, that’s what we will discover on this review, so keep reading.


Let’s start with this Micro-Mink fabric.

We like this one even before we saw this comforter set. Why do we like it so much? It’s because it’s one of the softest fabrics we’ve ever touched. If you’ve already had an encounter with this one, you might agree with our observation.

It has a cloud-like softness, which we like the most. Who wouldn’t want this kind of vibe on their comforter? No one, right? Everyone wants and deserves a luxurious sleep experience, and this one has it. It could even give you a feeling like you’re lying on a hotel bed.

Yes, it has all the qualities we need for a blanket or comforter, but we found one flaw, and we don’t think you’ll like it, too. What is it? It gets punctured easily. Why and how does it happen? One reason is that it’s a one-sided fabric. The pile is only on the top part, and the fabric itself is not that thick. That’s why when something sharp runs on it, it gets punctured immediately. So, be careful around this one to keep it safe.

Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set


Now that we know what Micro-Mink can do to this Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set, it’s time for us to check this Sherpa Fleece underneath.

What can it do for us and to this set? Since they used high-grade fabric, just like the Micro-Mink, it also provides a cloud-like experience. Well, the difference between this Sherpa and Micro-Mink is, this one works as the warmer in cold nights, while Micro-Mink focuses on the plushy part.

We know Sherpa for having a long pile of threads. Some used smooth threads, and some used low-quality threads, which ended up producing a rough pile. This rough Sherpa is not great for our skin because it hurts us or irritates us every time it slides in our skin, right?

Well, we are thankful to Chezmoi because they used the smooth version. What makes us say this? It’s because we didn’t encounter rough texture even a small amount of it. Every angle is soft, which makes us stay in our bed for a long time.

What will we get in the package?

There are three items in the package, and what are these?

  • One Comforter
  • Two Shams without inserts

Since we’ve already talked about the comforter, let’s now focus on these Shams.

These Shams have the same Micro-Mink fabric as the comforter. This only means, you’ll also have the same cloud-like feeling you have in your body from the comforter to your head. So, can you imagine now the comfort you’ll get on this set?

About the shams, they did not use a zipper to seal the inserts in it. What they did is, they cut the back so you could insert your pillow. Then, to keep it safe and to avoid the cut from opening, they overlapped the two fabrics.

The catch about the shams is, it’s not a standard-sized pillowcase. If you’ll buy the king-sized comforter, then you’ll also get the king-sized shams. Will it be a problem for you? An additional expense to shop for a king or queen-sized pillow, maybe? If so, better think twice before you purchase this one.

Colors, Sizes, and Dimension

We only found two sizes for this Chezmoi Collection, and these are the:

  • King: 104” x 90”
  • King Shams: 20” x 36”
  • Queen: 88” x 90”
  • Queen Shams: 20” x 26”

Are you disappointed that it doesn’t have a twin or full-size set? We don’t think you should. Why? It’s because a queen-sized comforter set looks better in beds with smaller sizes, such as a twin or full. This means it could cover the sides of the bed to serve as its side skirt. Now, if you have a queen bed, better purchase the king size to get a comforter and a side skirt at the same time.

As for the colors, there’s a long list of colors available for this piece. This only means, if you’ll love your first purchase, you could purchase it by choosing another set of colors, right?

What are these colors?
  • Black, Blue, Navy, Green, Burgundy, Taupe, Teal, Chocolate, Gray, Purple
  • Blue Diamond, Black Diamond, Burgundy Diamond, Chocolate Diamond, Gray Diamond, Navy Diamond, Purple Diamond, Taupe Diamond, Teal Diamond
Comforter or Blanket only?

The first question we received from people is, “Is it a comforter or a throw blanket only?”

We understand why many people were asking about it. It’s because this Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set looks like a throw blanket than a comforter. The culprit to this is the Micro-Mink fabric on top. We see this fabric in throw rather in a comforter, right? So, when you see it from afar, you’d say it’s only a throw blanket.

But, what makes it a comforter? It’s the down alternative they stuffed between the Micro-Mink and Sherpa fabrics. The thing is, there’s nothing extraordinary with how they stuffed it. The thickness is just the same as other ordinary comforters.

So, since it’s stuffed with down alternative, what did they do to keep it in place? Well, they used box stitching to prevent it from shifting, and also to add a design for this piece.

Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set

Toasty or not?

It’s super toasty.

You might not be able to use it during summer because the fabric underneath, which is the Sherpa, creates a toasty feeling. You might end up sweating in the middle of the night if you still use it in warmer days.

It will be most valuable during the cold weather. It will give you the warmth you need while you sleep. This is the best definition of this Chezmoi Collection Comforter Set.

Is it reversible or not?

It depends on you.

The Sherpa side is only available in white, regardless of the color of the top part (Micro-Mink). So, this is what we mean about “it depends on you”. If you want to expose the white side of this comforter, then it’s okay to reverse it so you could experience the cloud-like feel of the top part.

But if you have pets, then we don’t think it’s best to reverse this whole thing because it’s harder to remove pets’ fur on this side rather than on the Micro-Mink side.

Is it pets friendly?

Since we already mentioned to you it’s difficult to remove pets’ hair/fur in its Sherpa side, it’s time for us to observe the Micro-Mink side.

On this part (top part), it’s easy to remove pets’ hair. You can use your handheld vacuum cleaner without damaging the fabric. So, if you have dogs and cats, don’t worry about it because you’ll be able to clean it as easy as one two three.

But there’s one problem you’ll face once you let your dogs and cats sleep on your bed, and what is it? Your pets’ claws might damage the fabric. It might tear the fabric once they dig their claws on it.

Why do we think it might damage the fabric? It’s because this Micro-Mink is not that thick. Also, it’s so soft. There’s no way it could resist sharp objects.

Now, will you still let your pets sleep on this comforter set?

Will I be able to wash it in the washing machine?

Make sure you’ll wash it in a huge washing machine. This is a huge piece, and it needs a big machine, too. If you’ll force to clean it in an ordinary washing machine, you will only damage the fabric.

We know that the gentle cycle takes a long time, but this is the only way for you to maintain the fabrics’ quality. Also, to dry it, use tumble dry low. This process will prolong the life of the whole set.

Another thing you need to know about this Chezmoi Collection 3-Piece Micro-Mink Sherpa Comforter Set is, we didn’t see any lint after wash. No loose fibers on the machine, too. We consider it as great news. What do you think?

Click the button below for availability.

Below are the prices as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

Amazon: Queen at $48.00

Amazon: King at $50.00

Walmart: Queen at $50.00

Walmart: King at $53.00

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