Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket Review

Comfort and warmth. These are the usual things we want from a blanket right? We all look for a cozy one, so we’ll feel more at home whenever we’re spending some time in our bedroom or even when we’re only lounging in our living room or maybe traveling from one state to another. Upon searching different online shop platforms, we found this Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket.

This throw blanket lures us with both comfort and warmth. Who would say no to these promises? They’re words intrigued us so much which gave us the urge to purchase this one.

Are they true to their words? Or are those only false promises just to give us reasons to buy this piece? Well, let’s find out the answers to these questions on this review.

Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket

What are the materials they used?

They used 100% polyester microfiber, which means it’s also 100% synthetic material.

Even though they used a synthetic material for this throw blanket, we still think it’s not harmful to our health. The first reason is that the fabric is high grade, which means the process is better than how they processed cheap fabrics. It has a better treatment than other fibers out there. Also, you’ll get the maximum quality of microfiber on this one.

Since this is a processed fabric, polyester microfiber, you are sure enough that they processed it until they achieved the utmost softness it could get.

What type of fabric you’ll see on this piece?

There are two kinds of fabrics involve on this blanket. First is the faux fur (the reason for its fluffiness), which will be the one that will greet you when you open the package. Second is the Sherpa Fabric, the one that will caress you underneath.

Are these two fabrics a good combination? Yes, they are. They are the reasons for the comfort and warmth characteristics of this throw blanket. The faux fur for the comfort and relaxing feeling, while the Sherpa is responsible for the warmth and toasted experience.

Let’s discuss these two fabrics further.

Faux Fur

We’re elated with the fabrics they chose for this piece, especially for the faux fur they used. It’s super soft, and we like how soft this part is.

Every time we run our hands on this part, it never fails to give us a relaxing feeling. It’s so addicting. You would rather want to snuggle on top than the fabric underneath.

It gets approval not only from human touch, but your pets will also give you the same affirmation. They will like the soft fur it possesses. Well, this only means you’ll have a battle with your pets once you introduce this one to them. So, maybe better not to let them know about this blanket, just kidding.

But on a serious note, it’s really soft and the comfort you’ll get is over 100%.

Sherpa Fabric

If the comfort is given by the faux fur, then you’ll get the warm feature from the Sherpa fabric you’ll see underneath.

This fabric is warm. No doubt about it. It could turn your chilly nights to a toasting night, but not to the point that you will throw this blanket away while sleeping.

It doesn’t feel dry but rather feels comforting and warm. The fiber itself is soft and doesn’t give an itchy kind of touch like other Sherpa does.

That’s the problem with cheap Sherpa fabric it’s dry, which causes itchiness when it rubs your skin. But on this one, you won’t have that experience.

Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket

Are the fabrics shedding?

Since there are two kinds of fabric on this Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket, you might ask, how are these two fabrics holding up?

We didn’t experience any shedding both in Faux Fur and Sherpa, especially in Faux Fur. This fabric pretty holds up even though we’ve already washed it in our washing machine. Each fiber is intact, and there’s no remnant or evidence of shedding in our bed and couches. This is what we like about this piece. It’s safe for households with little ones because they won’t inhale any fibers out of this throw blanket.

The only problem is when your pets lie on top. Their fur will stick to both the faux fur and Sherpa, which also means it will be an added work for you to remove it one by one.

How strong the stitches are?

We are also concern with how they sewed this whole piece. It’s important that they sewed every side with no loose threads and no unsewn area. Why? Because if the stitches fail, it will not only disappoint us, but it will also give us a task of sewing it just to fix the area. Well, not all of us are skilled enough with this task, right? So, we understand if you’ll throw it once you’ll receive an unsewn package.

Let’s go back to the question, how strong the stitches are? We find the stitches strong enough even when we tried to pull the part where they connected the two fabrics. In short, it did not disappoint us. We don’t think it will have loose threads even after several washes.

What are the available sizes and colors?

There’s a long list of colors and sizes for this throw blanket. Well, we like not only the fabrics they used, but we also find the design elegant and perfect for any room motif. Anyone can use this. There’s no gender-specific thing.

There are three sizes available, and they also made a set for you. Aside from the sizes, you’ll also get the chance to choose from the different colors available in the market.

Check the list below (list as of this writing). This might change without prior notice.

  • Twin: Aubergine, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory
  • King: Aubergine, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory
  • 50” x 65”: Aubergine, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory, Pink, Beige, Dark Rose, Maroon, Silver, White
  • 60” x 70”: Aubergine, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory, Beige, Maroon, White
  • Queen/Full: Aubergine, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory, Teal, White
  • 3-Piece-Set: Chocolate, Gray, Ivory, Pink
Is there a warranty for this Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket?

As far as we know, the manufacturer promised to give a lifetime warranty for this piece. This is how confident they are in terms of their products’ ability to satisfy your needs. Well, this also gives us confidence that we won’t be contacting them after we received the package, and we are right about trusting them.

You could send back this Faux Fur Blanket to the seller if you think it doesn’t meet your expectations. They will refund your money without asking you for further questions. Just send it to them, and they will send your money back to you.

This is the best package you’ll get. You don’t need to worry if it will satisfy you or not because you have the option to return it to them anytime.

How should I clean this elegant throw blanket?

Well, it’s easy to wash this blanket without damaging it. Just use a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. It’s important that you have a large washing machine, so the fabric won’t get damaged while washing it. This one should have enough room or space when cycling in your machine.

If you want to use your dryer to dry this Faux Fur Blanket, you need to use tumble dry on a very low temperature. This will prevent the fur to dismantle from the fabric.

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