Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table Review

Talking about all in one coffee table?

Well, Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table could be the one you are looking for. It has a lot of room for storage underneath, and it even has a compartment below the table top. Aside from the ample storage, you can also use it as your breakfast table, if you want to spend your morning in your living room. And it could even be your companion when you bring your work with you at home. These only prove how multi-functional this coffee table is.

How can all these things happen for a single piece like this? Well, let’s check it out.

Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table


They combined contemporary and modern design on this piece.

When you first lay your eyes on it, you will see a plain looking coffee table. But as you get closer and pay more attention to its details, you will see how round the edges are. Even the tapered legs contribute to upgrading its look so it could match most of your furniture at home.

You’ll get a smooth finish from all sides. And you won’t find grains or rough touch on any of its parts. Which means if you are looking for a character or texture in your coffee table, this won’t work for you.


They built this centerpiece with laminated particle board. Well, most of its parts are. But they used hardwood for the foundation or legs to make sure that this coffee table will last for long.

You might be in question if the particle board they used will last. We noticed that each piece is thick, which makes it trustworthy. And it looks like the board they used is in premium condition, and the proof that it’s reliable is the weight capacity. Well, the table top can hold a hundred pounds, which gives us the impression that the manufacturer’s goal is to give a durable centerpiece for your home.

The second thing they used for this Lift Top Table is the metal mechanism for lifting the table top. We find the metal mechanism tight but not in a stiff way. Just to give you a picture of how tight the mechanism is, you need to use both of your hands to lift the table top. It’s difficult to lift the top with one hand, so it’s better to use both hands. Well, this only means that the mechanism won’t unexpectedly go down when it’s on lift position.


The overall dimension is 19.25-28”L x 41″W x 19-24.5”H. If you can picture this out, you’ll notice that the overall dimension is just a typical size of a coffee table. It doesn’t look huge or tight for any living room space.

There’s a hidden compartment below the table top of this Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table. The dimension of this hidden compartment is 16.25”L x 37.25″W x 4”D. The depth or height of this chamber is amazing. Why? Because there’s a lot of room for storage. It’s not only meant for hiding your remote controls, but it’s also a place where you could hide your laptop or books or magazines. There’s a lot of space for everything.

You’ll see three open shelves at the bottom of the compartment, and the dimension of each shelf is 18.25”L x 12″W x 8.25”H. Well, we like the way they put a division on the bottom storage. It divides not only the shelf into three equal sizes, but it also serves as a foundation for the hidden compartment and table top. It’s a dual purpose for the whole piece.

Aside from this dimension we mentioned above, you also need to know how high you could lift the table top. The mechanism extends up to 5.5 inches high which means the table top ends at 24.5 inches high from the ground.

Multifunctional Coffee Table

How does this center table become multi-functional? Well, as you can see, it seats not only in your living room for the purpose of holding your magazines or books or remote controls or just an added piece to complete your living room set. It has a function. And one of its purposes is to carry your laptop or breakfast while you are sitting in your couch without moving the table near you, but just by lifting the top.

As we all know, traditional coffee tables are low. It will be difficult for us to use a normal center table if we need to use our laptops or eat our breakfast, right? And this Lift Top Table solves our struggle in doing our homework in our living room.

Another function of this centerpiece is to hide small things in its hidden compartment. There’s a lot of space inside. You can even use it to store your laptop or books because there’s ample space in it.

And since it also has another storage below the compartment, this lessens the probability of you purchasing another cabinet or drawer for your things. So, it’s another great thing for this piece, right?

Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table


Well, there are three colors available in Amazon, which are espresso, golden oak, and white. But the white one has another color on top unlike the other two that only has one shade. By the way, they finished the top part with a wood brown laminate.

So, do you prefer a two colored center table or just a one shade piece?


The assembly is a kind of pain, like seriously. The instruction is overwhelming. You need to scrutinize it so you won’t get wrong at combining each piece. Remember this is a laminate particle board, which means undoing the assembly might damage the board. And we don’t want you to waste your money because of that.

Since the instruction is overwhelming, please take time when you assemble it. It’s better to do it once no matter how long it will take than finishing it in a short time but ends up damaged.


Best Choice Products gives its customers a 60-day return policy. You have 60 days to return the item if you find it defective. The thing is, you need to shoulder the shipping fee when you return this Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table to them.

Since they have a great after sales team, you could make an agreement with them regarding the return shipping fee. Sometimes they handle the fee if they know that it’s their fault. Please don’t hesitate to contact them via email when you have questions or disputes.

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