Best Futon Lounger Furniture Review

First, this review will not list all the best futons we’ve seen in the market. The seller/manufacturer just named their Futon as Best Futon Lounger Furniture, which leaves us wondering if it is true. Well, let’s see if it is.

Per the manufacturer, this futon is best for small spaces such as studio type apartments, dorms, or tight condominiums. Honestly, it looks bulky in photos, and the big question is, is it really small and would fit in a narrow space? It’s hard to tell until we have the right dimensions, right? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the information you need, so you could assess if this is for you or not.

Best Futon Lounger Furniture

Is it convertible?

Before we list the dimension of this piece, you need to know first its convertible functionality. What do we mean about that? It means that this futon can transform itself from a futon to a sofa to a bed. Well, most of the futons in the market have this kind of function, so there’s nothing new about that, right?

The difference between this one to other products in the same category is, you can raise the arms like a normal sofa, unlike usual futon with no arms at all. This is a nice feature for this piece because it has a lot of benefits for the user.

The first benefit you’ll get from the arms is, you could lean your back on it while reading your books or watching your favorite movie. Second, you could use it as your pillow every time you lie on this piece. The third is, it’s a nice place to rest your arms while sitting, right? By the way, you could pull it up up-to 90-degree angle.

Aside from pulling up the arms to create a sofa like style for this Futon, you could also put both of the arms down and transform it into a bed. Or let one arm up and the other one down, so you could lounge with your back leaning on the arm and legs stretched at the other end of this piece.

This function only means you could either sit, lounge, or sleep on this futon. Well, they are true with what they say about this piece, it’s multi-functional and we do not doubt it.

Let’s talk about the dimension.

Since we now know how to transform this lounger into different styles—depending on the function you need, then it’s time for us to talk about its dimension.

There are three dimensions you need to know, and it’s listed below for your reference.

  • Mattress: 79″ L x 32″ W x 5-6″ H
  • Sit Dimension: 66“ L x 33″ W x 31″ H
  • Lounge Dimension: 72″ L x 33″ W x 31“ H

The mattress represents the sleeping position, and if you’ll imagine it, you’ll say that it’s long enough to accommodate a 6 feet person. Well, it’s 6 feet and 5 inches to be exact. For average people like us, we’re happy with the length of the mattress. The 32 inches or 2 feet and 6 inches’ width is also reasonable. Both the length and width provide the room we need when sleeping.

Even the sitting position is spacious enough for two to three people. You’ll have 5 feet long space right after you position the arms up. Do you think the length is already enough for you? Well, it’s more than enough for us. It doesn’t feel crowded when we sit with our friends on this Best Futon Lounger Furniture.

Aside from the overall dimension we mentioned above, you also need to know these measurements.

  • Frame from the floor: 10-inch high
  • Mattress from the floor: 15-16-inch high
  • Lounge position (frame only): 68-inch long
  • Lounge position (mattress included): 62-inch long
  • Top of the back pillow from the floor: 31 inches
Best Futon Lounger Furniture
What comes in the box?

First, it comes in two boxes. Yes, you’ll get two boxes when you order this one. So, what are the things included in the package?

Here are the things included for this Futon Lounger:

  • Mattress
  • Two Pillows
  • Metal Powder Coated Black Frame with Back Support
  • Nine Wood Slats

Why two boxes? Well, they separated the tools and other parts to the mattress. They boxed the mattress alone in one box and packed the frame, slats, and other parts/tools in another box. This set up makes it neat, right? Because of this, it’s easier for the manufacturer to see if the package is complete or not. A great advantage for us, too.

Is the metal frame strong enough to do its job?

Since the center of this Lounger Furniture is the metal frame, we must scrutinize it more than its other parts.

Let’s start with the coat of the frame. They used a black powder coating to protect it from rust. We didn’t notice unpolished part on the frame. They coated every part evenly, so thumbs up for that.

It’s not enough that it has a good coating, right? Because what we’re looking for is a sturdy one. As for the sturdiness, we have no complaint about it because they used thick tube metals to construct the frame. They impressed us with the strength of the metal. It could hold three people at the same time.

As for the legs, it’s thicker than the frame, which gives us more confidence that it could stand still without signs of weakness. That’s another plus point for us—its stability. Well, if it couldn’t hold us, it will lose our confidence to use it, right?

What we don’t like about the frame is the metal attached at the back—the one you’ll see on the backrest. It’s thin and doesn’t feel like it could support our back, especially if three people are leaning on it. We have this feeling that it’s weak and will bend any moment if we’ll put some weight or pressure on it. We haven’t experience that yet though, but in case it will, at least we’re aware of it.

Well, the best solution you could do to keep it in shape is by leaning it against the wall for support. By this, you won’t worry every time you have visitors who will rest their back on this Futon Lounger.

Should I trust the slats included in the package?

There is no reason for you not to trust the slats. It’s thick enough to support this whole thing. It has 9 slats, which we think is more than enough given the fact that it’s only 32 inches wide and 66 inches long (sitting position).

We like how crowded the slats are when we install it in the frame, and to give you an idea of how strong it is, the weight capacity is 300 to 350 pounds. Not bad, right?

But, we also hope that they used metals instead of wood slats. Well, no worries since the price are proportional to its materials and functionalities.

Best Futon Lounger Furniture

The firmness of the Mattress and Pillows

Both are medium firm. But let’s talk about the mattress first. They said it’s 5-6 inches high. Well, we get what they promised. The only complaint we have is we need to put a topper to make it more comfortable. We know we have different comfort levels, and we are not saying this is not comfortable enough. It’s just, the foam compresses down to 4 or 3 inches whenever we put some weight on top.

Also, they did not cover the foam with a thin cloth. This thin cloth will keep these foams intact whenever we want to wash the outer cover, right?

All right, to give you a better picture, the foam is bare when you remove the cover, which is kind of annoying. Another thing about the mattress is, it’s not one full foam. They combined it with blended cotton and polyurethane foam, that’s why we are annoyed when we remove the cover. These foams need to stay intact and to do that, you need to seal it in a thin cloth, but the manufacturer didn’t do that.

Now, we have no complaints about the pillows. It really could give the comfort we need whenever we lean our back against it. So, for the two pillows, two thumbs for you.

Fabric Used

They used micro-suede for solid colors. We like the texture. It’s smooth, and it feels good to the touch. The thing about the fabric is, it’s not waterproof. This means you need to be careful while sipping your coffee in the morning because you might spill something on it, and it will absorb it immediately.

Well, we have no problem with it absorbing the liquid immediately because it’s removable and washable. The problem we see is, it will go straight to the foam, and that’s the issue you will face on this Best Futon Lounger Furniture.

It also comes in different colors, which we think you’ll surely love.

Here are the colors for you to check out:

  • Aqua Linen
  • Black
  • Blueflower
  • Blueweave
  • Brown
  • Bubbles
  • Grey
  • Light Brown Stone Linen
  • Lime Green Linen
  • Olive Green
  • Peat Brown
  • Posh Blue
  • Purrtycat
  • Reconstruction
  • Rose
  • Savine
  • Wildflower
  • Zebra

Regardless of the flaws of this Futon Bed, we still find it worthy of our money.

For a small apartment or dorm, it will become a precious thing. Why? It’s small, but it could give you the functionality you need such as a sofa, a bed, and a lounger. Imagine paying one furniture with three functionalities.

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