BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool Review

Is it time to organize your vanity stuff today? Well, if having several drawers is what you are looking for, then you have to try this BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool.

But our first question is, how much vanity stuff do you have on top of your desk? If you have lots of stuff (More than what a normal girl/lady has. We’re sure enough you know what we mean.), then we would suggest, you better think twice before you click the buy button. But if you have a normal amount of girly stuff, then we recommend this one to you.

Let’s be straight forward. This is not a huge vanity table. It’s compact and made for narrow bedrooms or bathrooms. But before you skip this one, why not check everything first.

BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool

Is this a vanity set or not?

For those who are wondering if this is a vanity set or not, the answer to that is, this is a vanity set.

This is not only a vanity table or desk but rather a set. This means you’ll get all the things you need at one price. So, let’s check the list of things included in the package.

  • Vanity Table
  • Five Drawers
  • Three Open Compartments
  • Two Dividers
  • Removable Mirror
  • Vanity Stool

That’s quite a list, isn’t it?

The package is satisfying when we received it. Paying only around $160 for these items is worth our money. That’s the reason we didn’t think twice when we click the buy button.

Materials Used

But before you click the buy button, it’s fair for you to know the materials used for this set. So, let’s check that out.

  • E1 grade environmental MDF
  • Solid Wood
  • Crystal Knobs
  • Cushion
  • 100% Polyester Seat Cover
  • EVA Anti Slip Mats

Let’s focus on the wood they used. Well, there are two kinds of wood used on this set. One is the E1 grade environmental MDF, and the other one is solid wood.

So, the question is, where can we see the MDF and the solid wood?

The thing is, you’ll be seeing the MDF on all parts of this vanity set, except on the table and stool’s feet. They used solid wood on that part.

Well, it’s reasonable that they used solid wood on the feet part for both the table and stool since this is the part where it carries the weight of the two. By the way, the wood is thick and not a soft one.

What we mean about the wood being soft is, if you bump into it, it will get a scar immediately. But the wood they used here doesn’t have that kind of softness.

Let’s move on to the MDF wood part.

We like how thick the MDF is. It makes this whole thing feels sturdy, yet lightweight. Well, we have no complaints even though most of the parts are made of MDF.

The one they chose has good engineering. It doesn’t chip, and the wood fibers are intact and not falling off on every piece. This is the first thing we look for whenever we buy MDF made furniture—the wood fibers falling off.

BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror & Cushioned Stool

The Dimensions

Remember, we mentioned earlier that this BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool is not huge and works great in bedrooms and bathrooms with a narrow space. But, can it really work in a small spaced room?

Let’s check the numbers of each part, so you could imagine them better.

  • Overall Dimension: 31.50” L x 15.75” W x 53.55” H
  • Table Dimension: 31.50” L x 15.75” W x 29.53” H
  • Vanity Chair Dimension: 15.75” L x 11.81” W x 19.69” H
  • Mirror Dimension: 15.35” L x 19.69” H
  • Mirror from Top Table: 24.02” H
  • Compartment Dimension: 17.13” L

There’s a lot of numbers, and it’s overwhelming, right? So, try to focus on one part, such as the table dimension. Focus on that so you could picture it sitting in your bedroom.

Do you think you could place it in one corner of your bedroom without moving some of your stuff outside your room? Well, we still think it won’t occupy so much space since the width is only 15.75 inches.

Vanity Table or Desk?

What’s nice about this vanity set is, you can choose whether to use it as a vanity table or just a desk. You’re free to do whatever you want. Why do we say this? It’s because everything you see on top is removable, such as the drawers, compartment, and the mirror. Everything is removable.

So if you decide to use it as your study table instead, it won’t stop you from doing so. The tabletop is spacious and could accommodate your laptop, books, and even your desk lamp.

But if you’ll use it as a vanity table and install the drawers, compartment, and mirror, space is not as much as when you use it as a desk. Space will become limited, but no need to worry about it. Why? Because you won’t be using the tabletop for your girly stuff since there are dedicated drawers for your things, which are the drawers they placed underneath the table. This only means, there’s still a lot of space even when you install everything on top.

BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool

The Drawers

Now, It’s time to scrutinize the drawers.

The question is, how many drawers will we get from this BEWISHOME Vanity Set?

There are five drawers included in the package. They placed the first three drawers under the tabletop, while the other two are meant to carry your things on top of the table.

Are these drawers spacious?

The first two drawers are not that spacious. It’s shorter than the others, but it has enough depth and width to hold your make-ups. We’re not complaining about it since we don’t have huge stuff that we need to keep inside. It’s enough for us that it could hold our brushes and sponges, so it won’t clutter on top of this BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool.

How about the other three drawers? Well, they’re bigger than the first two. It’s wider and longer, which only means it has more storage. The thing is, the middle drawer doesn’t have the same dimension as the side drawers. It’s wider and has removable dividers.

What’s likable about these dividers is, you can create your division according to what you need. That solves the problem with the uneven sizes of your stuff.

The Compartment

Aside from the five drawers, you’ll also get a removable compartment that you could align parallel to the mirror.

Good thing that they included this part on this vanity set. Why? It’s because there’s girly stuff that we could not put inside the drawers. What are those? Those bottles of perfumes and tall lotions we use. Those are some things that we could not lie inside the drawers because they might spill or something, right?

It’s also a great way for you to organize your things, so you could maximize the space of the table.

BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool

The Mirror

Its mirror pivots 360 degrees.

We don’t think you’ll pivot it that much, but knowing that it moves that way is impressive, isn’t it? At least we all know that there’s no limit when moving it to the level you want.

The first thing that concerns us when buying a vanity set with a mirror is, how easy we can move it up and down. It’s important that we could pivot it according to what we need, right? Why? Because some girls are tall, and some are not. It’s nice that this one has the feature we are looking for.

Let’s now check the frame. It’s 1.3 inches thick. Do you think it’s thick enough for installing led lights or bulbs?

We tried installing bulbs on it, and the 1.3-inch thick frame accommodates the bulbs without an issue. After installing the bulbs, we just realized that it’s better if we used led lights. It’s thinner and doesn’t look bulky, unlike the bulbs. What do you think? Well, it’s still up to you which one you prefer.

The Vanity Stool

Isn’t it nice that they included the vanity stool in the package? At least no need for us to search for a matching stool anymore, right?

Let’s check the material they used.

We like how soft the cushion is. It’s not that thick, but at least it’s not stiff. So, we still get the comfort we need while in front of this BEWISHOME Vanity Table. We tried sitting on this piece for an hour, and it didn’t hurt our bun. The only thing that we complain about is, it doesn’t have a backrest, and it’s a bit tiring sitting in a stool with no backrest.

How about the fabric they used? Well, they used a 100% polyester fabric for the seat cover. It has a velvety touch, and it doesn’t absorb liquid immediately. What we mean about that is, when you spill something on it, the liquid doesn’t spread to the fabric so fast. It takes time or there’s a buffer on it, so you have lots of time getting a tissue or dry cloth to wipe the liquid out before it reaches the cushion under the fabric.

Colors Available

What color do you prefer for this BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool? Well, we prefer the white one because it allows us to enhance the design.

It’s easier for us to wrap it with sticker covers or paint it with something else. Anyway, here’s the list of colors available from the manufacturer.

  • Black
  • Espresso
  • White

See, it’s only available in three colors. So if you have other colors in mind, choose the white one. It’s easier to redesign the white-colored one to something else than the black or espresso colored ones.

Does it require assembly?

Yes, it needs assembly.

You will receive a disassembled table and stool. But no need to worry about the assembly because all you have to do is attach the legs for both the table and stool, then you’re all set.

All the drawers are pre-assembled. This only means, it will lessen your assembling time. Also, since there are five drawers, it’s tedious to assemble it one by one, right? And we thank the manufacturer that they assembled it before sending the package to us.

The thing is, even if the only work you need to do is attach the legs to the table and stool, and arrange the mirror and the drawers, you still need to dedicate an hour of your time to see this set fully functional. We hope this won’t be a problem for you.

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