Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser Review

We were looking at the Prepac Dresser Drawer Collection and got our interest with this Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser. There’s a lot of colors and styles on this collection, but we prefer the simpler one.

The first question we want to ask is, “Does it work as a main dresser or just an additional drawer for our bedroom?”

Let’s try to find out the answer to this question by reviewing this piece.

Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser


With its price range, we already expected that we won’t be able to get a solid wood for this Prepac Drawer. Well, we’re both right and wrong on this part. Why? Because it’s a combination of solid wood and laminated composite wood. There’s even an MDF, which works as the backer to the whole dresser.

The question is, where can we find the solid wood and laminated composite wood on this Dresser Drawer? 

You’ll see the laminated wood all over this piece. Meaning you’ll see it on top, sides, and drawer doors. Everything looks solid after the assembly. You won’t even think it’s only a composite wood because it has a great lamination. Also, even though it’s only composite wood, it looks solid and steady. It doesn’t feel like it will break down at any moment.

Since most of the wood they used are laminated wood, you need to pay attention to the assembly. You have to make it right for the first time. Why? Because screwing and unscrewing it will damage the wood. This is the usual complaints of the customers. In which we don’t want you to experience because this is a great dresser if you’ll just assemble it without a mistake.

Now, where is the solid wood?

You’ll see this solid pine wood on the sides of the drawer. They used it to better support each storage. Well, we’re just thinking, maybe it’s better if they use this pine wood all over the piece, rather than on the sides of the drawers only, right? But, of course, it will cost you more. So maybe this is the reason they keep the laminated wood as their main material.


So, how deep each drawer is?

It’s 5 inches deep. We like how deep these drawers are. You could store a thick pile of clothes or several bed sheets at one drawer, right? What we don’t like about the drawer is, the width is only a foot wide. It’s too narrow for a dresser. We just hope they widen it a bit, so there’s more room for our things.

Even though the length is 2 feet, it still couldn’t compensate its narrow width. Well, it’s still up to you if you want to add this in your bedroom furniture or not.

Just like what we mentioned earlier, they used solid pine wood on each side of the drawer. It’s nice that they did not use composite wood because this part of this Prepac Dresser Drawer will be the one to carry some weight.


You’ll get two brushed nickel knobs on each drawer. It’s 38mm wide and 19mm long. It’s using a standard-sized screw to lock it on the drawer door. This means that these knobs are interchangeable. You could find better-looking knobs and install it in this Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser with no problem.

Well, the knobs are sturdy, but the looks are just plain, right? So, maybe it’s really better if you’ll replace it with something that will enhance its look.

Metal Glides and Slides

There’s a lot of confusion on this part, especially on how to install it. Well, there’s a tutorial in Amazon where they give tips on which piece of the glides and slide go to the drawer side, and which piece of the glides and slides go to the drawer frame.

Click this link to watch the video Tips for Installing The Metal Glides and Slides.

Just remember, there’s a color coding on the metal glides, and you need to follow those to avoid mistakes. The blue ones go to the left side, and the red ones go to the right side.

This pair has a built-in stopper. So, no need to worry if you’ll pull it with too much force because it won’t slide out of the drawer frame. It will stop at least an inch or two before you’ll see the back of the drawer.

If it stops over two inches before you see the back, it means there’s something wrong with the installation. You need to reinstall it so you’ll get the right distance between the front and back of the drawer.

Don’t forget to watch the video.

We like how smooth each drawer slides from the glides. They did not give us a headache when pulling and pushing them back to their places. Even if we’re in a hurry, it didn’t get stuck-up. Instead, it runs smoothly when we push it back.

Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser


Talking about the dimension, well, it’s 5 feet long and 29 inches tall—60″ L x 16″ W x 29″ H.

We like how huge it is because there’s a lot of room for your things on top. Well, you could even use the top of this Prepac Drawer as a TV Stand since it’s 60 inches long, right? Also, the height is enough for your eye level.

But, the height is not enough if you’ll use it mainly as a drawer rather than a TV Stand because it’s short—2 feet and 5 inches. You’ll need lots of effort in reaching the bottom drawers. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Colors and Other Styles

There are four styles on this Prepac Collection. You can choose between their Sonoma, Monterey, Salt Spring, and Fremont Collections. There’s just a little variation between the designs such as knobs and bottom panels, but the overall look is just the same. By the way, they keep the top curved edges on all its collection.

It’s also great to know that these collections are available in different colors.

Let’s check out the different colors from these four collections.

  • Sonoma: Black, Warm Cherry, Washed Black
  • Monterey: Cherry, White
  • Salt Spring: Drifted Gray
  • Fremont: Espresso
Assembly and Warranty

First, they packed everything in two boxes. What’s confusing about this is, they did not send the two boxes at the same time. They sent the second box couple of days after we received the first one. In which we panicked because we thought we did not receive the complete parts. Well, in case you experience the same, please contact their customer service to remind them you haven’t received the second box yet.

Second, there are lots of parts you need to connect, which might be overwhelming for some. It will require you long hours of work, and it’s not a joke. So better be sure to assemble this on your rest day because it will consume your time.

Well, you need two types of screwdrivers—Philips and Flat. Be careful with the screws because it damages the wood easily.

Third, there’s not enough label on each part. So, please pay attention to the blue (L) and red (R) marks printed on the wood. This will help you identify where to connect each wood.

Fourth, you’ll get a 5-year limited warranty on this Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser. It’s good to know that they offer this upon purchase knowing it’s not made of solid wood, right?

Time to answer our question:

“Does it work as a main dresser or just an additional drawer for our bedroom?”

Well, with the amount of space you’ll get on each drawer, we could say that this is not something you’ll consider as your main dresser, but rather an additional drawer only.

You could use it for small stuff such as your baby’s clothes or undergarments. Or you could also use it with your bed sheets and towels. This is a great additional storage for your bedroom, though.

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Below are the prices as of this writing, and might change without prior notice.

Amazon at $172.00

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