ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shaggy Area Rug Review

If you mean affordability, ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shaggy Area Rug may be the one for you. It’s under $30.00 and yet has the features you might be looking for.

Many are doubtful about how functional this Area Rug is. Are they right to doubt this rug, or is it okay to give it a try? No one knows until someone is bold enough to discover it by themselves, right?

Well, for it to be easier for you to decide whether to purchase this one or not, we will review this Shaggy Rug thoroughly. We want you to have an idea what this rug could give without you throwing some of your dollars.

ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shaggy Area Rug

How soft is the pile of this ACTCUT Area Rug?

We’ve heard lots of good and bad stuff about the pile. But let’s start with the good one first.

The first good thing we’ve heard about the pile is its softness. Consumers are right about how soft it is, and we like how the manufacturer included this feature to this rug. It’s important that the pile is soothing when you touch it, right? Well, this is best for people who are looking for something that feels good in their soles, and this rug serves that well. You’ll even think of lying on this piece once this soft pile greets you.

What material is this pile made of?

They used synthetic material on this Shaggy Carpet. This might be the reason some of the customers who bought this piece smelled an odd smell when they received it. Ours has a slight chemical odor, too. But, it went away after a few days. Also, it’s not that strong, so we had no issue with that.

If you think you can’t take the odor, you can hang it first so the air could blow the odor away. It will help a lot.

How long is the pile of this rug?

First, they called it shaggy, right? So, how long is its pile?

It’s 4.5 cm high. The height of each strand is one of the reasons we are enjoying a soft rug. It doesn’t feel lacking on something, but rather it gives us the feeling like we’ve got what we paid for or even more. Well, we only paid $30.00 for it, so this is more than our money’s worth.

But even though the fibers are long, this whole rug is still thin and lightweight. Why is this so?

Is it true that the pile has gaps in between?

Yes, it’s true that the pile has gaps in between, and this is the answer to our previous question about the thin and lightweight thingy. They did not compress the strands, but rather let the spaces separate each pile. This is the reason for its thin and lightweight characteristics.

The fibers are quite far from each other, and you’ll see this when you run your fingers on it. Well, we don’t find it alarming though because it doesn’t show when it’s lying on the floor.

Will you see the side linings or border of this ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shaggy Area Rug while being used?

Yes, that’s actually the problem. It flaunts itself without thinking twice.

It looks odd when you see the sides or border because it doesn’t match the color of the fibers, unlike other rugs that wrap its sides with the same fiber of its pile.

Well, if this won’t be a problem for you, then we don’t think it will be an issue, right?

How are the fibers holding?

It might be cheap and made of synthetic material, but the fibers hold firmly.

We did not experience the falling of fibers or shedding from the backing even after several weeks of usage. We even tested it in a heavy traffic room, and the fibers still hold tightly just like when it was new.

Well, we don’t recommend that you use it in a heavy traffic room. It’s not that we don’t trust it. It’s just the strands don’t seem to last with that kind of situation. So, if you want this to last longer, just place it in places with less traffic—bedroom, nursery room, or your kids’ room where they could lie and roll on it.

It’s more for an ornament though.


There’s thin padding on this ACTCUT Shaggy Rug backing. We didn’t expect it though. This padding contributes to the comfort we received from this area rug.

The only thing you should know on this backing is, it softens and loses its original shape when you wash it incorrectly. Which is not a good thing, right?

You might ask if the backing slides on any kind of floor. Well, the manufacturer said it has an anti-skid feature, but we noticed that it still skids on our flooring. Its backing doesn’t stick to the floor that much so better put an anti-skid pad if you will use it in your kids’ bedroom. Just for safety purposes.

In what sizes does this piece is available?

It’s available in three sizes.

You can get it in 2.5 feet by 5 feet (80cm x 160cm) which is under $20.00. Next is 2.6 feet by 5 feet—this is the oval version and also priced under $20.00. Last, the one we have which is the 4 feet by 5 feet (120cm x 160cm) size.

These sizes also have the set of colors in which you could choose from. See the list below for your reference.

  • 2.5 feet by 5 feet (Rectangle)—Gray, Black, Blue, Brown, Coffee, Green, Hot Pink, Khaki, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow
  • 2.6 feet by 5 feet (Oval)—Blue, Coffee, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Grey,
  • 4 feet by 5 feet—Black, Blue, Brown, Coffee, Green, Hot Pink, Khaki, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Grey, Shades of Blue, Shades of Coffee, Grey and White, Grey and Trellis, Shades of Khaki, Shades of Pink, White Trellis

We like how huge their collection is. Each size has its own set of colors where you could choose from, which means it doesn’t limit you to only one or two colors. We also find their colors pretty accurate, except for the blue one. It looks more of turquoise rather than blue.


It’s weird to receive an area rug folded in a zipped bag. Well, this is how they packed this ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shaggy Area Rug for delivery.

They folded it in several folds instead of rolling it to avoid fold marks and unflatten edges. Surprisingly, the fold marks vanished after several days. You just need to put something on top or just let it lie on your floor for several days and it will flatten on its own.

This also proves how thin and lightweight this rug is, right? If it’s heavy and thick, the manufacturer won’t be able to fold it in a small bag.

ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shaggy Area Rug

How to take care of this Shaggy Area Rug?

It has long fibers. So this only means it attracts dust and dirt pretty well. You might be worried about how to wash it because of its long strands.

We don’t recommend cleaning it in your washing machine regardless if that’s a huge one. The backing doesn’t hold firmly when it spins in a washing machine. It gets damaged in short, and we don’t want you to have this kind of experience. We want you to enjoy the beauty and softness of this piece instead.

It’s better if you’ll hand wash it with mild detergent and air dry it afterward. This will give you a better result than washing it in your washing machine.

Also, you could use a vacuum to clean this one, but make sure you use the high setting so it won’t pull and damage the pile. Or you could check your vacuum’s manual for the applicable setting for this kind of carpet.

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