Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed Review

Small, functional, and budget-friendly. These are the things you’ll think of with this Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed. It’s perfect for a studio type apartment or for a small spaced living room.

Even though we are willing to spend so much for a sofa, if we don’t have the space we need, well, we don’t have a choice but to find something that will fit in our space, right? So, we hope you’ll consider this Futon Sofa Bed for your room.

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed


They wrapped this Futon with PU Leather, and it’s available in two colors. You could choose between black and white. Well, we chose the black one because even though the leather is easy to clean, white-colored leather needs extra care.

We like the matte characteristic of this leather. Aside from that, it doesn’t feel cheap. You might think it’s more than its price because the quality of the fabric is impressive.

It’s thick and doesn’t feel like it will tear apart sooner. We are optimistic that it will stay in its current state for a long time.

Well, we like the way they upholstered the fabric. They used box stitches to enhance the design and to avoid the leather from tearing apart. But, it’s better if they used double stitches because it provides better support for the fabric.


Let’s talk about how small this Futon Bed is. Will it not really occupy so much space in your room? Or will it really provide the service you are expecting from it since it’s smaller than other Futon Couch out there?

There are a lot of questions on this Recliner Futon in terms of dimension. So, let’s see how huge it is or rather, how small it is.

  • Sofa Dimension: 66” L x 30” W x 30.5” H
  • Bed Dimension: 66” L x 38.5” W x 13” H
  • Backrest Dimension (top seat to top of backrest): 19 inches

As for the length, which is 66 inches or 5.5 feet, we think it’s enough even though it’s short. Well, we already expected that, since this is the reason we purchased it. We want a short sofa that will work on our space, right? But again, it’s 5.5 feet, do you still think it’s short?

But the thing we don’t like about it is the height of the seat from the floor. It’s only 13 inches high. It doesn’t even reach our knee, and our coffee table is even taller than it. Because of this, it will be uncomfortable to sit if you are tall.

Do you think the height won’t be a problem?

As for the bed dimension, it’s close to a twin-sized bed, just a few inches shorter, though. It seems like you couldn’t share this one with someone. It will feel crowded if you still try.


This Futon Couch has an astounding design. Look how they incorporate the removable armrest and cup holders on this piece. It looks like your entertainment couch, but in a small version, right?

They also add a tufted pattern both in backrest and seat. This pattern also adds character to this Entertainment Couch together with the box stitches they made all over its body.

Remember we mentioned that it’s better if they used double stitches rather than single stitches? It’s because double stitches look better than single stitches. Also, it gives the notion it’s sturdier than just having a single one.

You’ll get chrome legs on this piece. Well, it matches the leather fabric it bears. It looks classier because of these chrome legs. We also find it solid, and the proof is its 500 pounds’ weight capacity.

Isn’t it unbelievable that this small piece could carry 500 pounds? Well, it’s just one of the great features of this furniture.

Armrests and Cup Holders

This is the game changer of this Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed.

You might agree with us because you might also rarely see these two things in a Futon Bed, right?

The armrest is wide for a short futon like this. As you can see, if you place the two armrests on both sides, the seat space becomes tighter. Most likely, it could only accommodate two persons at a time. Good thing that this one is removable. You can attach and detach it whenever you want.

What keeps these armrests in place? Well, they sewed a Velcro on it, so it could stick on the seat. The one they use has a nice grip. It doesn’t slip easily. But there are cases that some customers received an armrest without a Velcro. Which is not right because how will they attach it on the seat if it doesn’t have that, right?

They put the two cup holders in the middle of this Recliner. This is the interesting part of this Futon because it’s the one that transforms this into an Entertainment Sofa.

What’s great about this is you could hide it, if you don’t need it at the moment. Just push it back to the backrest, and no one would ever think this sofa has a cup holder.

How’re the pads/foams?

Don’t expect that much about the pads. It’s thin and firm. Well, the reason this piece is firm is that it has a limited amount of pads all over it.

We also find it stiff and uncomfortable. Well, it might be uncomfortable for us, but it might not to you. That is if you favored firm foams than the plush ones.

Having a firm foam is a common thing on Futon Couches. They lack on pads because they are not really there to replace your plushy sofa or mattress. Also, if they have an ample amount of foams, they will look bulky and might fail with the space-saving feature they portray.

If you will use it as your primary lounging furniture, you need to top it with a foam topper together with throw pillows. These things will give you the comfort you need while using it.

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed


Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed requires assembly. Just like other Futons we’ve seen, the only thing you need to do after you unpacked the delivery box is installing the legs. After that, you could use it immediately to enjoy its features.

By the way, they zipped the legs and screws at the compartment which you’ll find under this futon.

Return Policy

You might think about the possibility of returning the product in case you receive a defective one. Well, Best Choice Products offers a full refund if you return their product within 60 days. You need to send it back to them the way you received it, to get the full refund. But first, you need to contact their customer service within 7 days after you received the item.

You need to be fast in contacting them if you’re not satisfied with the product you purchased from them.

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